Abraham Samson Descendant Chart Report

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Welcome to the Samson/Sampson Kindred DNA project. We are seeking descendants of Pilgrim Henry Samson who arrived in 1620 on the ship Mayflower and of Abraham Sampson who is first found in the Plymouth records as living in Duxbury in 1638. Our goals are to validate existing lineages and to develop a DNA database, or signature, of Abraham and Henry in order to identify and dispel existing confusion of their many descendants.

For years it had been thought that Henry and Abraham were brothers but later evidence was found to challenge the theory. The examination of the parish records of Campton, Henlow, Cranfield, Stotfold and Arlesey, all closely grouped in eastern Bedfordshire, England, suggested that Henry and Abraham were not brothers but probably cousins. (TAG 56:141) Although the The American Genealogist (TAG) article reveals a high probability of relationship the result remains tentative and one of the Samson Kindred’s main goal is to determine the parentage and relationship between these two men through DNA testing.

The Mayflower Society has published the first five generations of the Henry Samson family but there is still a lot more to learn on the descendants of Abraham Samson. The Samson Kindred is fortunate to have the work done by Stacy Wood on Abraham’s descendants and his compilation is a great advantage for many descendants to find their connected lineage. Our society encourages additions, corrections and interest in the continuing search for information and documentation. The Samson Kindred genealogist always welcomes material and our membershp committee summons all cousins who are interested in finding their Samson/Sampson ancestry. We feel DNA testing is the wave of the future in genealogical research and invite descendants to assist us in attaining our goals.

note: The gathering of more information and documentation on both Samson ancestors encourage establishing further proof of relationship between Henry’s cousins Elizabeth Tilley and Humility Cooper. ie: Bradford’s journal called Henry Samson “a child, and a cousin to Edward and Ann Tilley and to Humility Cooper," all of whom sailed with him on the 1620 Mayflower. (Plymouth Colony 347)

The Samson Kindred has chosen to join with the Mayflower DNA project. Here we will have the opportunity of comparing results with our Mayflower cousins as well as conducting our own studies. By linking with the Mayflower Society DNA project it is our hope to discover some answers, attain some goals and to discover more insight of our Samson heritage. A link is provided here for members wishing to join the Samson Kindred DNA project.


If you are a male with the surname SAMPSON/SAMSON you are welcome and encouraged to join the Samson Kindred Y-DNA study. The female with a Sampson/Samson surname does not inherit the Y chromosome and she will need to arrange for a male relative to represent her and her family.


The DNA test used by Family Tree is a cheek swab which collects tissue cells. A kit is provided by FTDNA and a male family member simply swab the inside of their mouth following the simple directions included with the kit. An assigned kit number enables the donor to a personal access where he may follow the testing and receive an estimated time when the results will be completed. This takes approximately six weeks.


The amount of markers to use depends on your desired outcome. The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) recommends 37 markers but if you know the surname you should match, you can probably get by with 25 markers. 12 marker tests are adequate for proving that you don’t share a common ancestor with a specific family but should provide you with your “deep ancestry” (haplotype). You can buy all the markers or you can go in steps, upgrading a bit at a time. Upgrades from one test to the next are $49. 37 to 67 markers is $99 as this is a two step increase.

Prices using the group rate and the average processing time:

12 markers $99 -------- 4 weeks

25 markers $148 -------- 6 weeks

37 markers $189 -------- 6 weeks

67 markers $269 -------- 6 weeks

Upgrades take 4 – 6 weeks depending on the amount of steps requested. ie: a 12 to 25 Marker upgrade will take 4 weeks but a 12 to 67 Marker upgrade will require 6 weeks.

Muriel Curtis Cushing, project administrator flash1620@comcast.net