Johann Heinsohn

1827 - 1903

This is the only portrait of Johann Heinsohn known to me. Click here to see a snapshot that we believe is John and a daughter or granddaughter.

Johann Gerhard (or John) was among the first of the brothers to immigrate. He and Fred arrived in Galveston in June 1845 aboard the Ferdinand. He married Anna M. Meyer (1836 - 1864) of Ross Prairie in 1853. Their children included:

  1. Johann (John) (1854 - 1894) who married Maria "Louisa" Brune
  2. Anna Maria (1856 - 1928) married Julius Beck
  3. Wilhelmina "Nancy" (1858 - 1921) married Max Gustav Albrecht
  4. Elise Albertina Dorothea (1861 - 1908) married Johann Frederick (Fritz) Lingnau
  5. Wilhelmine Sophie (Minnie) (1864 - 1938) married Johann "Friedrich" (Fred) Hillmann

Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you have photographs of John Heinsohn's daughters, Anna Beck or Nancy Albrecht. We are hoping to locate their photographs before the 2004 Heinsohn Family Reunion.

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