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This web site primarily contains genealogical information on the descendants and relations of Onesiphorus Harvey of Lancaster & Northumberland Counties, Virginia ca 1698. Descendants and/or relations subsequently migrated to Halifax Co., North Carolina ca. 1760, then to Tennessee ca. 1790-1820 and throughout the South.

In researching our Hervey family, Don and I have found much information on other Hervey and Harvey families, and have published a large amount of the information, including source material, in a family surname newsletter, which is found on this web site.

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Joyce and Don Hervey may not be held liable for incorrect or misleading information found on this web site. Please use the information as a guide to your research and not as established fact. We have made every effort to protect the privacy of living persons by attempting to eliminate personal information on individuals born less than 70 years ago.

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