Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     HUBERT DAVIS, a mining man and land owner of Davenport, Washington, was born in Omega, Ohio, November 6, 1873.  His father was Augustus Davis, a native of Pomeroy, Ohio, and his mother, Sarah (Clouse) Davis, was born in Gallipolis, Ohio.
     Mr. Davis is a member of a family originally comprising thirteen children, nine boys and four girls, twelve of whom are now living.  The first fifteen years of his life were spent on a farm with his parents, during which time he received the common school education ordinarily gained by the industrious farm boy.  In the spring of 1891 the family came to Washington and engaged in farming near Davenport.  Subsequently Mr. Davis removed to the town of Davenport where he still continues to make his home.  In 1895 he entered the business of mining, casting his lot in the Cedar Canyon district in Stevens county, where he became superintendent of the famous Deer Trail mine, in which capacity he served for a term of one year.  After leaving the Deer Trail, Mr. Davis located the Turk group of claims, and with A. W. Turner, of Davenport, at once began developing the property.  Later on they incorporated what is known as the Turk Mining & Milling Company, which company owns eight claims producing silver, copper, and gold.  They have the claims in an advanced stage of development, with at least six thousand tons of ore, assaying twenty-five dollars per ton, on the dump.  Considerable ore has already been shipped to the smelter.  A. W. Turner is president of the company, Mr. Davis, vice president and H. A. P. Meyers, secretary, Mr. Davis being one of the heaviest stock holders in the concern.  He also has interests in others of the many valuable prospects of the camp.  In addition to his mining property he owns four hundred acres of agricultural land in Lincoln county and a section in Douglas county, near Stratford, a small town on the Great Northern railway.
     In fraternal circles Mr. Davis is identified with the Royal Highlanders and with the Woodmen of the World.  Although coming to the country practically without means, Mr. Davis is now rated as a well-to-do business man, enjoying the confidence and respect of a wide circle of friends.
     The Turk Mining & Milling Company is now installing a one hundred ton smelter on their property, which will greatly reduce the cost of operation, as at present they are obliged to haul their ore thirty-eight miles to the railroad and then ship to the smelter in Tacoma.