Stone Family Cemetery
Proctor, Comanche County, Texas

(L) 1980's                                                       (R) Today

This cemetery lies on about two acres of land just south of the village of Proctor. It was part of  a parcel owned by William Stone and his descendants from the mid 1850s until about 1900. The cemetery was overgrown and forgotten until the early 1980s, when a group of Stone descendants pitched in revive it. Today, it is lovely. Each spring, it is the reunion site for The Descendants of James Stone.


J.M. Dunn, son of S. M. & Bethany Dunn     Jan.1, 1882-Mar. 6, 1906   SEE PHOTO

George M. Brown, son of J.B. & M.L. Brown     July 2, 1882- Aug. 24, 1905    SEE PHOTO

Lillie Ruth  (Last Name Unknown)                   1903-1903                        SEE PHOTO

Lena May Carter, dau. of John & Bethel Carter   Nov. 28, 1916- Dec. 23, 1916    SEE PHOTO

Baby Boy, son of G.B. & Mary Stone               Dec. 17, 1889          SEE PHOTO

Thomas B. Stark                                               1848-1933           SEE PHOTO

Melinda A. Stark                                              1849-1920          SEE PHOTO

Nancy J. Stone, dau. of G.B. & A.A. Stone    July 11, 1877- Feb. 12, 1878    SEE PHOTO

Walter Stark, son of B.H. & M.F. Stark     May 23, 1897-Mar. 15, 1903   SEE PHOTO

Charley Stark, son of T.B. & M.A.Stark     Mar. 25, 1874-Jan.3, 1882   SEE STONE

Matilda Stone Rhodes Hill, wife of H.T.Hill   Nov. 27, 1835-Apr. 21, 1883     SEE PHOTO

M.R. Rhodes  (Martin Rhodes)                     Jan. 17, 1855-Feb. 13, 1912  SEE PHOTO

Sarah Green, dau. of  F.F. & N. J. Green    Feb. 7, 1872- age 7 mo., 8 days    SEE PHOTO

Benjamin James, son of E.& M. James       Nov. 20, 1858-Dec. 21, 1858    SEE PHOTO

George James, son of E. & M. James       Apr. 29, 1867-May 14, 1873     SEE PHOTO

Milanda Stone, Wife of William Stone      1827- April 5, 1892       SEE PHOTO

William Stone, Husband of Malinda Stone    June 1, 1818- Nov. 11, 1900    SEE PHOTO

Thomas Grimes, son of John  & Susan P. Grimes  Dec. 6, 1870-Sept. 6,1873    SEE PHOTO

Willie Stone, son of J.M.& A.E. Stone     Oct. 28, 1896-July 5, 1916   SEE PHOTO

Minnie L. Stone, dau. of J.M. & A.E. Stone   Aug. 4, 1889-Jan. 25, 1890    SEE PHOTO

Charlie Stone, son of J.M. & A. E. Stone    Feb. 26, 1887-Dec. 16, 1889     SEE PHOTO

G. B. Stone, (Green Berry Stone)     Mar. 18, 1831-Dec. 31, 1878    SEE PHOTO

R. Stone, (Redman Stone)         Mar. 19, 1832-Nov.25,1885    SEE PHOTO

Alvord Haskell, son of M. & L.A. Haskell    April 3,1885-Jan. 6, 1890  SEE PHOTO

Vachel David Johnson, CSA Soldier     Dec. 26,1830-July 15, 1866    SEE PHOTO

Lecy Ratliff Johnson   Feb. 14, 1832 -- Sept. 16, 1871    SEE PHOTO

There are also approximately 50 graves that are unmarked or are marked only by fieldstones.