The Sarah Butler Wister family.

Sarah Butler Wister

Sarah Butler. Born on May 28, 1835. Died 1908.  In 1859 she married Dr. Owen Jones Wister. Born 1825 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died in 1896.

They had one child:

Owen Jones. Born July 4, 1860 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died in 1938. Novelist:  Penned "The Virginian."   Married Mary Channing. Born March 30,  1870. Died August 24,  1913.

NOTE:  the college roommate of Teddy Roosevelt, Owen Wister, later the author of The Virginian and famous for the phrase "If you say that to me, smile", Owen Wister and his roommate created the fable of the romantic cowboy which dominates movies and fiction, and, from time to time, the Presidency of the U.S.

Sarah's sister Frances Anne 'Fan' Kemble