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Friedrich Heinsohn

1816 - 1889

These are no photographs of Friedrich Heinsohn known to me.

Friedrich or Fred Heinsohn was the only one of the Heinsohn Brothers to stay in the Galveston area after their arrival from Jaderberg. He was the first to immigrate, along with Johann, in 1845 on the Ferdinand. He married Auguste Oehring (1827-1904), and they were said to have had fourteen children together, although only six lived to maturity.

The children included:

  1. Emma (1849 - early 1850s?) is listed in the 1850 census, but no further information has been found.
  2. Auguste (ca 1851 - ?) married Henry Bahr. After Henry's early death Auguste placed her two young children in St. Mary's Catholic Orphanage, but we do not know what became of her.
  3. Henry Heinsohn (1852- ca 1873) died as a young man.
  4. Henrietta (1857-1936) married Peter William Brautigam and lived in the Galveston area.
  5. Julia (ca 1865 - ?) married William M. Foster and died childless in San Antonio.
  6. William (1870 - 1933) never married and died at the State Hospital in San Antonio.
  7. Helen (1874 - 1953) married Charles A. Huntington and lived in the Galveston area.

Fred made his living as a carpenter, cabinet maker, mechanic, farmer, and building contractor. He participated in some capacity in the Civil War. When he died ca 1889, his estate included an 800 acre farm near Alta Loma.

Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you have photographs of Friedrich and Auguste Heinsohn or any of their children. We are hoping to locate photographs of this family before the 2004 Heinsohn Family Reunion.

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