The 1915 Hainline/Henline Reunion Miller Park Pavillion Bloomington, Illinois

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Macomb Daily Journal


Wednesday August 25, 1915

Hainline-Henline Reunion Held at Bloomington Yesterday

Over Two Hundred Present

In conformity with notices in papers and invitations sent out, a reunion of the above two families (Hainline-Henline) but agreed originally one name, was held in Miller park at Bloomington yesterday. It was the second reunion. One was held at same place a year ago, at which an association was formed with purpose of holding annual meetings in the future. There were 58 present. This was augmented to 212 yesterday. But this is no wonder, as it was always a fast-multiplying family. The stem came from Amsterdam, Holland: in a word, was an Amsterdam Dutchman--coming to America some years before the Revolution. It is believed he first settled in Pennsylvania, from which state is known one or more sons went south to North Carolina and from there pioneered with Daniel Boone into Kentucky. All the Illinois tribes trace back to Kentucky, their ancestors coming to McLean county and Tazewell as early as 1827. It was ten years later when the three brothers, Jacob, George and John, migrated from Montgomery county, Kentucky, to McDonough, and here their progeny has shown its disfavor of race suicide. The McLean county family now are called Henline, and say the name Hainline is changed from the original while the latter as lustily aver and maintain that they are the originals, and Henline is a sawed-off cognomen. But nobody doubts the common kinship, and the royal manner in which the local Henlines and Hainlines entertained the visiting Hainlines, caused all the visitors to make affidavit that the Henlines are their double cousins in blood as well as hospitality.

During the day a group picture was taken. A fine dinner was spread for all. This dinner was largely furnished from baskets brought in by the country kin who came to town in more than thirty autos, evidencing thrift in the McLean and Tazewell county tribes of the two names.

Following are names of those there from McDonough: Miss Agnes Hainline of Hire and her sister, Mrs. Irma (Hainline) Wettengel, of Emmet: Mrs. Belle J. (Hainline) Bice, and daughter Goldie, Hire; Roach Hainline and wife, and Quincy Hainline of Hire; J. L. Hainline, Emmet. W. H. Hainline, Macomb; Buff Hainline, Blandinsville; James Melvin, son of Jemina (Hainline) Melvin, of Sciota. Also were George Hainline of La Harpe, Dr. Thos. S. Hainline of Seaton, Mercer county and Dr. J. E. Hainline and son of Clinton, Iowa these last names McDonough born and raised.

The Pekin Daily time Wednesday August 25, 1915
Second Annual Reunion Henline-Hainline Families gathered at Miller Park, Bloomington

The second annual reunion of the Henline-Hainline families was held yesterday in Miller Park, Bloomington, with an attendance of over 200. The beautiful day brought many to the grounds early, and the day was enjoyed by all. Each member as they arrived at the park was given a tag bearing their name and home city, which enabled all to become acquainted early. A group picture was taken in front of the pavilion, which was interesting feature. A bountiful picnic dinner was served, and some history of the family was given my older members. The families are descendants of John and Jessie Hainline, who came from Germany. They settled in North Carolina and later in Kentucky, where a large family was reared. The oldest gentleman present yesterday was Henry Hainline of Armington aged 81, and the oldest lady, Mrs. M. A. Gregory, of Normal, aged 86.

Among those present were: Mr. And Mrs. A. D. Hainline and son, Roy, of Kearney, Neb; T. R. Hainline, Minier, ILL; Mr. And Mrs. J. D. Mychoff, daughter and son, Saybrook, ILL; Mrs. May Perry, Springfield, ILL; Ira Gregory and family, Lexington; Mrs. Edna Kinsella, Lexington; Ralph Hainline, Minier; Mr. And Mrs. S. B. Hainline, Hopedale; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Miner; Mrs. Alice Hamilton, Lexington; Mrs. Ilene Scholl and daughter, of Colfax; Mr. Allen Wood, Colfax; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Henline and daughter, of Colfax; Mrs. Emma Dameron and son, of Pontiac; Mrs. Amanda Henline, of Colfax; M. S. Hainline, H. H. Hainline and Allen Hainline, all of Armington; James M. Hainline, of Sciota; Guy Hainline, Minier; Milton Henline, Towanda; Mrs. Grace Schultz, Armington; Mr. And Mrs. R. H. Hainline, Minier: Mr. And Mrs. A. F. Rohde and daughter, Bellflower; Mrs. C. F. Hainline, Alma, Michigan; Mrs. Hazel de Long Hayes, Schuyler, Neb. Mrs. Grace Hutson, Colfax, Mrs. Allie Wood, Colfax; Miss Lois M. Bishop, Park Rapids, Minn; Miss L. Lucile Bishop, Park Rapids, Mich; F. L. Fluss, Minier; Mrs. Dora Darnell, Armington; Albert Batterton, Colfax; Mr. And Mrs. E. W. Hainline, Minier; Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Hunter, Armington; Mrs. Emma Burt, Armington; Mr. And Mrs. Arthur C. Hall, Davenport, Ia; Miss Belva Batterton, Colfax; Aminda Harms, Colfax; Mrs. Nancy Reynolds, Colfax; Mrs. Ada Fleener, of Colfax, Gal Withers, Colfax; Gladys Lambert, Colfax; Mr. And Mrs. J. O. Hanusbalter and son, Lexington; Mr. And Mrs. Archie Wilson, Minier; Margarete Hainline, Minier; Lloyd Lancaster, Minier; Joe Hainline, Miner; Mr. And Mrs. W. R. Hainline, Blandinsville; J. Juiney and Q.C. Hainline, Macomb, Daisy Heinrichs, Pekin; Mrs. S. E. Doughten, Pekin; Seth Heinline, Colfax; Robert Henline, Colfax; Lucretia Harris, Bellflower; Mr. And Mrs. Amos Hainline, Minier, Mrs. China Pledger and daughter, Maye, Colfax; Freda M. Brending, Colfax; Lyman Hainline, Clinton, Ia; Orley Hainline, Blandinsville; Irma Hainline Wettengel, McComb; Lincoln Hainline, Scotia; George W. Hainline, Blandinsville; Agnes Hainline, Blandinsville; W. R. Hainline, Colchester, ILL; Mrs. Belle Bice and daughter, Gail, Colchester, ILL; Mr. And Mrs. Sam Hainline, Minier; Mr. and Mrs. William Bradley, Minier.

There was an attendance of two hundred and twenty-three people present, and the following officers were elected: President, Noah Henline, Bloomington; vice-president, Ray Hainline, Minier; secretary, Mrs. Amos Hainline, Minier; treasurer, Miss Carrie Henline, Towanda, who is also genealogist of the association. Arrangement committee Dr. B. H. Henline, Bloomington; Grant Hare and John Hainline, all of Bloomington.

A motion was adopted with power to act, to investigate and locate, if possible, the grave of George Hainline, born in 1737, and fought in the revolution. This committee was Mrs. Grace Goodwin, Normal; Ray Hainline and Mrs. Amos Hainline, Minier.

A committee was appointed to inquire as to other descendents of the families and report to the genealogist, Mrs. Grace Goodwin, of Normal, Ray Hainline, of Minier, and J. Quincy Hainline, of Macomb. A general discussion took place among the older members of the association and it was definitely decided that the relationship between the Henline and Hainlines was the same as if they had been spelt alike. It being but matter of spellings. The third annual reunion of this association will be held in the latter part of August, 1916.

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