Abraham Samson Descendant Chart Report

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1. “Family of Henry Samson Vol. 20, Part 2”: The GSMD has Henry Samson Vol. 20, Part 2 on their Internet site. It includes the 5th generation descendants of Henry’s son James and daughters Dorcas (Samson) Bonney, ----- (Samson) Hanmore, Hannah (Samson) Holmes, and Elizabeth (Samson) Sprout. In some instances it not only names the 6th generation, but also the 7th and their spouses. Part 3, with similar information for the remaining children, is due in the near future. Parts 1 and 2 can be ordered online at

2. Proving descent from Abraham Sampson (in Duxbury by 1638): For those who have proven their descent from John Alden or Myles Standish, if you are descended from their granddaughters Lora(h) or Lydia, you have also thereby proven your descent from Abraham Sampson because the sisters married Abraham’s sons Abraham (II) and Isaac respectively and are eligible for our “Active” category membership (see Constitution & Bylaws).

You need merely submit photocopies of those particular Alden or Standish papers to our Kindred genealogist that bear the signature of the GSMD Historian General if the date thereon is 1983 or later. If you don’t have a signed copy, you can obtain one by sending a request along with your GSMD number (found on the “Mayflower Quarterly” label above your name) and a $10 check payable to “GSMD” to: Historian General, GSMD, P.O. Box 3297, Plymouth, MA 02361-3297.