Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     FRANK SPRINKLE lives with his family on a farm four miles north of Mondovi.  He was born January 1, 1858, in Wapello, Louisa county, Iowa, and was the son of John and Mary Sprinkle, both natives of Virginia.  They were among the first settlers in Iowa, and are both living where first they settled in the state, about eighty-six and seventy-five years old, respectively.  They both are of German descent and come of a long lived family, the father's mother living to the age of ninety-three.  They are the parents of nine children, Erasmus M., Germalia M., our subject, Edwin O., Charles M., Millard M., Calvin C., Mrs. Alice G. Dotson, and Mrs. Emma M. Huff.
     Mr. Sprinkle attained to manhood in his native state, and attended the district school.  He was married March 20, 1884, to Julia Hannan, also a native of Louisa county, where she attended the same school as did her husband.  Her father, Henry Hannan, was a sturdy pioneer of Henry county, Iowa, born in Augusta county, Virginia, where he grew to manhood.  He walked to Indiana, where he remained a short time, then walked to Henry county.  He was the eldest of the family, the father of which died while young, and the care of which naturally devolved upon him. Walking back to Indiana he obtained work whereby he earned enough to bring his mother to Indiana, then going on foot again to Iowa he earned more money with which to bring the family to him.  He kept his mother until her death, which occurred in her eighty-second year.  He has ever been a hard working man and used to the strenuous life.  He is now living in Des Moines county, Iowa, in his eighty-seventh year, and is still as active as many a man a score of years his junior.  Mrs. Sprinkle's mother, Anna (Bowen) Hannan, was born in Henry county, Iowa, and is now living with her husband and is seventy years old.  Mrs. Sprinkle has had only one brother, John, and he was accidentally killed recently while hunting.  Her sisters are, Addie M. Downer, Delilah Springsteine, Ella Anderson, and Rebecca Walingford.
     Mr. and Mrs. Sprinkle have been parents of three children: Blanche, deceased; Mary A.; and Clinton C.; Mary A. being a teacher in vocal and organ music.
     Mr. Sprinkle and family removed to Mercer county, Illinois, where they lived five years, then came to Lincoln county, Washington.  He arrived in the county, in 1897, with twenty dollars in his purse, but set to work with vigor to improve his land, and now has three hundred and twenty acres of school land under lease, well improved, and with all necessary stock, implements, etc., to carry on the work.
     The entire family affiliate with the United Brethren church.