Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     LEWIS A. KAUFMAN is a good representative of one who has taken hold with his bare hands in Okanogan county and made himself one of the wealthy citizens, without the aid of capital or outside assistance.  He is now one of the leading stockmen of the country and has shown remarkable tenacity of purpose as well as wisdom and thrift in his efforts.
     Lewis A. Kaufman was born in Wayne county, Ohio, on February 24, 1862, the son of Austin and Jane (McClure) Kaufman.  The father was born in Pennsylvania and from youth followed the stock business. He dealt in and raised cattle and drove them from Ohio to Pennsylvania and other points of the east before railroad traffic.  He now resides in Wayne county, Iowa, a retired and wealthy citizen.  His wife died in 1872.  Our subject has two brothers and three sisters, Hilbert, Mrs. Adella Noggles, Mrs. Olive Miller, Reno, and Mrs. Cora Myers.  Lewis A. was reared on a stock farm in his native place and received a good education, not only in the public schools, but in a practical training under the guidance of a wise father.  He remained with his father until sixteen, then went on a trip of investigation in Kansas and Nebraska.  Later, he settled in Decatur county, Kansas, and took up wool growing.  His brother, Hilbert, was his partner in this venture.  Later, he sold to the brother and in 1888 came to Garfield county, Washington.  Two years later he located his present place, four miles east from Conconully, in Scotch coulee, and has devoted himself to stock raising and general farming since.  The place is well improved and bears abundance of hay and other products.  Mr. Kaufman makes a specialty of buying steers and fitting them for the market.  He has about two hundred ready to turn off this fall.
     On October 15, 1885, Mr. Kaufman married Miss Nettie, daughter of John R . and Ellen (Mendenhall) Sims, natives of Illinois.  The father is a veteran of the Civil War and is now aged seventy-six.  With his wife, who is aged sixty-six, he lives a retired life in Hill City, Kansas.  On June 14, 1901, Mrs.  Kaufman was called away by death, leaving five children, Clarence V., Laurence C., Edna E., Crystal, and Clyde A.  In the fall of 1902 Mr. Kaufman went to visit his father in the east, and then journeyed to Jennings, Kansas, where he married Miss Louie D. Barnett, the date of the nuptials being November 19, 1902.  Her parents were natives of Erie county, Ohio, and now live in Okanogan county, having come hither in June, 1903.
     Mr. Kaufman served as deputy sheriff of Okanogan county for some time and always takes a keen interest in the affairs of the county.