Transcribed from "History of North Washington, an illustrated history of Stevens, Ferry, Okanogan and Chelan counties", published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JOSEPH I. POGUE, M. D., is one of the pioneers of Okanogan county and has done a lion's share in the development of the county and bringing its resources to the attention of the outside world.  He is a physician of ability and handles a good, large practice with great success.  In addition to this, the doctor has set in operation and brought to a state of perfection, a fruit and stock ranch.  It lies three miles north from Alma, on what is known as Pogue's flat.  His estate is large and well laid out and every detail manifests the skill and good taste of the doctor.  He owns an interest in the Conconully reservoir and has plenty of water to irrigate his whole farm.  He raises all the different varieties of fruit indigenous to this latitude, and has a large band of stock, besides doing considerable general farming.  He has one field of one hundred acres which produces three crops of alfalfa annually.
     Joseph I. Pogue was born in Hillsborough, Highland county Ohio, on August 14, 1848, the son of Robert G. and Nancy (Irwin) Pogue.  The father was born in Stanton, Virginia, and the mother in Ross county, Ohio.  The paternal ancestors were residents of this country for over 100 years and formerly came from Ireland.  The father died in 1876, aged 78 years.  He had one son who was a captain in the Mexican war.  Our subject's mother now resides near his place, upon a valuable estate of one quarter section.  She is aged ninety-two.  Dr. Pogue has one brother, John, living near Alma.  At the age of six our subject went with his parents to Oswego, Illinois, and after graduating from the high school, matriculated in the Northwestern University, of Chicago, whence he took his degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1877.  He commenced practice in Wiota, Cass county, Iowa, and continued there very successfully for ten years.  In the fall of 1886, he came to Tacoma, then went to North Yakima, and later in the year located on his present place in Okanogan county.  After discovering the productiveness of the soil and the abundance of water, he determined to make this a permanent abode.  Since that time he his given himself steadily to the practice of medicine and also has supervised his farm and other property.
     On October 16, 1879, at Atlantic, Iowa, Dr. Pogue married Marion, daughter of Dr. Moses and Elizabeth (Telford) Buckley, both natives of Washington county, New York, and born in in September, 1831, and on April 27, 1834, respectively.  Mrs. Pogue was born in the same county on April 5, 1856.  Dr. Buckley was a very successful physician until his death in 1872.  His widow then went to Los Angeles, California, where she now resides.  Her father Mr. Telford, was born, raised and died in Washington county, New York.  His demise occurred when he was sixty years of age.
     To Dr. and Mrs.  Pogue three children have been born: Grace L., attending high school at Santa Ana, California; Ethel, deceased; and Leta, N.
     In reference to the doctor's estate, we also wish to mention that he has a large fruit dry house, and elegant residence, plenty of outbuildings and a commodious barn.  The home is supplied with telephone connections and the place is one of the most beautiful and valuable estates in the entire Okanogan country.  Dr. Pogue is a progressive man and public minded.  In 1892 he was elected county commissioner of Okanogan county, his name appearing on the Republican ticket.  In 1902 he was elected representative to the state legislature.  He has always labored assiduously for the betterment of educational facilities of the county and is also very prominent at the conventions, always putting forth the best principles and men.  Fraternally, he is affiliated with the W. 0. W., while he and his wife are very active in church work.