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History of the Heinsohn Family Reunion

Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you have photographs of past Heinsohn Family Reunions.

The First Reunion

Our annual Heinsohn Family Reunion originated with the 1955 reunion of the Dietrich and Elise Weishuhn Heinsohn descendants. Within a few years the reunion also included the families of all Dietrich's brothers and sisters, the children of Wilhelm Heinsohn. In 1965 that group invited descendants of Wilhelm's brothers, Friedrich, Gerhard, Johann, and Anton, to join them and the reunion continues in the same form today.


The New Ulm Enterprise
August 18, 1955

Descendants of the late Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Heinsohn of Frelsburg, Texas, gathered in the Cuero Municipal Park on Sunday, August 14th, for a family reunion.

Seventy-one were present for the occasion and they came from Corpus Christi, Kenedy, Karnes City, Floresville, San Antonio, Fayetteville, Industry, Frelsburg, Yoakum, Burlington and Cuero.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Heinsohn, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Heinsohn, Roland, Carrol Wayne, Floresville; Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Heinsohn, Elwood Jr., Hilbert, Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. Edroy Krebs, Barbara Gail, San Antonio; Elo Heinsohn, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Heinsohn, Thomas, Corpus Christi; Mrs. Otto Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. Milroy Krebs, Mrs. Ed. Polcak, Fayetteville; Miss Ella Kautz, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lindemann, James Earl, Industry; Mr. and Mrs. Werner F. Kautz, Patricia Ann, Cuero; Mrs. Lena Heinsohn, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Krause, Calvin, Leslie, Frelsburg; Philip Buegeler, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Buegeler, Betty, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Fenner, Vernon, Patricia, Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Buegeler, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lieke, Martina, Elton, Irene, Ronnie Dee, Kenedy; Mr. and Mrs. Elo Buegeler, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Buegler [sic.], Charlotte, James, David, Leon, Charles, Yoakum; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coldewey, Karnes City.

At noon, basket lunches and refreshments were spread on the tables and all enjoyed an hour of fine food.

During the afternoon hours some enjoyed themselves while swimming in Cuero's nice municipal pool. Others whiled their time away by recalling happenings of by-gone days. At a later hour a short business sessions was held at which time the following officers were elected to carry on with annual gatherings: Werner F. Kautz, president, Cuero; A. W. Fenner, Kenedy, vice president; Mrs. Herbert Coldewey, Karnes City, secretary-treasurer.

The group voted to have the next reunion on the second Sunday in August, 1956, at the same location.

The oldest member present was Mrs. Otto Krebs of Fayetteville, and the youngest was little Miss Barbara Gail Krebs of San Antonio.

An Early 1960s Reunion at New Ulm

Photo taken by Hugh Eckols

1976 Reunion in La Grange

Photo taken by Warren O. Albrecht

See more photos of the 1976 Reunion.

1997 Reunion in La Grange

Photos by Dawn Heinsohn

Part of the Gaines Family

Leonora and Lydia

After Lunch

One sheet of the Heinsohn Family Tree

Janice and Mike

Egon's art

Looking at Ray's books of old photos

First Heinsohn Heritage Tour, 1999

Anton Heinsohn Family Cemetery

Teddy & Mildred Schultz at Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

See a list of the dates, locations, and officers of all past Heinsohn Reunions,
as well as the number of people who attended at the web site maintained by our reunion secretary, Dawn Heinsohn.


We continue to collect information for our Heinsohn family history. Please contact Rox Ann if you have old letters, photos, and news articles that help tell our family story. You don’t have to give up these items. She can scan them and put them into a form that can be shared with others. If you know a family member who enjoys telling old family stories and would consent to being videotaped, please contact Rox Ann.

Additionally, we would like to include all of your immediate family in our family tree. Please send births, marriages and deaths in the family to Rox Ann.

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