Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     HENRY HILLS resides about five miles south from Creston, where he owns a nice large estate, a part of which was secured through the government rights of homestead, preemption, and timber culture, and the balance by purchase.  He has labored faithfully here for more than twenty years and now has a good showing to demonstrate the wisdom and energy he possesses.
     Henry Hills was born in Minnesota, on March 12, 1859, being the son of James L. and Minerva (Thomas) Hills, natives of New York.  The other children are: Adella Amoan, Charles C., and Mrs. Hattie Harmon.  The father came to Minnesota in the early fifties and began to open up a farm.  In 1862, during the famous Sioux Indian raid, he and his family were driven from the home and were forced  to flee to save their lives.  In 1862, Mr. Hills came to Walla Walla and resided in different parts of Washington for a year.  Our subject was educated in Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas, where the family lived previous to coming to Lincoln county.  Owing to the fact that they were on the frontier most of the time, opportunity for education was scant, and young Hills had to gather as best he could from the early district schools and home study.  In 1883, he came to Lincoln county and settled where we find him today.  He was forced to make annual pilgrimages to the Palouse and Walla Walla countries to earn money during harvest seasons to purchase food supplies for the ranch.  His labors were trying and his path beset with many hardships and obstacles, but he succeeded in spite of all opposing forces and now has a splendid estate in a fertile and rich country.  Such reward to the sturdy pioneers is certainly very becoming and one is pleased to see those who bore the burden and heat of the day now enjoying the fruit of their labors in this favored region.
     In 1880, Mr. Hills married Miss Rosetta, daughter of John P. and Eliza (Thompson) Harris.  The father was a pioneer to Sullivan county, Indiana, and the mother was born in that state.  They were the parents of the following named children: William, James, deceased, Nannie, Tyra, Herbert, John, and Elizabeth.  From Indiana, the parents came to the Big Bend country and have materially assisted in its upbuilding.  Mrs. Hills is a native of Indiana.  To Mr. and Mrs. Hills one child has been born, Mildred, now living and three deceased in infancy.