Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

      ROBERT R. HARGROVE is well known in the Okanogan country as one of the most industrious, energetic and skillful mining men of the district.  He has not only expended a small fortune in the development of mining properties in this section but has also individually driven hundreds of feet of tunnelling and packed tools, blankets and food through the fastnesses of the mountains as occasions required.
     Robert R. Hargove was born in Horsehead, New York, on June 13, 1851, the son of Elinus and Susan A. (Wilson) Hargrove, natives of Yates county, New York.  He was one of nine children, named as follows, Benjamin F., William H., Robert R., John A., James L., Thomas E., deceased, Herman H., Mrs. Annie E. Kenyon, deceased, Mrs. Martha E. Howard.  In 1856 the family removed to Bremer county, Iowa, and in 1880 settled near Parker, South Dakota, where the father died in 1894, aged eighty-four.  The mother passed away in 1901, in her eightieth year.  Our subject had very little opportunity to gain an education, but through careful study and personal research has made himself a well informed man.  At the early age of twelve he began the duties of life for himself and has steadily maintained this ever since.  While his parents were living he was frequently found at their home on visits.
     In 1873 he went to Lemars, Iowa, where he was engaged with R. C. Waples until 1877 in running a coal, lumber and wood yard.  He also shipped live stock to Chicago, handling many cattle, hogs and horses.  Then he journeyed to Colfax, Washington, where in company with Mr. Waples he started a general merchandise establishment and also a branch store at Palouse.  Mr. Hargrave sold out and went east, then returned to Colfax and operated the Baldwin hotel until 1879, when he opened a saloon in Spokane, it being one of the first there.  During the early eighties he was the only one paying cash for county warrants.  He continued business and prospered, handling as high as four saloons and two restaurants at one time.  He made money rapidly and spent it freely and had men prospecting in various sections of the country.  In 1888 he sold out his business in Spokane and came to Okanogan county and since that time has allied himself assiduously with the mining industry of this section.  He had a good residence in Conconully, but it was destroyed by the flood, then he removed to Loomis, and in April, 1903, bought his present residence, one mile north of Conconully, which was formerly owned by ex-Governor Laughton and is a large nine room house, pleasantly located.
     Mr. Hargrove has spent in all over fifteen thousand dollars cash in developing mining properties here and is largely interested in two groups near Conconully and others near Loomis.  He has done about eighteen hundred feet of tunnelling, much of it by his own hands, and one of his properties is now a producer.
     On June 24, 1882, in Spokane, Mr. Hargrove married Miss Sarah E. Belieu, a native of Roseburg, Oregon.  Her father was a minister of the gospel and crossed the plains in 1849.  He settled in the Willamette valley and there married Miss Margaret Gage, who crossed the plains with her parents when young.  She was a relative of ex-Secretary Gage.  They are now living at Danville, Washington, he in his seventy-eighth and she in her seventy-second year.  To Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove four children have been born, Mabel, deceased; Robert C., born October 21, 1884; Etna, deceased; William, born August 1, 1893.