Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     DELBERT LEROY AMON resides about three miles west from Downs and there owns a fine estate of one half section.  The same is well improved with good buildings, orchard, wells, and so forth.  It is in a high state of cultivation and is handler each year by tenants.  Mr. Amon devotes his attention to other things and oversees his property.  He was born in Sublimity, Marion county, Oregon, on February 15, 1871, the son of William R. and Eunice (Downing) Amon.  The mother was a relative of Commodore Perry and her ancestors were prominent in the Revolution.  She crossed the plains when a girl and died in Oregon in 1872.  The father was born in Clark county, Missouri, and crossed the plains with ox teams in 1854.  He located in Marion county, Oregon, and in 1871 came cast of the mountains to the vicinity of Athena and there did farming.  During the Indian troubles of 1878, he was in the midst.  The family had to go to Weston for safety.  In 1889, he removed his family to where Downs is now located and bought three sections of railroad land, which he placed under cultivation.  Location was made in the month of July.  Later he bought two sections more and his attention was occupied in handling this vast estate and in raising stock.  In 1890, however, he bought the only store in Harrington which he sold later.  In 1899, Mr. Amon, senior, sold all his property in the Big Bend country and retired to Waitsburg, Washington, where he resides now.  He has vast interests in different localities and his time is occupied in overseeing his property.  His ancestors were from Maryland and were prominent in the Revolution.  In 1854, when his older brother, Sylvester Amon was crossing the plains, he was murdered by the Indians.  It occurred on the Snake river and was in the Ward massacre.  Our subject has the following named half brothers and half sisters, Mrs. Addie Strickler, Howard, Mrs. Emma Strickler, Alfred, William, Annie and Ruth.  He has one brother, James Ralph, who dwells in Seattle.  Our subject grew up in Umatilla county and after receiving a good training from the common schools, he went to the Willamette University and completed a course there.  He came to the Big Bend when his father did and for five years he gave his attention to teaching.  Afterward, he bought land and has improved it to its present high state of cultivation, besides providing all the necessary equipment and buildings needed.  Water is piped into the house and the place is one of value and a comfortable rural abode.
     On November 20, 1901, Mr. Amon married Miss Agnes, the daughter of Thomas and Jane (Boyd) Kerr.  The parents were both born in Ireland.  The mother is deceased, but the father lives in Harrington.  Mrs. Amon was born in Manchester, England, and has the following brothers and sisters, Thomas J., Margaret, William, and Annie.  To Mr. and Mrs. Amon one child has been born, Margaret A.  While Mr. Amon has done well farming, he is now retired from that, owing to poor health, and rents his estate.  His attention is divided among other matters and especially to the endeavor to recuperate his health.