Lt. Col. Samuel Ferrior 

of Pennar and of  "Pearson", St.Brides.




The Battle of Waterloo


18 June 1815


One of the bravest members of my family was Lt. Col. Samuel Ferrior of the First Regiment of Life Guards who lost his life at the Battle of Waterloo.  Samuel is reputed to be a nephew of my ancestor, Anne Ferrior, grandmother of Capt., William Andrew Feild of Herbrandston, Pembrokeshire.  


Samuel wrote to his brother Benjamin Ferrior back at the family farm at "Pearson", St. Brides on 7th June 1815 from Flanders prior to the battle.  His letter described the British army assembled for the Waterloo campaign, reviews by Louis XV111 of France and other dignitaries, and the countryside of Flanders and compared their farming methods with those of Pembrokeshire. 


He was to die late in the day of the 18th June after leading the last charge at the Battle of Waterloo.  Infact, he led eleven charges that day.  He was awarded the Waterloo Medal posthumously; the record showing he was killed though it is more likely that he died of wounds.  In the book "Waterloo Roll Call" by Charles Dalton, it is noted 'is said to have led his regiment to the charge no less than eleven times and most of the charges were not made till after his head had been laid open by the cut of a sabre and his body pierced with a lance'.  It is believed the last charge took place towards dusk, when the cavalry was ordered forward to harry the Garde Imperiale's retreating columns.


Samuel was born in Pennar, Pembrokeshire the son of Jenkin Ferrior and his wife, Mary Carrow.  He died on the battlefield of Waterloo, June 18th 1815.  His sister, Mary Ferrior died in 1867at Great Hoaten Farm, St. Ishmael's.


The Ferriors were an old Pembrokeshire family possibly being of Flemish origin.  Their origins can be traced to Carew and St. Florence and they are later to be found in Castle Martin, Pembroke, Haverfordwest, Steynton and Hasguard.


My ancestor, Anne Ferrior  was the daughter of John Ferrior of Steynton and his wife, Margaret Rees.  Anne married John Andrew, also of Steynton.  Their daughter, Mary Andrew married William Feild of Burton.  Mary and William were the parents of Capt. William Andrew Feild  of Fold Farm, Herbrandston.









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