John Osborn Diary Jan 1800 to Oct 1802







JANUARY 1, 1800 - OCTOBER 2, 1802

MARCH 7, 1819 - SEPTEMBER 19, 1821


This site contains the only known volumes of the John Osborn Diary known to exist as of this date. A second volume was found recently and has been transcribed from the handwritten pages to electronic form and indexed by surname. The flavor of the diary has been retained as none of the misspelling or grammar have been changed or edited.

You may find the index useful in searching the documents. At the beginning of the index is a line of letters, clicking on the letter will take you direct to the surnames listed under that letter. The page numbers beside the surname are linked to the page where that surname occurs. If you click on the number beside the surname you will be taken direct to the page that contains that surname. If you don't want to read the entire page then use your search/find feature of your browser. One must be careful in using the index as sometimes the same surname is spelled several different ways, usually only by changing one or two letters or sometimes leaving out a letter. The surname is not necessarily spelled the same in both volumes of the diary.

If you are aware of another volume of this diary please let us know so that it may be obtained and added to this site.

Use the following links to take you to the volume of your choice.

John Osborn Diary January 1, 1800 - October 2, 1802

John Osborn Diary March 7, 1819 - September 19, 1821

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