Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     WILLIAM WACHTER, a native of Hanover, Germany, is now, one of the wealthiest real estate owners of the whole Big Bend country.  He resides about seven miles south from Wilbur on a magnificent estate of over thirty-two hundred acres.  This large body of land is in a high state of cultivation and the annual dividends are very large.  Mr. Wachter has improved his place with buildings and fences necessary, having, also, abundance of stock, machinery, and so forth.  He owns a beautiful residence commensurate with the magnificent estate.
     March 22, 1854 is the date of our subject's birth and his parents were Hamme and Arnke (Johnson) Wachter, both natives of Hanover, Germany.  The father died in Germany and the widow came to the United States with William when he was aged fifteen, and is now living in Illinois.  The early education of our subject was gained in Germany and when he landed in the United States he started in the battle of life with no capital and has acquired his present holdings entirely as the result of his industry, his thrift, and his sagacity.  In 1879, he left Illinois and settled in Kansas.  For four years he was occupied contracting on the railroad and in 1883, bought a farm which he tilled until 1888.  Two years after that, he came across the plains in wagons and took a part of his present estate as a homestead.  The balance of his land has all been acquired by purchase.
     In 1880, Mr. Wachter married Miss Johannah, daughter of Joost and Annie (Den Hartig) Den Burger.  To this marriage the following children have been born, Ben H., Annie E. Willie H., Hamme W., Joseph C., Emma M., Ada L., Glen H., Bertha, and Ethel.
     In addition to handling his estate, Mr. Wachter has given attention for the last ten years to steam threshing, and owns one of the best outfits in this part of the country.  He has become an expert in this and is known as one of the substantial and reliable men of the country.