Herriman Mansion Restoration Project - Ways You Can Help

Ways You Can Help


There are many ways you can help with this restoration project. If you live in the Fayette County, Iowa, geographical area you can volunteer to directly support The Brick Board, the committee that is being formed to guide and direct the project. There is a requirement for people with a commitment and dedication to the Herriman Mansion Restoration Project to serve on the board. Others are needed to support or lead specific tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve the overall objective.

Volunteers do not necessarily need to be from the Fayette County, Iowa, area and more specifically, the Illyria Township and Wadena areas in northeast Iowa. Much of the fundraising and research can be done from other locations although some will need access to libraries, newspapers, courthouses, etc., there in Iowa. Preparation of applications and grant requests can be accomplished from nearly anywhere. Electronic communication via the world wide web enables involvement from literally anyplace in the world! Research is needed in several areas. Examples are listed in the Plan For Restoring The Herriman Mansion on the Restoration page of this website.

Of course, funding is a major effort that requires wide support. We are confident that there will be private and government grants available to assist in funding this effort; however, a substantial amount of funding will be needed from individual and corporate giving. The structure to accept tax deductible donations is now being put in place. As soon as that is arranged, the address for such donations will be posted on this website. In the meantime, if you have an interest in either supporting the solicitation effort or making a donation, please send an email to ezupke@comcast.net or write a letter to:

Ed Gage, Mayor of Wadena
The Herriman Mansion Restoration Project
140 S. River Street
Wadena, Iowa 52169

As soon as the non-profit status is officially in place, you will be contacted with the information on how you can support the fundraising effort or make your donation.

While significant experience in historical property restoration has been identified in the northeastern part of Iowa and some of this experience is providing input, we are still learning and searching for the information and knowledge needed to accomplish this demanding project. If you have specific expertise or constructive suggestions on the implementation of this project, contact the restoration team at one of the above email or U.S. mail addresses.