Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JAMES.  L. COLWELL is the present capable and genial incumbent of the postoffice in Twisp.  He received his appointment from President McKinley and has since conducted the office in a very satisfactory manner to all the patrons.  Mr. Colwell owns the building where the office is at present and in addition to attending to the duties of that department handles a confectionery and school supply store.  He also has a fine residence in town and a good farm a few miles out.
     James L. Colwell was born in The Dalles, Oregon, on February 3, 1856, the son of Lafayette and Elizabeth (Hansel) Colwell, natives of Indiana and Illinois, respectively.  The father crossed the plains with oxen in the rush of forty-nine and settled in Oregon.  He participated in the Indian wars of the fifties and remained in the Web-Foot State until his death, which was caused by a bear, which he wounded.  The bear caused injuries which resulted in his death in 1863.  The mother is still living in Gilliam county, Oregon.  Our subject received his education at The Dalles and remained there until he was nineteen.  He learned the saddler's and blacksmith's trades and established himself in Lone Rock, Oregon, where he conducted a harness shop and later a blacksmith shop.  He also handled a band of sheep.  In 1889 Mr. Colwell located at Wenatchee and opened a blacksmith shop, it being the second building in the town.  For a year and more he continued at the shop and then sold and entered a mercantile establishment.  In due time, Mr. Colwell located in Okanogan county, taking a homestead three miles west from Twisp.  He brought in forty-nine head of range horses but had the misfortune to lose forty-two of them the first winter.  After three years had been spent on the ranch, Mr. Colwell opened a shop in Twisp and continued blacksmithing for three years when he was compelled to abandon it on account of rheumatism.  Then he received the appointment to the postmastership of Twisp and in this capacity he has continued since.  Mr. Colwell is also interested in several mining propositions and has some promising property.  He is a member of the W. 0. W. and the F. 0. A. and has held several of the important offices in these orders.
     When twenty-one, Mr. Colwell married Miss Carrie Barton, at Lone Rock, Oregon, the date being March 1, 1877. On March 14, 1880, she died and Mr. Colwell continued single until 1885, when he married Miss Jennie M. Ingram, at Lone Rock.  To this union, two children have been born, Cecile L. and Harley H., Mrs. Colwell's father is John Ingram.  Her mother died when this daughter was young.  Mr. and Mrs. Colwell are well esteemed and respected people and have many warm friends.