Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     AUGUST J. PIPER is a well to do stockman, who dwells two miles southeast from Conconully.  He is a man of good standing in the community and has shown remarkable industry and sagacity in his labors since coming, to this country.
     August J. Piper was born in Brandenberg, Germany, on February 7, 1856, the son of Samuel and Dora Piper, natives of the same place.  Thirteen years were spent in study in the public schools of his native country and on the farm, then in 1869, our subject came to the United States.  His brother was with him and settlement was made in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  In the centennial year, he came to Wyoming and there engaged in prospecting and mining.  In various mines in Wyoming, Colorado, California, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Old Mexico, and Washington, Mr. Piper wrought for several years.  He was one of the very first in the Wood River excitement and also participated in the various mining enterprises in British Columbia.  It was 1889, that Mr. Piper came to Okanogan county, and for the first year he was engaged in prospecting, then he selected his present place and turned his attention to stock raising.  There were but few settlers here in those days and everything bore the air of primitiveness and the pioneers were the possessors of the country.  Mr. Piper being a man of industry was soon at work in opening his farm and improving the same.  He also secured some cattle and since those days has continued in the lines then started.  He has now a fine band of cattle, a farm of value and is one of the men of means in this county.  Mr. Piper has erected a fine six room dwelling, has a large barn, eighty by eighty, plenty of outbuildings, and other improvements.  Scotch creek flows through the place and supplies plenty of water for all uses.  Mr. Piper came here with limited means and has acquired his holdings by virtue of his industry and wisdom.  As yet, Mr. Piper has not seen fit to embark on the seas of matrimony but is still one of the substantial bachelors.