Abraham Samson Descendant Chart Report

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Constitution and Bylaws
Society Organization




The aim and purpose of the Kindred shall be the preservation of the spirit and tradition of those early pilgrims from beyond the sea, whose sturdy strength and fearless integrity lie at the basis of our nation’s greatness: the especial honoring of that man and wife among them from whom we directly trace descent; the publication of a Samson Genealogy and such other histories and books as shall make suitable records for public archives; and the establishment of some fitting memorials of Pilgrim Henry and Anne (Plummer) Samson and Abraham Sampson (in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony by 1638) and his wives; and lastly the fostering among the Kindred descendants of these revered ancestors of a spirit of helpfulness and comradeship and an honorable pride in the source of their common generation.”
— Section 2, Constitution of The Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred


Proof of lineal descent (a “blood line”) from either Pilgrim Henry Samson or Abraham Sampson (in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony, by 1638) or an interest in Pilgrim Henry Samson and/or Abraham Sampson and their descendants.


Every applicant shall file a fully completed Membership Application with the Membership Committee chairperson accompanied by the Entrance Fee and annual dues.

In addition, those wishing to join by proving a blood-line from either Pilgrim Henry Samson and his wife Ann Plummer or from Abraham Sampson and his wives, will be provided with a Worksheet template on which the applicant will record the claimed lineage in detail with documented proof for the claim of each generation. The Worksheet will be accompanied by instructions, aids and suggestions to help in its preparation. Those who have previous filed lineage papers for descent from Pilgrim Henry Samson to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) in 1983 or later may submit a photocopy of said GSMD approved papers that bear the signature of the GSMD Historian General. The completed Worksheet and documentation, or photocopy of GSMD approved papers, will be sent to the Kindred Genealogist. Fee and Dues will have accompanied the original Membership Application (see above).

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance as members by the Membership Committee chairperson and provided with an appropriate Certificate of Membership.


Membership Certificate fee (all categories of membership): $0

Entrance Fee: $20.00 (all age 18 and over)
Annual dues: $15.00 (all age 18 and over)
Junior Membership: $25 (a “one time” fee for those under 18 years of age. Good until the 18th birthday)

A check for Fees and Dues shall be made payable to “The Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred” and sent to the Membership Committee chairperson.

To download the membership application in Adobe Acrobat™, follow these instructions:
1. CLICK HERE for the application in Adobe Acrobat .
2. Print the membership application.
3. Complete the application, and be sure to sign the appropriate lines and mail it in.

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