Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JENS PETERSON is one of the respected and substantial citizens of Lincoln county.  His residence is on his estate about seven miles north from Almira and the property with which he is surrounded at the present time has been amassed by his industry and thrift.  He owns an estate of four hundred and eighty acres which has been brought to be one of the model farms in Washington.  All conveniences and improvements that could be sought for on the farm are provided of the best and the land is made to produce abundant crops of cereals.  Mr. Peterson has not only accomplished much by his labors but has succeeded in stimulating others on the road to progress.
     Jens Peterson was born in Denmark, on November 14, 1851, being the son of Peter and Ellen (Mogenson) Peterson, natives of Denmark.  The father was a carpenter and mason by trade and served three years in the war between Germany and Denmark.  They were a prominent and well to do family in their native country.  Jens was educated in the public schools of Denmark, then worked for wages until 1872, when he came to America.  He wrought in New York and in Boston until 1876 when he came on to San Francisco.  It was 1883, when he selected his present location in Lincoln county and took a homestead, a preemption and a timber culture claim.  He has bought and sold land since.  His estate is composed of very fertile land, there being no waste, and is very valuable.  Mr. Peterson has two brothers, Mads and John.
     In 1889, Mr. Peterson married Miss Kjersen Lauridsen, who died in 1898.  To this union one child was born, Elmer, now aged nine.
     In 1899, Mr. Peterson married Miss Marien, daughter of Ole and Annie M. (Laurensen) Olsen, natives of Denmark and well to do farmers.  Mrs. Peterson was born in Denmark near the birthplace of our subject on May 16, 1871.
     Mr. Peterson started in America with no capital and through his labors has become a wealthy man.  He has mastered the English language in all its details and intricacies and is able to read and write it fluently.  He has many admiring friends and is a very  influential man in his community.