Anton Heinsohn

1830 - 1901

Collecting photographs of Anton Heinsohn has been an interesting journey. The photograph on the left comes from Fay Woolrich whose father, Dr. Edmund Heinsohn, identified the portrait as his grandfather, Anton. Unfortunately, the portrait is so heavily retouched that it bears very little likeness to the others. The center portrait also comes from Fay Woolrich and it had been identified as Alfred Splittgerber. However, the photo is identical to a retouched portrait belonging to the Friedrichs which was known to their family as Anton and Nancy Heinsohn. (Additionally, the photo above appears to be too old to be his son-in-law.) The photo on the right is cropped from a small unidentified photograph in my possession. This image is identical to the man in a family portrait, also in my possession, that appears to be the Anton Heinsohn family. Additionally, I have a small portrait that I believe is either Gerhard or his brother, Anton. Click here to compare it to the other photos.

Anton Gerhard arrived in Galveston in 1847 aboard the Helen & Elise. He married Nancy A. M. B. STOELTJE (1835 - 1908) in 1852 and they spent the rest of their married life near Frelsburg. Their children included:

  1. Wilhelm R. D. (1853 - 1900) married Matilda Mertz
  2. Maria Henriette Margrotha (1855 - 1905) married Louis August Pflughaupt
  3. Charles John (1857 - 1942) married Louisa Schweke
  4. Reinhardt Friedrich (1859 - 1946) married Emilie Gummelt. After her death he married and divorced. Donie Sawyer.
  5. Helena Wilhelmina (1862 - 1882) did not marry before her early death
  6. Gerhard (1863 - <1865) probably died as an infant
  7. Anton Ludwig Jr. (1865 - 1941) married Margaret Frerichs
  8. Louisa Wilhelmine (1867 - 1926) married Gustav (Gus) Friedrich
  9. Meta Solome (1869 - 1917) married Friedrich August Wm. Zschiesche
  10. Augusta (1871 - 1943) married Alfred Splittgerber
  11. Heinrich (1873 - 1888) died as a young boy
  12. Edward (1876 - 1951) married Emma Marie Andreas
  13. Adolph (1879 - 1931) married Mathilda Wagner

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Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you have photographs of Anton Heinsohn's son, Anton Jr.
We are hoping to locate a photograph before the 2004 Heinsohn Family Reunion.

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