Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     RUSSELL WARWICK is a farmer of Mohler, Washington.  He is a native of Anderson county, Tennessee, born August 12, 1849, the son of Calaway and Mary (Petree) Warwick.  The father died in Linn county, Oregon, in 1874, and the mother, who is an invalid, is now living at Dayton, Washington, in her seventy-seventh year.
     Mr. Warwick grew to manhood on a farm in his native state, and was there married on April 5, 1869, to Nancy Foster, daughter of Levi and Rhoda Foster, both of whom are living in Tennessee, aged respectively, eighty-six and eighty-four
     Our subject and his wife, with the family of his parents, came to Linn county, Oregon, by way of San Francisco and Portland, in the spring of 1874, during which year there was a colony of about sixty persons came to that county from Tennessee.  They arrived in Linn county in June, and the father of our subject died during the following August.  Mr. Warwick settled on a farm, and during February of the following year he lost his wife by death.  Mrs. Warwick left two motherless children, William Rufus and Elijah, the last named of whom died in Dayton, November, 1883.  In the spring of 1881 Mr. Warwick came to Dayton, Washington, where he worked for wages one year and farmed for the same length of time, then came to Lincoln county in the fall of 1883.  Here he took a homestead three miles north from where Mohler is now situated.  He came to his present home in 1899.  When he took his homestead he was in debt two hundred dollars, and his personal property consisted of a team and wagon.  He now has, free from all encumbrance, four hundred and eighty acres of choice land, and his son, Rufus has a quarter section, making in all six hundred and forty acres which they farm conjointly.  The land adjoins the town of Mohler, is well improved in every respect, and is one of the choicest farms, both as regards quality of soil and location, there is to be found in the Big Bend.
     The son Rufus, is married, his wife's maiden name having been Genevie White, and has two children, Roy L. and Alice.
     Mr. Warwick was married a second time, on April 18, 1888, to Eliza White, which union has been blessed with three children, Moss Everett, Madison Lovell, and Calaway Clifford.
     The family belongs to the Baptist church.
     The brothers and sisters of Mr. Warwick are James T., William G., Columbus C., Mrs. Serilda J. Dickson, Emerson E., deceased, and Judson, all residents of this state with one exception, the last named, who resides in California.  Besides those whose names are given, one brother, Barton, died in Linn county, Oregon, and one sister, Mrs. Louisa Magill, died near Harrington, leaving two little girls and two boys, Anna, Lindsay, Emory, and Ada.  Mr. Warwick has taken the last named boy and is raising him, giving him the same care and advantages as he bestows upon his own children.