Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JOSEPH A. HOOPLE, city treasurer of Davenport, was born December 23, 1835, on the St. Lawrence river, eighty miles west of Montreal, Canada.  His father, Michael Hoople, and his mother, Sarah (Swartz) Hoople, both were born at this same place and both lived and died there.  Upon the outbreak of the Papsinaw Rebellion, a war between the British and the French Canadians, Michael Hoople entered the army of the Crown with which he served until the uprising was put down.
     Joseph A. Hoople was the eldest of a family of six children, three boys and an equal number of girls, only three of whom are now living.  They are, besides the subject, Mrs. Melissa A. Countryman and Mrs. Mary Hawn, both still residing in Canada.
     As a boy Mr. Hoople attended the common schools of his native country, and also served an apprenticeship as a harness maker.  He came to the United States in his sixteenth year, locating first in the state of New York, later removing to Oberlin, Ohio, where he was graduated from the preparatory department of Oberlin college.  He next removed to Cleveland where he took up work at his trade.  Here he became a naturalized citizen of the United States, and cast his first vote for General Winfield Scott for president.  After working at his trade for some years in Cleveland, he returned to his boyhood's home to visit his relatives, and while on this trip he was married to Elizabeth Jackson.  The couple emigrated to Minnesota, settling at Windom, where Mrs. Hoople died.  Four and a half years after the death of his wife, Mr. Hoople was married to Mrs. Agnes (Hales) Imus.  Mrs. Imus had one son, Edward, who is now bookkeeper in the Big Bend National bank at Davenport.
     In 1886 Mr. and Mrs. Hoople settled in Davenport, Mr. Hoople opening an up-to-date harness shop, which business he still conducts.  In business life he has prospered until now he is rated as one of the well-to-do business men of the town.  He owns a modern eight-room house in a choice location, and a large amount of city realty.  In addition to his city property he holds stock in several valuable mines, among which might be mentioned the "Scotch Bonnet," near McCook, Montana, the "Copper King," near Springdale, Washington, and the "Copper Mountain" on the Snake river, as well as in some promising prospects that may as yet hardly be classed as mines.
     Mr. Hoople is a Mason, having been a member of that fraternity for twenty-five years, and is a member of the Odd Fellows order of thirty-five years' standing.  He is a stanch Republican, and at the hands of that party he has served his city as treasurer continuously during the past fourteen years.  He is the father of three children, Ada, Archie A., and Fay.