Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     HON. STEPHEN E. BARRON needs no introduction to the people of Okanogan county. In 1900 they sent him to the state legislature and then nominated him for the United States congress, but before election he withdrew, preferring to give his entire attention to the promotion of the Q. S., a large property, which he controls and manages. A more extended mention of this property will be found elsewhere in this volume.
     Stephen E. Barron was born in Hinesburgh, Vermont, on October 2, 1850, the son Peter and Pauline (Bissonette) Barron. The mother died when this son was about six years of age, later he went to New York City, where he worked his way through some of the good educational institutions of that place. After this he was associated with James Fisk as a salesman, and did well. Then he attended the medical department of the Pennsylvania University, and took his diploma as a Doctor of Medicine and has practiced in several states. But Mr. Barron was more enthused over mining and at once began to study the science carefully. Not content with that, he at once placed himself so that he could be associated with the industry practically. He delved in this line in Nova Scotia, and in 1869, went to Australia. After extended research there, he returned to the United States and has been in all the western states and territories and Alaska and Mexico, following mining in every department. There is not a mine of great note in the world that Mr. Barron has not either studied in person on the ground or from extended reports of them. He has personally visited all in the United States and many in other countries. He has made a deep study of geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, and the science of mining in all its departments. He is familiar with the manner of development of properties, as well as with the management of a mine, and has thoroughly familiarized himself with all that a man should know in mining. At the present Mr. Barron is studying as heretofore in all lines, and is doubtless one of the best posted men in mining in the United States. He has a fine reputation as an expert, and is known as well as a man of stanch integrity and reliability.
     In 1896 Mr. Barron came to the Okanogan country and at once became interested in the mammoth lead now owned by the Q. S. Mining Company. He traced the lead, found its dimensions, prospected the same thoroughly and then interested capital in it. To show the reality of the man and his faith in the Q. S., while in the east, Mr. Barron insured his life in one of the large companies in favor of men who advanced the money for the development of the Q. S. in case of his death or failure to make the property a great mine. That is will soon be a great shipper is evidenced when we note that the lead extends for about seven thousand feet, and is from one hundred to three hundred feet wide. Between one and two thousand feet of developed work has been done, and every foot of progress shows a better property. Machinery has been installed and the property is one of the great ones of the county. It is located midway between Conconully and Loomis. Mr. Barron makes his home nearby, where he has a good stock ranch well watered, to which he devotes attention together with the management of the mine.
     Mr. Barron is justly ranked with the leading mining promoters of the state and his work shows for itself the amount accomplished, while Okanogan county is to be congratulated that she has secured as a resident this wide awake mining expert.