Wilhelm Heinsohn

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Wilhelm Heinsohn

1814 - 1885

These are the only two photographs of Wilhelm Heinsohn known to me. The photo on the left has been retouched and colored. Luckily, the retouching was done with a very light hand around the face, so that it remains a fairly true likeness. I have never seen the original untouched version of this photograph. The photo on the right appears to have been taken years later and the original is very small and faded. Note the chin whiskers, pale eyes, and receding hairline that is common to all the photos of the Heinsohn brothers.

Wilhelm Heinsohn Family Photo Album

Wilhelm married Wübke Margarete (Meta) Harfst (1821-1901) in Jaderberg in 1843. They were the last of the Heinsohns to immigrate, arriving at Galveston in November 1850 on the Solon with their three children. Their children eventually included:

  1. Marie Catherine (1843 - 1933) married Herman Ludwig RAMTHUN
  2. Dietrich Wm. Frederick (Dick) (1846 - 1924) married Elise WEISHUHN
  3. Heinrich Christian (1848 - 1870) didn't marry before his early death from typhoid fever
  4. Gerhardine Catherine (1852 - 1920) married August KASTEN
  5. Wilhelm A. (Willie) (1854 - 1927) first married Amalia (Emma) FRERICHS and later Emma Louise BRAND
  6. Friedrich (Fred) (1857 - 1951) married Mary Margaret SCHROEDER
  7. Ernst "Theodore" (E.T.) HEINSON (1859 - 1939) married Lucy "Jane" (Jennie) TOLIVER
  8. Theresa Fred. Sophia (1861 - 1937) married Ernst HENNIGER
  9. Otto Ludwig (O.L.) (1864 - 1937) married Fred's sister-in-law, Clara Helena (Lena) SCHROEDER

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