Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     FRANK J. DONNELLY was born in New York in 1874, the son of Robert and Harriett (Mason) Donnelly, also natives of New York.  He was educated and reared in his native state and when arrived at manhood's estate, took up mercantile business.  He went into business for himself and operated a tea, coffee, and spice store, for some years, meeting with excellent success.  In 1900, he sold out his entire interests and came to Washington to engage in mining, having become greatly interested in this industry in the years previous to that time.  He at first located in Spokane, then later at Davenport.  Finally, in 1902, he came on to Loomis where he now resides.  He is the representative of some wealthy New York parties who own property on Chapaca mountain.  Mr. Donelly is looking after their interests and expects soon to inaugurate extensive development work.  He is a young man of good ability and bright prospects and Okanogan county is to be congratulated on securing him as a permanent citizen. In addition to attending to the properties above mentioned, Mr. Donnelly does considerable mining on his own account.  He also deals in mining properties.