Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     NICHOLAS C. WHITEHALL is a very stirring, capable and industrious farmer, having achieved excellent success in his labors in this county.  He resides about three miles southeast from Farmer postoffice, where he has an estate of a half section.  The same is all fertile land and under the plow.  He harvests annually abundant crops of small grains and also handles some stock.  He is part owner of a fine Shire stallion, weighing nineteen hundred pounds and the winner of the animal's prize at Spokane.
Nicholas C. Whitehall was born in Mercer county, Illinois, on March 4, 1864.  His parents are James and Elizabeth (Clark) Whitehall, natives of Indiana, where the father did farming and preached the gospel.  Our subject was educated in the district schools of Mercer county, Illinois, and Greene county, Iowa, in which latter place he remained until he had gained his majority, having lived for twenty-two years there.  In 1896 he pulled up stakes and traveled to Douglas county, Washington.  After due search, he selected his present place, taking a homestead, and bought another quarter section.  Mr. Whitehall has four brothers and one sister, Barclay W., Henry T., A. Curtis, Charles A., and Carrie Badges.  The latter died on October 6, 1901.  The brothers live in this county, except Henry T., who is in Greene county, Iowa.  Charles A. married Lura Smith, of Greene county, Iowa, who died on December 25, 1901, leaving one son, Lloyd, aged six, and one daughter, Helen, born December 25, 1901.
     Mr. Whitehall was married in Green county, Iowa, on November 11, 1885 to Ella, daughter of James F. and Lodusky (Booth) Badger.  Mrs. Whitehall's parents were natives of Ohio and she was born in Steuben county, Indiana, on February 26, 1868 and has one brother, Louis E., a farmer in this county.  Mr. and Mrs. Whitehall are parents of the following named children: LeRoy, born in Greene county, Iowa, on December 22, 1886; Oris F., born in Carroll county, Iowa, on June 13, 1891; Edith E., born in Greene county, Iowa, on November 11, 1894; Pearl L., born in Greene county, Iowa, on November 12, 1896; Ralph, born in Douglas county, Washington, on August 6, 1898; Harvey O., born in this county, on July 5, 1899; and James O., also born in this county, September 19, 1904.
     Mr. Whitehall is not affiliated with any fraternal order and he and his wife belong to the Seventh Day Church of God and are warm supporters of their faith.