Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. of Rowan County, North Carolina

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Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. of Rowan County, North Carolina


Herbert Arkin, Jr.

This web site encompasses 103,206 out of a total database of 126,646 relatives.  Direct descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. include 49,587.  All people in the database are related. 

Major Surnames include Allen, Cauble, Colglazier, Cooley, Fouts, Gilstrap, Goss, Hazel, Hill, Hinds, Johnson, Marshall, Martin, Monical, Morgan, Moss, Mullenix, Naugle, Parrish, Purlee, Ratts, Vestal, Voyles, Wingler, Wright and Zink.  

Most of these families emigrated to Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties, Illinois; Clay, Clark, Greene, Jackson, Marion, Putnam & Washington Counties, Indiana; Appanoose and Greene Counties, Iowa; Kansas; Jasper,  Macon, Miller and Putnam Counties, Missouri.  

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Descendants of Richard Wright, Sr. 

Four Generations

I have prepared an outline descendant tree including four generations of descendants of Richard Wright, Sr.  Click HERE


I am trying to find documentation on the parents of Richard Wright, Sr. (b 1730).  Any additional information would be appreciated.  The following link provides more details. Parents of RICHARD WRIGHT

Wright Ancestry DNA

From Jeff Wright: We have a pretty good understanding of Richard's Y-DNA pattern with 4 descendants having a perfect 12/12 match; two of these tested to 25 markers and remain perfect 25/25 match.  Should any male Wright who thinks he descends from Richard Wright Sr. wish to test his DNA against this pattern, he can verify if he is actually a descendant.
Also, we may have a Y-DNA haplotype on the 1663 Richard Wright line which includes his son 1713 Francis Wright m. Anne Washington by testing descendants of his great grandson 1809 William Wright.  These do not match 1784/5 Richard Wright, so you may want to include this in the material that argues that 1713 Francis Wright was not related to 1784/5 Richard Wright. That eliminates one set of potential parents anyway.

Will of Richard Wright, Sr.

I have prepared a copy of Richard Wright's will.  click here

Will of Richard Wright, Jr..

I have prepared a copy of Richard Wright, Jr.'s will.  click here



You can find sources, if there is one, by clicking on the number in brackets [xxx] alongside the citation.  If the citation seems credible, I include the source. If there are two conflicting pieces of data, I include both with sources.  If the data seems right, but the source not known to me I will just include the data, to be confirmed at a later date.  If a name is given as a source, I can probably supply the EMAIL address if you want to contact directly.

History of the Wright Surname

Other Wright Families

There are numerous other Wright families not included here.  They are notably from New England descended from Sir John Wright of Kelvedon, Essex, England, Anthony Wright who resided on Long Island, New York and the Virginia Wright's descended from Yorkshire, England and related to George Washington.

The best URL for the New England Wright's is Don Wright's FOOTPRINTS at

Orville and Wilbur Wright Descendancy

This database includes the descendants from Deacon Samuel Wright to Orville and Wilbur Wright, the aviation pioneers.

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Wright/Washington Descendants

This database was taken from Ritchie's books  and an additional submitted database. This has not been updated or reviewed.  Please use with caution.

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Nathan Wright (b 1840 Ohio)

Click here for info


The personal information of everyone over 100 years old and not passed away has been eliminated.

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