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Authored and maintained by Joe Armstrong

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The data base now
contains . . . . . 1,626 individuals
contributed by . . 237 researchers.
Reported branch connections made - TWELVE
Reported researcher connections made - FORTY Should be 41 but we have a busted email address.

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1. I will not accept any separate email attachment other than in gedcom format.
2. I will not publish any Henry born during or after 1910 that does not include a death date.
3. I will not publish infant deaths or children less that 14 years of age (child bearing).


Throughout genealogy there are many branches/trees of the HENRY surname. This listing is a joint effort of many researchers of the HENRY surname. If you should identify with one of the HENRY's listed in the data base please contact the researcher directly, as he/she has more information on that branch of the HENRY line and may be in contact with others researching that branch.

Also let me know if you make a contact with a fellow researcher, especially if you connect with your branch of the HENRY tree. As you saw, above, we have had some success stories.

In the data base you will notice that some researchers are not underlined - they have changed their address and left no forwarding address. If you know any of them please contact me.

On all other researchers just click on them for direct email. Just remember that your email does not automatically reference which HENRY you are talking about.

Please do not ask if I have additional information on a particular HENRY line. What you see is what you get.

About twice a year I send out a 'do not answer' email to all contributors. My mail server will notify me of those that have moved. You only need to contact me if you have additions or changes.
PLEASE notify me if you change email address.


When this data base first started I was accepting only USA Henry information. However, many have asked, and I am now accepting and including HENRY data regardless of location. A word of. . . caution . . . I am NOT familiar with foreign countries, shires, counties, parishes, townships, provinces, etc. So please spell them out in your input. This will eliminate any confusion on my part.

If you have 10 or less Henry's to input, you can send me your information in the automatic "Submit" form below.

If you have more than ten (10) you can also use the "submit" form below, but a separate email with a GEDCOM formatted attachment may be easier and faster. Whichever you prefer. I will not accept or open any email attachment that is not gedcom format. Data in gedcom format must be scanned and edited, so please don't expect it to be posted right away.

As a contributor, you must understand that once added, your information can only be altered and can not (at this time) be deleted. You can anticipate that I may have some questions for you. I would rather question data before I post it and make sure the data base is correct.

If you do make a connection with a fellow researcher and/or relative I would appreciate you letting me know about it. Also, if you have any suggestion on how I can improve, just a comment, or even a complaint; please write.

YOUR DATA INPUT - TECHNICAL (This is as technical as it gets for you)

Include the following information*:

(* Please don't send a story that g-g-g-g-grand daddy Walter stowed away from Amsterdam and jumped ship in Rochester, NY, or photos of Uncle Hugo's bassett hound winning the blue ribbon at the Morgan County Fair, or the names of the jurors who hung cousin Billybob for being a horse thief. - - - 1) it makes work for you, 2) it ties up my email, and 3) it just goes in the circle file)

Please follow these do's and don'ts.


Sometimes these updates will contain only two, three or four new names. However, I have had made updates that include over 150 names.

In the 'first name directory' below and only on this home page you will find "UPDATES".
This will give you a listing of the new names added in this update. You will still have to go to the directory for full individual information and researcher identification. I hope this helps - let me have some feedback.

I have indicated the "Last updated 'date'" at the top of this page. You will notice that the 'date' is a hyper-link. RETURN users do not need to scan the entire page - - click on the 'date' and you jump straignt to the first name directory.

I will try to update the HENRY INDEX within a week to 10 days of receiving information. I will notify you, at the email address provide, that your data has been included in the HENRY INDEX. Please verify that your data is correct and let me know of errors or additions.

((MIND-IT . . . The sub-routine to send you an email when this website was up-dated is no longer operating. It has been removed as of 21 Nov 2002))

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All information contained here has been provided by the researcher indicated and permission has been granted for it's use in private non-commercial research. You must contact the researcher indicated for more information on that HENRY branch and obtain permission to use it in any manner other than stated here. In the event of multiple researchers working on the same line, contact either and/or both to obtain permission other than as stated above.

As a contributor of information, you are identifying yourself as the author of that information. By submitting it for publication on this web site you are giving permission for its use in private non-commercial research and publication.


Data collection started in December 1998 and was first published in March 1999 on an independent server, then moved to GeoCities, and then moved here to Rootsweb during July/August 2000.
The move here to Rootsweb should allow the All Henry Index to pop up when someone triggers a 'Henry' search on Rootsweb.
The site is continually being updated and changed so there may be times that it comes up "Error 404 - site not found", or some other error message like that. IF this happens, please check back in an hour or so, as I may be working on it at that time.
IF it happens more than once, please write and let me know (I don't know it's broke if you don't tell me).

Thanks to all researchers for participating and helping to creat this index.

That's it.


Joe Armstrong

UP-DATED ON 6 feb 2005

HEY ! ! We made another connection ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The data base now
contains . . . . . . . 1,626 individuals
contributed by . . . 237 researchers (14 still have bad email addresses.)
Thanks for participating.

If you have an email address for any of them please let me know.
Shirley WILLIAMS shirleyadw@earthlink.net
Sandy LARSON dasan@bresnan.com
Pat Evans CASEY patcasey@casey.net
Donna CRUTCHFIELD D_Crutchfield@msn.com
Linda RUSSEL ozio49@hotmail.com
Jeff HESS - - -
Lani (no last name) lanij73@hotmail.com
Juliana DENNIS jdennis@iopener.net
Henk JASPERSE henkjesperse@ngn.nl
Christine HENRY wetterlund@juno.com
Evan HENRY ehenry61@comcast.net
Diane HAYWARD dhgenie@att.net
Jackie PURLEE louisvilleredmom@aol.com
Carla Henry McINTOSH cmcintosh@ont.com

6 feb 2005 - NEW ADDITIONS

(They have also been put into the index)
Albert Charles abt 1822 NY unk unk Lillie Mae Hurkins Kimberly Robinik
Bernard S 1861 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Australia - Beverly Purcell
Catherine Elizabeth 20 Sep 1828 Canoe Twp, PA 23 Feb 1922 Montevello, MO William States Dolores Kauffman
Charles Alexander 1873 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 1954 Milandang, Australia Ethel A Newham Beverly Purcell
Clarence Newton 22 Apr 1892 Smith Co, TN 20 May 1975 Nashville, TN Hazel Claire Robinson Leslie Oldfield
Colin 1857 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Australia Frances Bribedare Beverly Purcell
Colin 1881 - - - Elizabeth Thomason Beverly Purcell
Edith 1875 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - - George Thompson Beverly Purcell
Edward 1858 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Australia Alice Meredham Beverly Purcell
Elisha Newton 28 Jun 1828 White Co, TN 21 May 1906 White Co, TN Permelia Whitaker Leslie Oldfield
Elizabeth 1866 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - - Australia Beverly Purcell
Fanny 1864 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Australia William Baker Beverly Purcell
George 1871 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - - Australia Beverly Purcell
George W abt 1760 VA or PA 3 Apr 1817 White Co, TN Annie Fine Leslie Oldfield
George William 1 Sep 1882 Nevada, MO 7 Mar 1964 Nevada, MO Della Mae Parker Dolores Kauffman
Ida Sarah 18 Aug 1906 Negaunee, MI 12 Dec 1988 Reno, NV Anton Pade Kimberly Robinik
Isaac abt 1838 NY unk unk Dora Viola Pixley Kimberly Robinik
James 1865 Scotland unk unk Kate Williamson Laurie Rands
Jasper Newton 17 Nov 1849 White Co, TN 16 Feb 1915 Smith Co, TN Louisa Rosella Royster Leslie Oldfield
John abt 1788 NC Dec 1816 Putnam Co, TN Susanna Day Leslie Oldfield
John 21 Oct 1799 Apallo, PA 16 Apr 1893 Nevada, MO Eva Dunmire Dolores Kauffman
John abt 1800 Germany - - Susannah Young Dolores Kauffman
Robert 1853 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Australia - Beverly Purcell
Sarah abt 1888 IL unk unk Wallace Blanchard Kimberly Robinik
Walter 1880 Carcoar, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - - - Beverly Purcell
William Clark 4 Jun 1858 Indiana Co, PA 11 Feb 1924 Walker, MO Nellie Mariah Wallace Dolores Kauffman

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