Henry Surname DNA Project
Henry Surname DNA Project
Henry; Hendry; O'Henry; McHenry and Variations

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We now have 234 participants including two descendants of Patrick Henry
(For Patrick Henry information see Results and Lineages links above. See Rlb Group 6)

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Sponsored Testing:       We are currently seeking suitable Irish or Scottish candidates to sponsor for Y-dna testing.

The Henry Y-DNA project is open to:
      - men with any variation of the surname Henry - McHenry, Hendry, Henrie, Hendren, etc.
      - men of any surname who have a 37 or better Y-dna match to a project participant
      - men who believe that their biological father is a Henry.

The volunteer administrators regret that they are only able to accept members who meet this limited criteria.

Project Purpose:

  • Sort participants into family groups according to line of descent
  • Determine ancient family origins
  • Prove or disprove a research theory
  • May provide contacts for further research when matches are found
  • Project Participation

    Participation in Y-DNA testing for the purpose of genealogical research is limited to male members of the line who carry the Henry name. Y-DNA is passed from father to sons through many generations. This Y-DNA test is NOT the same test that is used for identification in criminal cases. Family members with different surnames may wish to help sponsor the cost of a test for a father, brother, or cousin. Testing the oldest family member available is the most valuable, as it means fewer generations where mutations can occur.

    Each participant will be required to submit his line of descent from his earliest proven ancestor.

    Participants will be asked to complete an information release form indicating what information may to be published on this web site: name, e-mail, lineage, DNA results. The form will be e-mailed or mailed to each new participant.

    Any Henry wishing to claim descent from Patrick Henry will need authorization of his lineage from Cole Poindexter the genealogist at Red Hill, the Patrick Henry Memorial. Contact: Red Hill

    The Test

    The Henry Surname Project has chosen the Family Tree DNA Service of Houston, Texas because of the excellent reputation it has in the field.

    Y-DNA tests are available as 12, 25, 37 and 67 marker tests. When markers of two or more Henry males match, it is an indication that they share a common unnamed Henry ancestor at some point back in time. The 12 marker test places a participant in a particular Haplogroup and 12 matches predict chance of sharing a common ancestor in the last 13 to 29 generations.

    Exact 37 marker matches indicate a common ancestor within about 7 generations. For the most valuable information, we recommend beginning with the 37 marker test.

    Those choosing to begin with the 12 marker test may refine to 25, 37 or 67 marker tests at a later date, though the cost and waiting time will increase. Participants in this project are encouraged to begin with the more useful and cost effective 37 marker test, or the even the 67 marker test, if possible.

    After joining the project, the participant will receive a testing kit in the mail. The process involves scraping cells from the inside of the cheek and returning the samples following the instructions that come with the kit. The test samples are kept for a period of 25 years. Other tests may be ordered during that time without providing further samples.

    The Cost

    Group prices for Y-DNA Male tests for this project are:

    12 Marker Y-DNA Test - Now only $49
    25 Marker Y-DNA Test - $124
    37 Marker Y-DNA Test - $149
    67 Marker Y-DNA Test - $238
    111 Marker Y-DNA Test - $339

    There will be about a $4 shipping fee added to the price on each test. The lab also offers other types of DNA testing, which can be linked from the Join the Project page.


    Donations in any amount may be made to the Henry General Fund and can be designated to be used for a particular participant or family group. Arrangments may be made with the project administrator.

    Project Co-Administrators:

    Doris Noland Parton, Project Founder and Lineage Expert
    Researcher of Henry Henry Family of Rockingham County, Virginia and Sevier, Jefferson and Cocke Co. TN Henry Families

    Judy Lock, Welcomes New Participants
    Moses HENRY, who died 1750, verified by DAR; son Aaron HENRY born 1 OCT 1744 Frederick Co., Virginia

    Judy Henry, Reviews Results
    Samuel Henry, Sr. of Old Washington Co NC (now TN) by 1775. d. ca 1797 Sevier Co. TN.;
    wife Rachel; sons William, James, Hugh, John, Samuel and Ezekiel.

    David Reynolds, Advanced SNP testing
    George Henry and Sallie Jones of Rhea County, TN.

    Renee Hendry Greene, Webmaster
    ALL Hendry Research - and all variant spellings, i.e. Hendree, Hendrie, Hendrey, etc.

    Copyright, 2005 Henry Surname DNA Research Project
    (All variations of the name are included)
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