Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     SAMUEL L. PRICE resides about three miles northwest from Hesseltine, where he has a good estate and is one of the very early settlers in this country and secured the first land that he owned here by homestead right.  Later, he added by purchase until he has now six hundred and forty acres which is devoted to general farming.  In addition to this, Mr. Price raises a great deal of stock, being one of the foremost men in the stock line in this vicinity.  He has continued in this industry from the time of his settlement here and has done excellent work.  His labors have been rewarded by prosperity and he possesses considerable property, being rated as one of the wealthy men of Lincoln county.
     Samuel L. Price, the father, was a native of New York and came as a pioneer to Wisconsin where he followed lumbering for many years, being a prominent operator in that industry.  The mother of our subject, Ida Price, was born in Pennsylvania and descended from Dutch ancestry.  Samuel L. was born in Wisconsin, in September, 1858, and like the ordinary lads of his section he gained his training in the district schools and at the early age of seventeen, went to Kansas and began the life of a cowboy.  He rode the range all through the northwest until 1883, when he came to the Blue mountains in Oregon and engaged in lumbering.  For five years, he followed that business, then came to his present location.  In addition to general farming, mentioned above, he handles both cattle and horses, having excellent graded stock.  His farm has been, wisely laid out and is well supplied with buildings, corralls, fences, and everything needed both in stock and grain farming.  Mr. Price, like most of the pioneers in this country, started with no capital but has a fine holding at the present time, all as a result of his wise labors done since arriving here.
     In 1886, Mr. Price married Clara A. Hartman.  She was born in Iowa and came with her parents to Oregon in 1871.  Her father, James A. Hartman, was born in Tennessee and her mother, Jane (Jones) Hartman, came of Welch descendants who were also born in Tennessee.  To Mr. and Mrs. Price three children have been born, Zetta, Dwight L., and Marshall R.
     Mr. Price is an influential man in the community and is looked up to by all as a man of superior wisdom an judgment.  His uprightness and genialty have won for him, a host of friends.