Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     D. C. HANSEN is engaged in the real estate, loaning and fire and life insurance business in the town of Downs, Lincoln county, Washington.  He was born August 25, 1866, in Bredstadt, Germany, and was christened in the Lutheran church with the name of Detlef Kristian.  His father's name is Peter Broder Hansen, and was born at the same place as was our subject, with whom he is now living at Downs.  The mother's name was Margaret Doretas (Sieverdsen) Hansen.  Mr. Hansen has one brother, Kritian Detlef, who also makes Downs his home.
     D. C. Hansen at the age of six years, was taken by his parents to live in Flensburg, Germany, and received a fair common school education.  During a part of his early life he worked on a farm in his native country for a wage of sixteen dollars per year, and in 1882 an uncle, who was at the time living in Iowa, sent him money with which to come to the United States.  He left Germany on April 16, 1882, and arrived on May 17 of the same year, at Ogden, Boone county, Iowa.  While in Iowa Mr. Hansen worked for fifty cents a day, and in the spring of 1887 he went to Martin county, Minnesota, where he purchased a quarter-section of land at seven dollars and seventy-five cents per acre, and engaged in farming.  While on this farm our subject suffered a sunstroke and was compelled to abandon the occupation, so he went to Maynard, Minnesota, in 1898, and there engaged in the wood and coal, and later in the lumber business.  He came to Downs, Washington, on August 8, 1902, and followed the lumber business, which he later sold to take up the occupation which he is now pursuing.
     The home of Mr. Hansen is one of the best in the town of Downs; he also owns one of the choicest business corners and has a neat and comfortable office.  In addition he owns several lots and houses as an investment.  He has forty-five acres of choice land adjoining the town, upon which he has the best of modern improvements, and which is one of the choicest small homes in the vicinity.  He keeps some cattle and horses, farm implements, chickens, etc.  Mr. Hansen has in addition to this, six hundred and forty acres of land near Downs and a quarter section of timber land south of Roseburg, Oregon.
     Mr. Hansen has provided for his family in case of his taking off, by joining the M. W. A., in which he is insured, and by carrying a policy in an old line insurance company.
     On December 25, 1889, in Fairmont, Minnesota, occurred the marriage of D. C. Hansen and Mary Mickow, daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Mickow, the former dead and the latter living in Minnesota, to which state Mrs. Hansen came as a child, from Germany.  To this union have been born four children, Wilhelm P. H., Anna F., Harman, and Ida.
     Mr. Hansen has one sister, Mrs. Ida Barker, living in North Dakota.