Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     LEWIS L. BLACK is a young man of prominence in Lincoln county.  He came to Ritzville in 1899 and although not one of the early pioneers, yet he is a man who has shown such energy and good judgment in his labors here that he has become one of the respected citizens of this wealthy country.  He landed here without any money and went to work in the vicinity of Odessa on the range.  He soon was promoted to foreman of the Buchanan property, where he remained for two years.  As soon as possible after this, he bought a section of railroad land and has added to it since until he now owns nine hundred and twenty acres of choice wheat land in the vicinity of Odessa.  He has given his attention to handling real estate and doing a loaning business in addition to overseeing his farm property and now dwells at Odessa where he has his office and does a first class business.  The farm is well supplied with improvements and stock and other sources of fine income.
     Lewis L. Black was born in Pike county, Illinois, December 22, 1879.  His father, John S. Black, was born in Owen county, Indiana, moving to Illinois when a young man and there becoming a wealthy and influential citizen.  His father, John S. B., the grandfather of our subject was a captain in the Mexican war.  The mother of our subject was Miranda (Baker) Black, a native of Pike county.  She is descended from prominent American people and was a highly respected lady.  The common schools of Pike county furnished the educational training of our subject, then he worked with his father on the farm until 1899, when he came to Ritzville, as stated above.  Today he is worth many thousands of dollars.  In 1899 he had no capital whatever except his hands.  The entire amount has been made by his wise efforts and he may well take a pardonable pride in his excellent success.
     In October, 1903, Mr. Black married Miss Anna Peterson, a native of Sweden, whose parents were leading people in that country.  Mr. Black has the following brothers and sisters, Frank, Oscar, James E., W. C., George W., Mrs. May Reeder, Mrs. Etta Lippencott, Mrs. Emma Stout and Mrs. Hannah Stout.