George Edwin Moore

Operations Summaries from the 405 Squadron "Operations Record Book" for 1944,


  9/10 April, 1944.
Seven Lancaster III aircraft attacked primary, dropping 83 x 1,000 M.C., 14 x 500 M.C. from 0049 to 0058 hours between 16,400 and 15,700 feet. Weather: Some thin scattered cloud over target, varying from 2/10ths to 7/10ths, and estimated at heights from 4,000 to 15,000 feet. The target was marked by an excellent concentration of T.I reds. Very few greens were seen. The bombing was very concentrated on the red T.I.s. Only one bombload was reported away from the aiming point. Flak was estimated at 2 to 10 guns E/F and some L/F. Searchlights, nil. Seven aircraft attempted photographs.


10/11 April, 1944.
Seven Lancaster aircraft attacked primary, dropping 42 x 1,000 G.P., 42 x 1,000 M.C., from 0347 to 0357 hours, between 15,500 and 13,500 feet. Weather: nil to 6/10ths thin low cloud. Slight general haze. Downward visibility good to moderate. At 0335 hours, first red T.I. and green T.I. reported. Marking was continuous and concentrated with a preponderance of T.I. green in the later stages. At 0348 hours, one aircraft identified details of marshalling yard and reports two T.I. green on Western exit from sorting sidings and that bombing was concentrated on these T.I.s and immediately to Northwest. This aircraft also reports one T.I. green one mile North Northwest of the other two, but this attracted no bombs. At 0349 hours, another aircraft reports 3 T.I. green in same relative position as above, and that some bombing was in centre of the triangle so formed. This suggests that some bombs fell on the town immediately south of sorting sidings. Flak negligible, with no searchlights. No aircraft seen shot down and no sightings. Seven aircraft attempted photographs.


11/12 April, 1944.
Ten \Lancaster III aircraft attacked primary, dropping 129 x 1,000 M.C. between 2242 and 2249 hours from 18,500 and 16,500 feet. Weather: 3 to 9/10ths thin patchy stratus cloud, from 3 to 13,000 feet. Eight aircraft were able to bomb T.I. red. One bombed T.I green and one on H.2.S, through cloud. First T.I. red reported at 2239 hours. T.I. reds were in good supply and well concentrated with two reports of a slight tailing off to the North. A few T.I. greens seen around 2244 hours, were slightly North and N.W. of T.I reds. After 2219 hours, T.I. greens were rather scattered. H.E. bombing generally considered very concentrated and on markers. Incendiaries were scattered over estimated town area, with numerous small fires later consolidating into larger fire. Flak and searchlights negligible. Ten aircraft attempted photographs.


3/4 May, 1944
Thirteen Lancaster III aircraft attacked primary, dropping 11 x 4 hooded flares, 16 x 1,000 MC, 12 x 4,000 MC, Minol, 138 x 500 HC, 24 x 500 GP. LD., between 0016 and 0029 hours, from 12,000 feet and 9,000 feet, in clear weather with no cloud. At 0014 hours, a green spot fire fell 50 to 100 yards North of Aiming Point and at 0015 hours, first Illuminating flares fell over Town and at 0015:42 hours, 0016:30 hours, red spot fire fell. At 1724 hours, M.C. ordered "Don't bomb yet", but some aircraft commenced to bomb. At 0019 hours, M.C. ordered "Bomb green" "don't bomb red". and at 0019:30 hours, "Bomb green next to white". All 405 Squadron aircraft bombed on M.C. instructions. Eleven bombed on green T.I. and two bombed on white T.I.s, one at 0024 hours and one at 0029 hours. Most of aircraft were able to identify the aerodrome runways and many also saw other details. The bombing and marking was unanimously reported as concentrated on A.P. with the exception of two red T.I.s, one to South and one to North, which attracted no bombing. An explosion similar to petrol occurred at 0020 hours, and a bluish-white explosion seen at 0022:30 hours. Three Scarecrows were reported at the target, with very little light flak and only one searchlight seen. Four aircraft were seen shot down. Three aircraft seen shot down in target area. Aircraft "Q" failed to return from this operation and nothing has been heard from any member of the crew since time of take off. Missing members are as follows: (Pilot) CAN/J.23317 F/L S.C. McDonald; (Nav) CAN/J.22585 F/O J.A.McIntyre; (A/B) CAN/J.23971 F/O W.F.Parsons; (WOP) CAN/J.19918 P/O C.M.Weaver; (A/G) CAN/R.188880 SGT Serviss D.T.; (A/G) CAN/J.19904 F/O J.E. Shepherd; (F/E) RAF/173083 P/O M.A. Burnaby.


6/7 May, 1944


8/9 May, 1944

"When you go home tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow we gave our today"

"Where have all the flowers gone?" by Pete Seeger

Where have all the young men gone? Long time passing.
Where have all the young men gone? Long time ago.
Where have all the young men gone? They're all in uniform.
Oh, when will you ever learn? Oh, when will you ever learn?