Gregg County Texas Marriage Books

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Gregg County Marriage Books
From beginning to 1933
Armstrong marriages only

Husbands first, Wives second, date, then Book and Page

Gee, Lemuel M.    Armstrong, S. P.    12/25/1874    A110
Over, George W.    Armstrong, M. C.    10/14/1875    A174
Wilson, Oliver N.    Armstrong, Amanda    1/5/1876    A220
Wood, John R.    Armstrong, M. J.    3/8/1880    B324
Johnston, Isaac O.    Armstrong, Sarah E. Della    2/6/1882    B553
Armstrong, John K.    Little, Anna L.    12/3/1885    C187
Bradshaw, Rufus M.    Armstrong, Dora M.    12/3/1885    C189
Armstrong, Henry    Mitchell, Katie    11/11/1892    D227
Armstrong, L. J.    Stovall, Emma    4/2/1894    D348
McNary, George    Armstrong, Alice    6/7/1902    F269
Clark, Earl P.    Armstrong, Emma    1/13/1901    F7
Sherfield, Walter    Armstrong, Kate    6/25/1903    G16
Turlington, S. W.    Armstrong, Gertrude    9/6/1916    I453
Armstrong, H. D.    Covy, Ada Belle    12/16/1913    J113
Jackson, Fannie    Armstrong, Margie    12/12/1918    J169
Harris, Paul    Armstrong, Pink    12/23/1919    J405
Armstrong, J. W.    McGee, Ethel    6/30/1917    J581
Johnson, Amos    Armstrong, Lena    10/1/1923    K511
Armstrong, Choice    Woods, Tempie Ann    2/7/1924    K605
Beall, W. C.    Armstrong, Lillian    12/5/1924    L103
Armstrong, Caleb    Roberts, Mary B.    3/7/1925    L157
Armstrong, Jno. Wesley    Gordon, Velma    3/4/1927    L513
Armstrong, W. M.    Tipps, Evangeline    8/29/1928    M152
Gary, Travis L.    Armstrong, Arnella    8/17/1929    M342
Armstrong, Cleotus    Taylor, Sylvia A.    2/24/1928    M81
Thornton, Herbert    Armstrong, Mozelle    10/22/1932    N202
Armstrong, Tom M.    Newton, Josephine    1/17/1933    N338
Smith, Arthur W.    Armstrong, Annie Jewell    11/5/1933    N463


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