The Ancestors of Wayne Hendon
JOHN HENDEN, a clothier of Bendenden, Kent,  was born c1513, and died after 1544 (date of will).  He married JOANE BROWNE, daughter of THOMAS BROWNE.  She was born in Herne, England.
WILLIAM HENDEN, b. 1536, Benenden, Kent, England; d. 1582.
JOHN HENDEN, b. Bef. 1538.
SYMON HENDEN, b. 1538, Benenden, Kent, England; d. 1617, Kolvenden, Kent, England.
JULYANE HENDEN, b. Bef. 1544; m. GEORGE POTTER, September 11, 1561, Sandhurst, Kent, England.
EDWARD HENDEN, b. Bef. 1544; m. JOAN GATES, 1572, Maidstone, Kent, England.
WILLIAM HENDEN was born 1536 in Benenden, Kent, England, and died 1582. His will was dated 1580. He married MARIE STACE September 18, 1561 in Tenterden, Kent, England.
JOAN HENDEN, b. 1563, Tenterden, Kent, England; m. RICHARD GLOVER; d. Aft. 1600
ELIZABETH HENDEN, b. 1564, Tenterden, Kent, England; m. ROBERT TROPLESS.
SYMON HENDEN, b. 1567, Tenterden, Kent, England; d. 1630, Sandhurst, England.
JOHN HENDEN, b. 1572, Tenterden, Kent, England; d. 1610; m. MARY JORDAN, 1600, High Halden, Kent, England.
WILLIAM HENDEN, b. 1574, Tenterden, Kent, England; d. 1618.
MYLORED HENDEN, b. 1577; m. ROBERT EVANS, 1615, Canterbury, Kent, England.
SARA HENDEN, b. 1580.

SYMON HENDEN was born 1567 in Tenterden, Kent, England, and died 1630 in Sandhurst, England.  He married JOAN BARRETT May 29, 1595 in Tenterden, Kent, England.
WILLIAM HENDEN, b. 1596, Tenterden, Kent, England; d. 1650, Hothfield, Kent, England.
JOHN HENDEN, b. 1598, Tenterden, Kent, England; d. 1654, Rolvenden, Kent, England; m. MARY.
SIMON HENDEN, JR., b. Bef. 1610.

WILLIAM HENDEN was born 1596 in Tenterden, Kent, England, and died 1650 in Hothfield, Kent, England.  He married (1) MARY OWEN 1624 in Ashford, Kent, England, daughter of EDWARD OWEN. She was born 1607 in London, England, and died Bef. 1638.  He married (2) ELIZABETH COVERT 1638 in Hothfield, Kent, England.
ANN HENDEN, b. 1638, Hothfield, Kent, England.
WILLIAM HENDEN, b. 1640, Hothfield, Kent, England; d. Abt. 1700.

WILLIAM HENDEN was born 1640 in Hothfield, Kent, England, and died Abt. 1700.  He married DINAH COUNSELL 1669 in Marksbury, Somerset, England, daughter of WILLIAM COUNSELL and JANE, who was born 1643 in Barrow Gurney, Somerset, England. William Henden imigrated to America c1700. It is believed that he died during the voyage or shortly after landing in Virginia. He inheirated land and money when his half-brother, John Henden, who had died in 1659.
JANE HENDEN, b. 1670, Marksbury, Somerset, England; d. 1670, Marksbury, Somerset, England.
SOLOMON HENDEN, b. 1671, Marksbury, Somerset, England. Soloman attended both Oxford and Cambridge. At Oxford where he received the BA in 1693 and MA in 1696, his surname was HENDON. At Cambridge, his name was HENDEN.
WILLIAM HENDEN, b. 1676, Marksbury, Somerset, England.
JOHN HENDEN, b. 1679, Marksbury, Somerset, England; d. 1739, Eltham, Kent, England. John was baptised September 17, 1679, Marksbury, Somerset, England.

WILLIAM HENDEN was born 1676 in Marksbury, Somerset, England.  He married MARY. The Marksbury Parish register of William's baptism gives his name as HENDON.
RICHARD HENDON, b. 1698, England; d. April 25, 1768, Baltimore County, Maryland.
JOSIAS HENDON, b. Abt. 1700, England; d. May 01, 1738, Gunpowder River Region...Baltimore County, Maryland.

JOSIAS HENDON was born Abt. 1700 in England, and died May 01, 1738 in Gunpowder River Region...Baltimore County, Maryland.  He married HANNAH ROBINSON 1723 in Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH ROBINSON.  She was born 1704 in Middlesex County, Virginia, and died 1748 in Gunpowder River Region...Baltimore County, Maryland.
WILLIAM HENDON, SR., b. December 01, 1723, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. 1788, Balden County, N. Carolina.
ISHAM HENDON, SR., b. 1725, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. 1804, Wake County, N. Carolina.
ELIZABETH HENDON, b. Abt. 1726, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. Balden County, N. Carolina.
HANNAH HENDON, b. October 21, 1727, Baltimore County, Maryland.
JAMES HENDON, b. Abt. 1733, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. 1791, Wake County, N. Carolina.
JOSIAS F. HENDON, b. 1734, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. Anson County, N. Carolina; m. (1) HANNAH STATKEY, January 09, 1766, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. Abt. 1777, Anson County, N. Carolina; m. (2) MARY WILKINS, December 16, 1778, North Carolina; b. N. Carolina.

JAMES HENDON was born Abt. 1733 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died 1791 in Wake County, N. Carolina.  He married HANNAH NORRIS February 07, 1754 in Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of BENJAMIN NORRIS and SARAH WHITACRE.  She was born July 16, 1727 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died Bef. 1791 in Wake County, N. Carolina.
ISHAM C. HENDON, b. 1755, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. Bet. 1801 - 1802, Jackson County, Georgia.
ELIJAH HENDON, b. Abt. 1758, Baltimore County, Maryland.
SARAH HENDON, b. Abt. 1759, Baltimore County, Maryland; m. WILLIAM NUTT.

ISHAM C. HENDON was born 1755 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died Bet. 1801 - 1802 in Jackson County, Georgia.  He married PATIENCE SUGGS (unproven) in 1776 in N. Carolina.  She was born Abt. 1760 in N. Carolina, and died Abt. 1810 in Georgia. Isham's will was dated May 15, 1799 and was probated in Jackson County, Georgia.
ELIZABETH "BETSY" HENDON, b. January 18, 1782, Georgia; d. August 09, 1834, Ashville, St. Clair County, Alabama; m. JAMES THOMPSON, August 04, 1806, Clark County, Georgia.
NANCY HENDON, b. 1783, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; m. (1) JOHN MOORE, January 06, 1811, Clark County, Georgia; m. (2) JAMES ROBINSON, December 31, 1828.
JAMES F. HENDON, b. 1784, Wake County, N.Carolina; d. February 14, 1845, Clark County, Georgia; m. MARGARET WHITEHEAD, 1806, Georgia. James was know as Captain Jim as he was a Captain in the War of 1812.
BENJAMIN NORRIS HENDON, b. 1785, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Abt. 1875, Newton, Mississippi.
AARON HENDON, b. Abt. 1787, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. Bet. 1846 - 1850, (probably) Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.
ISHAM C. HENDON, JR., b. 1788, Oglethorp County, Georgia; d. Aft. 1819, Wilkerson county, Georgia; m. SALLY MURRAY, 1803, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.
ELIJAH HENDON, b. 1798, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; d. May 06, 1870, Calhoun County, Alabama; m. SALLIE E. PHILLIPS, April 25, 1821, Putnam County, Georgia; b. 1799, Georgia; d. Abt. 1890, Alabama.

AARON HENDON was born Abt. 1787 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and died Bet. 1846 - 1850 in (probably) Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.  He married ELIZABETH STEDMAN July 10, 1816 in Clarke County, Georgia, daughter of JAMES STEDMAN and NANCY COATES.  She was born 1800 in Clarke County, Georgia, and died Bet. 1841 - 1844 in (probably) Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Aaron Hendon enlisted at Nashville, Tennessee on Dec. 14, 1813. The recruitment officer was Lt. L.M. Ayre. Aaron was 5' 10", had blue eyes, fair hair, and a fair complextion. His occupation was carpenter and his age was 26 (28). He served in Capt. John Chunn's Company, 24TH U. S. Infantry and was discharged at Chillicothe, Ohio on June 7, 1815
JAMES HENDON, b. 1819, York District, S. Carolina; m. ELIZABETH M. BARBER, July 24, 1851, St. Clair County, Alabama; b. 1834, Ashville, St. Clair County, Alabama. James was residing in Pickens County, Alabama in 1850. He married his 1st cousin, Elizabeth M. Barber.
JOSHUA ISHAM HENDON, b. 1820, S. Carolina. Joshua was residing in Noxubee County, Mississippi in 1851.
BENJAMIN NORRIS HENDON, b. 1823, St. Clair County, Alabama. Benjamin Norris Hendon was a well known minister.
MARY ANN CAROLINE HENDON, b. 1825, Mississippi.
ASBURY P. HENDON, b. 1830, Alabama.
WILLIAM LAFAYETTE HENDON, b. October 22, 1831, Alabama; d. Bet. 1906 - 1909, Knox County, Texas.
JOSIAH JOSEPH HENDON, b. 1834, Alabama; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870.
MARTHA ANN HENDON, b. 1840, Alabama. In 1850, Martha Hendon was a "minor" and living in Pickens County, Alabama.

WILLIAM LAFAYETTE HENDON was born October 22, 1831 in Alabama, and died Bet. 1906 - 1909 in Knox County, Texas.  He married MARY CAROLYN WALKER Bet. 1858 - 1859 in (probably) Pickens County, AL, daughter of GREEN WALKER and SUSANNA GREEN.  She was born July 1840 in Alabama, and died Bet. 1911 - 1919 in Foard or Smith County, Texas. In 1850,  was a "minor" and living in Pickens County, Alabama. From: "Historical Sketches of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi" (page 104), " Company A, otherwise Oktibbeha Riflemen, was mustered in, I suppose, on the same day (April 24, 1862). It's officers were Captain, E.O. Huntley; First Lieutenant, Champ Huntley (died at Chattanooga); Second Lieutenants, William H. Hannah (promoted to 1st Lieut.), N.Q. Adams, T.L. Hannah, and John Fowles (killed at Perryville); Third Lieutenant, W. L. HENDON." Wm. L. Hendon moved from Oktibbeha County to Holmes County, MS 1865-1869. He moved his family to Texas about 1885 and is believed buried in Knox City Cemetery, Knox County, Texas.
ERASTUS LAFAYETTE HENDON, b. October 25, 1859, Starkville, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi; d. December 11, 1931, Knox City, Texas.
MARY O. HENDON, b. 1862, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1910.
BENJAMIN JAYHUE HENDON, b. December 02, 1863, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi; d. June 16, 1943, El Paso, Texas.
EMMALINE SUSANNE HENDON, b. August 24, 1868, Mississippi; d. November 18, 1946, Lubbock, Texas.
WILLIAM LAFAYETTE HENDON, JR., b. May 1870, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1874, Holmes County, Mississippi.
MOLLIE HENDON, b. 1872, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. January 12, 1936, Knox County, Texas.
LOVIE HENDON, b. March 13, 1872, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. July 03, 1957, Hill County, Texas.
WILLIAM G. "BUD" HENDON, b. May 1875, Mississippi; d. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Henderson or Knox County, Texas.
ROSE "NAN" HENDON, b. 1877, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1910.
MINNIE HENDON, b. 1879, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1910, Texas.
MATTIE HENDON, b. April 1881, Holmes County, Mississippi.

ERASTUS LAFAYETTE HENDON was born October 25, 1859 in Starkville, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, and died December 11, 1931 in Knox City, Texas.  He married FRANCIS ROSELLA WALKER December 26, 1880 in Emory, Mississippi, daughter of THOMAS WALKER and ELIZABETH WHITTINGTON.  She was born April 14, 1858 in Holmes County, Mississippi, and died October 28, 1941 in Knox City, Texas. Erastus and Francis are both buried at Knox City Cemetery.
ADDIE MAY HENDON, b. November 09, 1881, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. March 26, 1924, Knox County, Texas.
CLAUDIE HENDON, b. July 28, 1884, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. October 04, 1911, Texas.
WILLIAM THOMAS HENDON, b. November 07, 1886, Holmes County, Mississippi; d. April 11, 1979, Welch, Dawson County, Texas.
MINNIE LEE HENDON, b. February 07, 1889, Limestone County, Texas; d. January 28, 1950, New Mexico.
BABY HENDON, b. May 03, 1891, Limestone County, Texas; d. May 03, 1891, Limestone County, Texas.
ARCHIE JASPER HENDON, b. September 19, 1893, Limestone County, Texas; d. March 21, 1971, Lorenzo, Crosby County, Texas; m. (1) JULIA MAY DUTTON, March 07, 1915, Knox County, Texas; b. March 26, 1896, Arkansas; d. January 10, 1967, Lorenzo, Crosby County, Texas; m. (2) MAUDIE LANKFORD WILLIAMS, September 19, 1967; b. September 19, 1894; d. 1974, Buried: Knox City, Texas.
BARNEY GIBBS HENDON, b. June 06, 1897, Limestone County, Texas; d. January 11, 1936, Bowie, TX.
BERT HENDON, b. April 30, 1899, Mart, Limestone County, Texas; d. March 27, 1902, near Azle, Texas. NOTE: While traveling with his family (by wagon) to the Oklahoma land rush in 1902, young Bert Hendon became ill near Azel (Tarrant County), Texas. He died and was buried in an unmarked grave near the road.

BARNEY GIBBS HENDON was born June 06, 1897 in Limestone County, Texas, and died January 11, 1936 in Bowie, Texas.  He married FANNIE LOU WILLIAMS June 26, 1918 in Montague County, Texas, daughter of JAMES WILLIAMS and IDA PULLIG.  She was born May 28, 1898 in Breckenridge, Stephens County, Texas, and died April 19, 1975 in Merkel, Texas. Fannie and Barney are buried at Knox City Cemetery, Knox County, Texas.
EUAL DELMER HENDON, b. June 22, 1919, Spanish Fort, Montague County, Texas; d. May 28, 1971, Ogallala, Nebraska.
ALTON GIBBS HENDON, b. August 01, 1921, Knox City, Texas; d. February 07, 2000, Macon, Georgia.
LOURENE MARGARET HENDON, b. August 18, 1924, Knox City, Texas.

EUAL DELMER HENDON was born June 22, 1919 in Spanish Fort, Montague County, Texas, and died May 28, 1971 in Ogallala, Nebraska.  He married FLOY LEE STONE October 19, 1937 in Knox City, Texas, daughter of OSCAR STONE and MONTIE HILL. Eual D. Hendon was buried at Crestview Cemetery, Wichita Falls, Texas.