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Fromer's 98 "Bermuda"
There is a parish on this island called "Sandys Parish". "Named for Sir Edwyn Sandys, a major shareholder of the 1610 Bermuda Company. Sandys Parish is often called Somerset after Sir George Somers.

There is also a Warwick Parish after the Nevilles _ Earls of Warwick. "Named in honour of another shareholder in the Bermuda Company, the second Earl of Warwick, this parish lies in the heart of Great Bermuda Island.". So the Sandys and the Nevilles were in business together!

24 Dec 1815 A Tortola on 5th inst by the REV W ELMS, Lieutenant John Cornell Chads of His Majesty's 1st West India Regt to Miss Elize Stiles Parker of the Island of Bermuda". In the USA."The Parkers settled in the vicinity of Newtown, Bucks County, PA. Following the death of Thomas Parker (1742) many left Pennsylvania for the newly opened land southward. Hugh Parker, a wealthy merchant of Prince Georges (later Frederick County), Maryland, and a key figure in the trading activities of the newly organized Ohio Company...died in 1751.
Thomas moved to east_central North Carolina and acquired land in Northampton, Edgecomb, Halifax, and Granville Counties." Note: Sister of John Frohock, Sr. married Robert Parker, probably in England. John Frohock moved to Rowan County, NC c1759/60. Prominent officials in Rowan County, 1753_1762 were Thomas Parker and John Frohock. Richard Parker and John Frohock are listed as Pennsylvania Quakers. John Frohock was a miller; John Parker, a doctor.

3.5 Jamaica

Herewith some snippets from Caribbeana IV.

Mr George Elmes died at Duncan's, Jamaica July 1796.
P229 _ SWYMMER of Jamaica

Will of Anthony Swymmer of City of Bristol, Esq., late resident in the Island of Jamaica and now bound thither again. Mentions Meredith Davies of Bristol, merchant, who lived with him in Jamaica. Witness by Tho Langton, Wm Jones, Wm Meredith, Wm Brayne, John Sellwood. Proved 13.10.1688.

Marriages and Deaths from "The Columbian Magazine or Monthly Miscellany published in Kingston Jamaica 1796_1800

Died in November 1798 _ In Kingston, Mr John Duesbury.
Herewith some snippets from Caribbeana IV.

Mr George Elmes died at Duncan's, Jamaica July 1796.

3.6 Monserrat

List of Inhabitants and Whites and Blacks of Monserrat in 1729

referred to in Col Mathew's letter of 28.5.1730:

John Madden, Planter. 1 house, no women, 1 white dau under 14, 1 negro male, 1 negro female, two negro girls, 1/2 acre of land culitivated, 2 acres uncultivated, 2 hoggs, 1 firearm. John Madden was in St George's or Windward District.


B Caribbeana Vol
I copied the following out of Caribbeana Vol II this morning:_
Page 357 (This is Fig Tree, Nevis)
"In the churchyard:
D. CHRISTIANA BROME D. (dau) ROBERTI HELME filia, died February 25, 1765.

ARMS _ In a lozenge ...... on a bend three pheon ..... (HELME)" _ this is the arms of the Worcestershire Helmes. As you will recall me mentioning Christiana Helme of Gillingham married a Chapman and then a Brome/Broom.

"Robert Helme was a merchant at Nevis in 1676, and later agent for the R. African Co. up to his death in 1685. Sarah his widow and executrix made her will 4 Oct 1687, proved 1690 (72, Dyke), but mentions no children. Her brother, Capt Wm Freeman, was a noted planter of St Kitts, and later of Fawley Court, near Henley (this is in England).

1705, July 8, Mr Tho. Helme of Gillingham, co Dorset (again England), Gent, only brother and h._at_l. (heir at law) of Rob. Helme, late of Nevis. Letter of attorney to Mr Ph. Brome of Nevis, Gent, and Mr Rob Helme of Nevis, merchant, to recover all sums owing at the Leeward Islands ("Antigua" i, 272 _ now I think this reference is to Vere Langford Oliver's book entitled Antigua).

Philip Brome, a Member of Council of Nevis (whose will is given in "Antigua" iii, 414, by mistake as Browne), in his will dated 8 Dec 1705, proved 25 Sep 1708 (196, Barrett) says: To my wife Christian Brome, formerley Chapman, on whom I have settled £3000, £200 c., furniture, my plate left with Mrs Mary Helme of London, and 6 negroes.

Eliz Helme of Gillingham, co Dorset, spinster, perhaps granddaughter of Robert, in her will dated 12 May 1787, proved 7 Sep 1792 (470, Fountain), demised her moiety of the plantations and negroes in Nevis to her niece Grace Cox. The above said Robert had a brother Major Wm Helme of Antigua, a Member of Council in 1691 and dead before 1708, who left by Mary Baxter his wife a daughter and heiress Maria, (Mary) whose arms, as above are on a shield of pretence on the stone in St John's Church, Nevis, to her husband John Pinney Esq."

Major William Helme may be the pirate (Privateer) we found who had a price on his head for attacking the Dutch ships and ports.

Pages 375/376
This most certainly was Bristol Cathedral, England

"In the crypt:_
WAKE PARKER third Son of Captain Sir W G PARKER Bur'd RN born August the 15th 1820 Died at Camp House, Clifton August the 20th 1838 CHARLOTTE STILL died April 14th 1842 Aged 82 years
FRANCIS MARY PINNEY died at Camp House March 6th 1860 Aged 64 years CHARLES PINNEY died at Camp House July 17th 11867 Aged 74 years

Charles PInney, 3rd son of John Pinney of Nevis and Bristol by Jane, only dau. of Major William Burt Weekes of Nevis, was Mayor of Bristol in 1830 during the Riots, when his pusillanimous inaction led to disastrous excesses by the mob. He married 8 March 1831 Frances Mary, 4th dau of John Still of East Knoyle co Wilts, who was born 27 Nov 1795 ... 1818 Jan 23. At Bristol: John Pinney, esq, merchant of that city and of Somerton Erle, Co Somerset, (Ibid 186) See pedigree of Pinney in Dorset Field Club publications, vol 31 and Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries."

"The first Pinney to travel to the West Indies was Azariah, who had joined Monmouth's forces in the rebellion against James II in 1685 went to Nevis in 1685 with 15 pounds sterling in his pocket.

Azeriah's son, John Pinney, was born a few months after his father first left for England. In 1708, he married MARY HELME, an heiress "with an estate in Antigua and Saddle Hill, Mountain and Proctor's Plantations in Nevis". John Pinney was a gentleman commoner of Pembroke College, Oxford,and a member of the Middle Temple. He went to Nevis with his wife in 1715 and became Chief Justice sometime later. He died at the age of 35,surviving his father by a few months only.
Extracts from the Birth, Deaths and Marriages from Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazette 1805_1818:_
"24 Dec 1815 A Tortola on 5th inst by the REV W. ELMS, Lieutenant John Cornell Chads of His Majesty's 1st West India Regt to Miss Elize Stiles Parker of the Island of Bermuda".

"20 Aug 1811 married at Bath England, Christopher Barrow esq of this Island (Barbados) to Miss BROME, dau of REV. JOHN BROME."

The Vaughan family were in abundance at Fig Tree, Nevis _ in fact they are too numerous to mentions. Ditto the Washingtons. Brome/Broome,Rouse, Freke (from Dorset England _ known to the Gillingham Helmes), Rouse, Moon, Chester (married Barbados Helmes), Clutterbuck (married Barbados Helmes), numerous Porters, Pinneys, and NILES

There were more Helme reference:
Christian P311, Sarah P 311, John P 223, Thomas P336, Wm P221

Letter of Administration of the estate of Christiana Brome or Broom of Nevis, WI, (widow) granted to her nephew, Thos Helme 1731.

Estimate and specification for building a house at Gillingham for Mrs Helme and the Misses Cox in 1783. Total Cost = £485.00. It must have been quite a stately home!!!

Smith of Nevis

There was a long article on Smith of Nevis which is definitely of interest to us.

Caribbeana IV continued

Abstracts of Nevis Wills in PCC Probate 5.9.1637
Roger Glover of London, Merchant, will dated 14.11.1636. Mentions William Hawkins of London, Bro Richard Glover, sisters, Eliz and Sarah, niece Eliz Glover, born Jess Glover, Wm Rowe, Eliz Pommerton, JOhn Worcester, friend Capt Thomas Sparrowe, Goverenor of Island of Nevis, George Upcote, Nicolas Godsalve.

"If I recover all debts due to me from THOMAS LITTLETON, late Governor of said Island, I give to JAMES LITTLETON, son of said THOMAS LITTLETON, £100.

Will of James Hewett of Nevis, planter dated 9.8.1649 mentions, Wm Charley, Capt Digbie, Margaret Merriton, also half of another parcel (of land) containing 4000 plants of ground, purchased of ROBERT LITTLETON, lying at Gingerland at said ....

It is interesting _ the Littletons being Governors of the Island of Nevis.

Page 214 (Island of Nevis)
"The tangle of Nevisian relationships is extremely confusing. Perhaps the grandest of all the Great Houses, Montravers, has connections with nearly every family of note on the island. The young heiress, who inherited this moated mansion in the middle of the eighteenth century, married John Pinney, a descendant of a far from aristocratic settler, Azariah Pinney, a Dorset refugee from the Monmouth Rebellion, arrived in Nevis in 1685 with only £15, a Bible, six gallons of sack and four of brandy. When his estates were combined with Mary Helm's, they were worth £70,000.

John Pinney was a determinedly thrifty man, who was worth £340,000 when he died in England thirty years later. It is peculiar that so cautious a man should have decided to import camels to Nevis. Among the ruins of Montravers are the stables which he built for them. They did not thrive. A friend of James knew an old woman whose grandmother used to tell of the camels. She said one of them was called Neil _ an unlikely name for a camel, until one realizes that it was more probably an instruction rather than a name.

Montravers was sold for £35,650 in 1808 to Edward Huggins, father of the duel victim, whose other descendants lived there until the turn of the century."

Page 231/232
(How Warner founded St Kitts) "Warner raised the money and took with him, initially, 14 adventurous men, all from Suffolk whose names read like Widdecombe Fair: William Tasted, John Rhodes, Robert Binns,, Mr Benifield, Serjeant Jones, Mr Ware, William Ryle, Rowland Grasscocke, Mr Bond, Mr Langley, Mr Weaver, Serjeant Aplon and two other nameless figures."

There was an Anne and Walter Pollock in the index for Page 362. (But wasn't there.)

Baraby Helme was mentioned on Page 248, Sarah P 249 and Wm page 73. The following will was interesting as it mentions relatives of the Gillingham Helmes:

RALPH HOOKER of Barbados, 14 March 1663. proved 27 May 1665. To my good friend and neighbor MRS JUDITH PINNEY eight hundred and twenty one pounds eight shillings and three pence which she oweth me, and also one hundred thousand pounds of Muscovado Sugar. And for the remainder of her debt to me my executors to forbear to call on her for it until February next, excepting only the debt which she owes me as executrix of MR ROBERT CHALLONER deceased, which I desire may be paid this year. To my friends CAPT JEREMY EGGINTON, MR JOHN KNIGHT, MR STEPHEN SPICER, MR JOHN BOWDEON AND MR JOHN SPARKS each a ring with a death's head, value three pounds sterling. To my frend DR PETER LA ROUS fifty pounds sterling to buy himself a ring. To MR JEOFFRIE BODY two thousand pounds of Muscovado Sugar. To EDWARD RUSSELL my servant one half piece dowlas. To my cousin MR JAMES WOODS of London merchant, ten pounds sterling and to his wife ten pounds sterling. To my cousin MRS WOODS relict of my cousin JOHN WOODS five pounds sterling. To my cousin EDWARD HOOKER his children that are alive in England five pounds sterling each. To my cousins ROBERT AND EDWARD BOYS, my cousin SOANE and her sister and my cousin ANNE BOYS to each of them five pounds sterling.

Item I give and bequeath unto my young cousin PETER BENNETT the son of RICHARD BENNETT of New England (the which Peter was my own sister's son) the sum of one hundred pounds sterling, to be paid him when he shall accomplish the age of eighteen years of age. To my poor kindred in England one hundred and fifty pounds sterling, to be distributed by my cousin James Woods, something of it to be given to my AUNT WEBBE her children of Ottebourne, if any alive, my cousin Edward Hooker of Chilcombe can inform. For goods consigned by CAPT SAMUEL DAVIS and myself he to make returns to the principals in London, but not to meddle or intermedle with any of my other consignations. A reference to goods sold in this island on account of SIR ANDREW RICCARD and CO. To CAPT DAVIS five pounds sterling and a horse. To my friend CAPT WILLIAM PORTER ten pounds and a gold had band an my best baver if he pleases to wear it for my sake. To HUGH LEWIS three pounds sterling to buy him a ring. My executor to confer with MR STEPHEN SPICER who is administrator with me about MR JOHN WILLIAMS estated. Reference to shipments home to MR MICO on account of JOHN WILLIAMS deceased, _ much more sugar that I have received on account. My executor may employ MR JEOFFERY BODY on my books and accounts. He knows the acocunts between MR JOHN KNIGHTS and myself and also about Mr John Wiliams esate, MR JOHN LEWIS' estate and all athe accounts in my books. My loving cousin John Hooker now residing in the Island of Barbados, to be sole executor and my cousin James Woods of London, merchant, to be overseer in trust.


(The Richard Bennett referred to in the above will, said by Savage to have been of Salem in 1638, afterwards of Boston, had a wife Sybil, the mother of his children whose maid name is here shown to be Hooker, and a second wife Margaret. His will was proved at Boston 8 Sep 1677. In it he mentions grandchild _o_o_o_na Bennett, dau of son Peter, wife Margaret Bennett, son JONAS CLARKE and _o_o_o_ne his wife and cousin Anthony Bennet of Bass River, New England. (Suffolk probate registry)."

Caribbeana Vol 5 - Pedigree of HELME of NEVIS


ARMS: on a bend ..... three pheons (Worcestershire Helmes)
Alice (buried 2 June 1643) married Robert Helme of Gillingham (1), co Dorset. They had one child Robert Helme (2) who was baptised 21 May 1643; ? married and had 12 children.

Robert Helme of Gillingham (1) remarried Mary Card, dau of Tho. Card on 7 Nov 1643; bur 10 Aug 1683. 2nd wife. Robert (1) and Mary had the following children:
a) Thos Helme, Gent., of Gillingham, bapt 17 July 1644, only brother and heir_at_law of Robert in 1705. He married Mary Sutor (I have looked this marriage up at Dorset record office and it said she was called "Suton". Thomas and Mary had Robert Helme bapt 26 Oct 1673, Thos. Helme bapt 6 June 1675, William Helme bapt 8 Feb 1679_80, bur 25 April 1680, Mary Helme bapt 3 Jan 1671_2; ? mar 1 Oct 1720 Jos. Osboldstone of Sarum (Salisbury), Christiana Helme, bapt 3 Feb 1677_8; bur 11 Jan 1679_80, Anna Helme bapt 11 Nov 1688 and William Helme bapt 14 Jan 1682_3.

b) Christopher Helme, bapt 17 Mar 1647_8; mar and had 7 children.
c) Richard Helme, bapt 17 Oct, bur 18 Oct 1662.
d) Mary Helme, bapt 25 Jun 1646.
e) Christiana Helme, bapt 21 Mar 1652_3.
f) Christiana Helme, born 25 Feb 1657; named 1687 in the will of Mrs Sarah Helme; mar 1st Aron Chapman, Merchant, of Nevis, who died 15 Mar 1693, aet. 40; secondly Philip Brome of Nevis, Esq., who died 15 Dec 1705, aged 52. His will dated 8 Dec 1705; proved 25 Sep 1708 s.p. (196 Barret _ will ref); MI to all three at St Thomas, Nevis.
g) Major William Helme of Antigua, born 25 Feb 1657_8; M of Gen Council 1691 married Mary ..... died in Hatton Garden. Will dated 3 May and proved 10 May 1703 (138 Degg _ will ref). Major William and Mary had the following children: William Helme, son and heir 1703; apparently dead 1707, Mary Helme only dau and heiress; mar 1708 John Pinney of Nevis, born 3 May 1686; Pembroke College Oxford 1703; of the Middle Temple 1710; died 11 Dec 1720. MI in St John's with his wife's arms on a shield of pretence. Major William Helme's wife Mary remarried henry Traveis Junior who died intestate in 1703 at Nevis.

WILL OF SARAH HELMES OF NEVIS sole Executrix of Robert Helme of Nevis deceased. Will dated 4 Oct 1687. The £500 st. demised by my late husband to my sister Christiana Helme for which Capt Philip Lee hath on my behalf entered into an obligation to her, is to be paid him out of such sums due to me by Mr John Maryon of Brenntree (Braintree?) co Essex. To my sister Eliz., wife of Capt William Freeman all my clothes, jewels, plate, linen and household stuff and £200 st. for which I have obliged myself in the penal sum of £400 st to Mr Joseph Little of Montserrat to be paid him. To Silvanus Taylor of Nevis, merchant, £20. My 3 servants: Humphrey Edwards, Eliz Hughes and Eliz Hatchfeild £10 each. To my friend Capt Philip Lee my large silver tankard. To my friend Mrs Jan Masculine of London my wrought iron bed in England. To Mrs Mary Maryon, dau of the said John M., my silver bason. To my aunts mrs Mary Baxter of London and Mrs mary Little of Alsebury, co Bucks, £25 each. To my dear brother Capt William Freeman £100, also £50 to Mr Henry Freeman,his brother. All residue to my niece Mrs Eliz Baxter of London, only dau and sole heir of my dear brother William Baxter of London, lately deceased, and Executrix. james Houblin Esq and my brother Capt Wm Freeman of London and Philip Lee and Henry Carpenter of Nevis Esquires, overseers. To Jas Houblon and Henry Carpenter each a hogshead of claret.

Witnessed by Arch. Hutcheson, Ra Lomax, Silvanus Taylor, Wm Harrington. Proved 17 May 1690. Commission to Jas. Houblon Esq guardian of Eliz Baxter a minor. Proved 25 June 1701 by Eliz Baxter, now of full age (72 Dyke) ("Antigua" by Vere Langford Oliver, i, 271.).

ELIZ HELME of Gillingham, co Dorset spr. Will dated 12 may 1787. To my niece Mary Cox the close called Thorngrove of 2 acres. To my servant Eliz Pavett my house near the common mead called the Chantry House and £60. My niece Grace Cox my moiety of the plantations, negroes etc., in the Island of Nevis and all residue and sole Executrix. Proved 7 Sep 1792 by GC spr (470 Fountain _ will ref).

1680 Oct 10. Rober Helme of St Andrew's, HOlborn, Bachelor, 30 and Sarah Baxter, Spr., 23 of St Dionis Backchurch; consent of parents; at St Andrw's HOlborn, or elsewhere in diocese (mar Lic of Bp of L)
1682 Capt Helme's ship (JEAFFRESON PAPERS, vol i, 300, 321, 324; ii 90) _
1685 Dec. Tho Belchamber and Henry Carpenter appointed by the Royal African Co as Agents at Nevis int he room of Mr Robert Helme. ("Antigua" vol ii 250, 258).
1705 July 8. Mr Thomas Helme of Gillingham, co Dorset Gent, only brother and heir_at_law of Robert Helme late of Nevis. Letter of Attorney to Mr Philip Brome of Nevis, Gent, and Mr Robert Helme of Nevis, Merchant, to recover all sums owing at the Leeward Islands ("Antigua" i, 272) _ We have a copy of this, Ira.
15 Nov 1736 Christian Helme of Gillingham, Co Dorset, now residing in London., power of attorney (Nevis Records vol ii, p335).
1740 Nov 13. Tho Helme of Gillingham butcher, power of attorney to John Frederick Pinney Esq etc for taking possession of certain lands in Antigua (ibid P455). We have a copy of this too.

All the baptisms in latin follow _ about a page and a half.

Then the Baxter pedigree. Of interest _ it shows Elix Baxter marrying Capt Wm Freeman of St Kitts and of Fawley, co Bucks. He died 11 Oct 1707 aged 62. MI. Will (199, Poley).

WM BAXTER sone of London Merchant. Will dated 31 March 1686, 2 Jas II, one third of my estate to my wife Alice, one third to my dau Anne B at 21, one third to my son Wm at 21. If both die their shares to my wife, my sister Abigail Tumbling, my sister Dorothy Skinner, my sister Martha proud, my cozen Wm Baxter, Mt, and my cozen John Skinner. My sister Mary Baxter. My wife sole Executrix. My kinsman Mr John Hind, Capt Wm Freeman and Wm Baxter overseers. Proved 26 July 1686 by Alice B, the relict (92 Lloyd). At Mere, Co Wiltshire, 1720 OCT 1 Joseph Osbaldstone of Sarum (Salisbury) married Mary Helme of Gillingham.

Caribbean wills continued

THO OLIVER ESQ TO JOHN ELLIOTT ESQ CONVEYANCE AND ASSIGNMENT; and John Elliott Esq and Catherine his wife to Tho. Oliver Esq, mortgage.
Date : 2 Mar 1798.
Tho O's plantation of 104 a bounded N. on lands of Same Harman, William Wickham Harman late Murrays and said Same. A. Late Lynch's; E on lands THO. ELME's and lands of Sam A late Lynch's; S on lands of Ben March,

Caribbeana V
Extracted from Caribbeana V, page 302

WILL OF COLL JOHN NETHWAY of this Island (Nevis) Governor. Will dated 25 July 1691. To my sister_in_law ANNE HANSCOMBE, widow, living London, £300, she to clear my estate from all debts of her former husband. mr MATTHEW H dec. To my sister_in_law ELIZABETH SMITH in London £300. To my mother_in_law MRS MARGARET NETHEWAY, widow, living in Bristol £100. To my kinswoman, MRS SARY GURNEY's first child 8,000 lbs of sugar at age of 14. To my cousin JOHN RICHARDSON 8,000 lbs of sugar at 18. To my wife's kinsman ('s) son, PHILLIP DEWITT, son of Phillip Dewitt 40,000 lbs of sugar at 18. To godson JOHN HUFFAM 5000 lbs of sugar at 18. To godson WILLIAM CHISURS 8,000 lbs of sugar at 18. To godson SIMON BROWN son of Simon B, dec., 8,000 lbs of sugar at 18 to buy him a young negro boy or girl. To MARY THOMPSON 4,000 lbs of sugar and to ELIZABETH TOMPSON 2,000 lbs of sugar both at 14 or marr'e. To THOMAS THORNE 2,000 lbs of sugar for writing my Will. Rest of estate to my wife MRS M NETHEWAY for life and to kinsman MR JONATHAN NETHEWAY of London, gent, in tail make in deft. to next of blood of the name if any, otherwise to the heiresses of sd. JONATHAN NETHEWAY. Sd. wife and kinsman to be executors. CAPT WALTER SIMONDS, ESQ., CAPT. WILLIAM HELMES, CAPT JOHN STANDLEY, DAN SMITH AND LIEUT PHILLIP DEWITT to be overseers, to each 1,000 lbs of sugar to buy them beaver hats. Witnesses: JOHN SMARGIN, THO BELMAN, THO THORNE, WM MARDON, JAMES RAWLEIGH.

Probate 17 Sep 1692 by Jonathan Netheway one of the executors. Power reserved for Mary N the relict and other executors. The Governor died 12 Feb las.

17 Sep 1692 appeared Jonathan Netheway of city of London, gent, and swore that on 27 June last he received a letter by the Post from Nevis dated 16 Apr 1692 signed JOHN STANLEY, PHIL DEWITT, DANIELL SMITH enclosing a copy of Will of deceased and believes copy to be written by sd. Phillip Dewitt, who is a man of good reputation and estate in Nevis. 15 Sep 1692. Appeared JOSEPH MARTIN of city of London, merchant and vouches for letter and copy of will as being in hand of PHILLIP DEWITT, who had formerly been his servant. (171 Fane).

WILL OF THOMAS BELCHAMBER of Island of Nevis Esq. Will dated 9 Feb 1692_3. Mentions Elizabeth Pennington, sister Meriam Shelberrie, sister Augustin, god dau Elizabeth Bolt, friend Col Charles Pym, Friends SYLVANUS TAYLOR AND HENRY BOLTON of this island, HENRY CARPENTER etc dec as ... concerned for the Customs and the Royal African Company .......... Mr Cary. COL ROWLAND WILLIAMS, CAPT SAMUEL, MR ALEXANDER CRAFFORD, RICHARD CARY. Mentions Richad Cary, .. in London to be heir and sole executor, Col Charles Pym, AARON CHAPMAN (Christiana Helme's first husband) ESQ, PHILIP BROME (Christiana Helme's second husband) and SYLVANUS TAYLOR to be overseers and to each a beaver hat. Wit: THORNTON JONES, BRIDGET ROGERS, DINAH MUNDE, MARTHA MOORE, BOLTON.

Same as foregoing except Silvanus Taylor is not joined with Henry Bolton settle accounts and MR WILLIAM LING (Helme properties adjoined Lings Lands) is substituted for him as an overseer. Wit: CHARLES ROWLAND, GEO RICHARDSON, GEO LITTMAN, HENRY BOLTON.
Nevis 12 Aug 1693 appeared before Honorable Col Samuel Gardner, I......
Governor, DOCTOR CHARLES ROWLAND, MR GEO RICHARDSON AND MR GEO LITTMAN who vouched for will. Probate 21 Nov 1693 by RICHARD CARY the executor. (176 Coker)

WILL OF JOH STREATER of Island of Nevis, merchant. Will dated 12 Nove ....
To poor Quakers of this Island £10 to the Men's meeting. To poor of C....Town paris £10. To my bro Henry S £5 for a pice of plate and to ..... His children 20s. To my bro Samuel S £5 for plate. To my sister WALL...... and to each of her children 20s. To my sister ELIZA BARNARD £3 and each of her children 20s. To my sister MARY HOLDEN £3. To my partner CAPT ED SCROOPE £10 for piece of plate and 20s each to his children. To AZA PINNEY. If I have a child by my wife Sarah S then half of residue of estate and what I as ex'or to my bro WILLIAM MINOR, to him or her when of age and the other to him or her after my wife's death in fee, but if I have no child my whole to my wife SARAH in tail in deft. to my 2 brothers, Henry S and Samuel S ... in common. Sd. wife to be ex'trix. Friends CAPT WILLIAM MEADE, EBE... KYRTLAND, SYLVANUS TAYLOR AND AZA PENNEY (PINNEY) to be overseers in Nevis and my bros Henry and Samuel S in England and to each a beaver hat. Wit: BURTT, LAWRENCE BROME, THO BRIGWATER, WM LING. Admon cta 20 June .... to henry Streater and Samuel Streater ......... (140 Box).

WILL OF JOSEPH LOYD of Island of Nevis, merchant. Will dated in Nevis 16 Nov 1689. To my kinsman JOHN LEWIS who now lives with me £150 at expiration of his apprenticeship. To my kinswoman SARY DUFFIELD £50. To Mr RICHARD MERIWETHER £5 in full for what he can claim of my estate in partnership. .. of estate to my bro Mr Henry Loyd of Bristol, merchant, in fee and he to b ..... COL JOHN NETWAY and CAPT PHILIP LEE to be overseers.
Wit; EBE... KYRTLAND, RICHARD MESSER, FRACIS SIMONS AND .... THOMAS, all of full age and swore they saw testator execute the will. (74 Dyke).

WILL OF WILLIAM WRAXALL of city of Bristol, mariner, now resident in Island of Nevis dated 29 Jan 1690_91. To my son WILLIAM W my 2 houses and land in North Street Bedminster, co Somerset in fee and £50 to my wife's ... But if ship Sea Flower, now in this Road, arrive with her cargo safe in England, give him £50 more to be paid him at expiration of his apprenticeship. Mentions MR JOHN STREATER, WILLIAM MINOR, MR ABRAHAM ELTON, MRS PENELOPE HARRIS, MR ABRAHAM ELTON.

3.8 St. Christopher (Kits)

Phipps -
"Mary Phipps of the Island of St Christopher widow. Will dated 7 Sep 1801.
To my son, JOSEPH ELMES PHIPPS, all my lands and residue and sole Ex'or.
In the present of John Garnett, Thos. Phipps, Wm Phipps, Proved 4 Dec 1795 (sic) and entered 24 April 1802 in the Registrar's Office. No 14,205."

Obviously an Elme or Helm(e) likely married at some point into the very rich and powerful Phipps family.


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