Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     LEONARD SCHNEIDER has a fine estate of five hundred and sixty acres, about seven miles northeast from Waterville, which is his home at the present time.  He has been known as one of the leading agriculturists in this section of the country for a number of years, on account the thrift displayed in the care of his farm and the sagacity in his business life.
     Leonard Schneider was born in Racine county, Wisconsin, on February 12, 1860, the son of Godthart and Margaret (Jacobs) Schneider, natives of Germany and immigrants to the United States in 1856.  Our subject was educated in Racine county, Wisconsin, and Blue Earth county, Minnesota, whither he came with his parents.  He remained at home until twenty-one years of age, then started out for himself without a dollar in his pocket.  For two years he worked on a neighboring farm, for eighteen dollars per month and in 1883, journeyed west to Garfield county, Washington.  He took a pre-emption there, which he sold in 1888.  It was 1885 that Mr. Schneider took a homestead about nine miles northeast of Waterville, which land he sold to his brother recently.  Mr. Schneider then took up his residence on his wife's homestead, and to which he has added by purchase as stated above.  The land is all first class and is well cultivated.  He has abundance of horses for farm work, and raises good thoroughbred cattle and Poland China hogs.  Mr. Schneider is a man of intelligence, good judgment, and executive ability, which is very apparent from the success he has attained by his labors in Douglas county.  Mr. Schneider has the following brothers and sisters, John, Phillip, Joseph, Anthony, Mrs. Catherine Beringer, Mrs. Mary Rubanzer, Mrs. Annie Foster and Mrs. Agnes Richter.
     Mr. Schnieder married at Waterville, on October 20, 1897, Mrs. Mary E. Longacre, becoming his wife at that time.  She is a daughter of Richard G. S. and Elizabeth (Pitts) Burke, natives of Kentucky.  Mrs. Schneider was born in Johnson county, Missouri, on March 20, 1861, and has the following named brothers and sisters, Mrs. Marcella F. Blewins, James P., John H., Frederick S., Warren A., Richard W., Isaac N. and Frances M., twins, Mrs. Lou A. Lauderman,  Mrs. Laura C. Morris, Mrs. Flora G. Taylor and Mrs. Sarah L. Allison.  By her former marriage Mrs. Schneider had three children, Willis R., James W., and Edmond G.
     Mr. and Mrs. Schneider have become the parents of three children, Benjamin F., Laura I., and Frederick L.
     Mr. Schneider is a member of the Roman Catholic church while his wife is a Baptist.