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Nov 28, 2012: Added to 1880 Census Gage County, Nebraska. Jonathon Wymore, Robert Wymore and their mother Sarah (Sally) McMains, who was the widowed wife of Johnson W Wymore, who died in 1861. Sarah (Sally) was a daughter of Abraham Mcmains and Margaret E. Mitchell.
May 24, 2012: Added a census transcription for 1850 Spencer County, Indiana. Two Pollard families were found. 1. Dudley Pollard (born abt 1800), wife Phebe Moore and family. 2. James W. Pollard, wife Christina Hagen and family. James is the nephew of the above Dudley Pollard. Also added census transcription for 1910 Saunders County, Nebraska, showing Dudley Homer Pollard (son of James W. Pollard, mentioned previously), wife Elizabeth Jane McMains and Dudley's daughter from a previous marriage, Mary Ellan Pollard (who's age is 43, identical to that of her step-mother Jane's age).
Jan 4, 2012: Straightened out the families of Elijah Jay McMains a bit. I'm not sure what exactly brought Elijah McMains to change his name and leave his family, but I do know that when he was listed as "divorced" while living with his parents in 1900, he already had a son by his 2nd wife, with the surname of James. SO . . .  was he married to his 2nd "wife" and lied (since his 2nd family name was "James"), and if so WHY did he lie (perhaps he didn't want his parents to know what he had done). It remains a mystery (and mysteries make genealogy exciting). I did discover an error on the part of the 1900 census taker in Illinois. The census taker stated that John R James was 10 and was born in Aug of 1889. It turns out he was actually 10 MONTHS old and born in August of 1899. He was the first of the "James" children. I added a census transcription for the 1900 Oskaloosa  listings with Sanford Clark McMains and family (including Elijah who was listed as "divorced".) I also updated my database on Ancestry and Rootsweb with the new information.
Jan 3, 2012: Worked on the family of Elijah Jay McMains. He was the son of Sanford Clark Mcmains and Lucy Perdue. This was a Mahaska County, Iowa family. Elijah apparently divorced his first wife (surname Vanderlinder), left her and his three children by her (found him living with his parents in 1900, listed as "divorced"), changed his name to Frank James that same year and was also enumerated as Frank James with a new wife in Illinois (some family trees list his "real" middle name as James, but I don't know where he picked "Frank" from), and had a child with her, all under the surname of "James". There is a lot of questionable information on this family, and I'm hoping to straighten it out with a little help from descendants. Some family trees list a third spouse, but apparently this is not correct. The women listed is actually a sister-in-law. One family member has stated that Elijah got in trouble with the Railroad and this is why he changed his identity. We may never know the real story, but I'm sure we will learn more.
Oct. 17, 2011: I found the answer as to who the "orphan" Philip McMains was. I actually had him connected already in my database, but without details. I merged the "orphan" with the actual person, who was the son of  Perry M. Mcmains. Philip was born in Missouri (1907) and died in Los Angeles County, CA in 1976. He is listed in the 1910 Putnam County, MO Census, as a child of Perry M. McMains I believe Philip's wife was named Billye D. (maiden name unknown). She was born in 1917 in Texas, and she died in Los Angeles County in 1978. Another mystery solved!
October 16, 2011: Tonight I have been searching for information on the name Philip McMains. I have four "Philip McMains" in my database presently, but one is an "orphan" as he is not connected to any parents or siblings. I am continuing to work on identifying this poor soul and trying to determine why he is orphaned in my database (I don't list individuals in this database unless I know where they fit in the family). In the process, I ran across a 1910 census listing for Philip C. McMains, who is the son of Robert McMains and Mary Ellen Groves and who himself married Nancy Groves. In 1910, he was living in Rossville, Illinois with four of his adult, unmarried children. I added the census data to the 1910 Census, Vermillion County, IL  page and also to the 1910 Census page (master index).
October 10, 2011: Stress relief! I've spent the last two days working on genealogy. I've missed it very much! What have I accomplished?

1. I added information to my database on the family of Orie McMains, who settled in Oregon. I found obituary information for Chester L. McMains and his wife. Chester is the son of Orie McMains. In Chester's obituary I discovered that he was preceeded in death by his brother Curtis. I don't have much information on Curtis, but I now know he died before 2005 (year of  Chester's death). I added links to the obituaries to the Obituaries page.

2. I added information to my database and added a page for the US Census, 1910, Multnomah County Oregon. This is the family of  William H McMains and his wife Josie P Garlick. The family moved from Nebraska to Oregon. To facilitate the new census information I added a new Oregon page to the States List, and I'm working on a page for Multnomah County. I lived in Portland, Oregon for 2 years. Too bad I wasn't spending more time on genealogy while I was there. I could have found out so much more. Oh well, I do have family there. I guess I'll have to go back for a vist.

3. I found obituary information for Cleo Coker McMains and his wife Betty Dorthy Winberg (or Winburg). This provided new data for my database. I also found an obituary for  Doris McMains Wheeler, who was the sister of Cleo Coker McMains and the wife of  Elga Wheeler. I added these links to the Obituary page also.

4. I also found obituary information for Lawrence Andrew McMains, son of Alfred (or Alford) Ezra McMains and Olive Cleo Rollings, an Indiana family. I added new information from the obituary to my database and added the link to the Obituaries page.

5. I added a little information to my OP McMains database. I still don't know if OP McMains and his line are related to us or not.


The Obituary Page:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hewes/obits.htm
The Oregon Page:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hewes/oregon.htm
The new 1910 Census page for Multnomah County: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hewes/1910muor.htm

May 27, 2011: Has it really been nearly four years since I added material to this website? I suppose so! Today I added a county (parish) page for East Baton Rouge Parish. We have a strong family tie in Baton Rouge with the family of Dr. Francis McMains and family. His whole family have become pillars in Baton Rouge and have been very involved in restoration and conservation of Baton Rouge's heritage. I also added three links for websites about this family, and will add another path to the McMains migration path as well. It's good to be back!

I also added a link for the Iowa Tombstone Photo Project, McMains search results. This is a project of the Iowa Gen Web community. At a later time, I will search related surnames as well (such as Wymore).
August 14, 2007: Engaged in research concerning Thomas J. McMains and wife Addie F ?, found in Lyon County, Iowa (Lester and Rock Rapids). Thomas' parents were born in Indiana, but we don't know who they were at this time. The 1900 census gives his birth date as 1867, born in Iowa. It also shows 2 children. Marie, born in 1896, and Lucille, born in 1898. The 1905 State Census of Iowa again shows the family living in the Rock Rapids area. In 1910, the family is enumerated in Rock County, Minnesota. One additional child, Doris was born in about 1906 (in Iowa). However, by 1916 they had returned to Lyon County, as Lucille graduated from Rock Rapids High School. Other notes mention T. J. McMains and his farm in Lyon County. He served in 1916 as a petit juror for the District Court, and also allowed International Harvester to use his corn fields to test their experimental farm equipment. Thomas died in 1935 and is buried in the Riverview Cemeter, Rock Rapids, IA. His wife, Addie, died in 1916 (perhaps as a result of childbirth) and is also buried in the same cemetery. Their daughter Lucille died in 1918 and is also buried in the Riverview Cemetery. I added a State link for Lyon County, IA.

Who are Thomas' parents? What became of  Thomas' daghters Marie and Doris? I have placed this family on the Broken Branch page until their relationship to our family can be confirmed. I have also added the family to my Unidentified McMains database and uploaded it to Rootsweb/Ancestry as well as GenCircles.
April 29, 2007: Posted 1910 Census transcription, Texas County, Oklahoma: William G. McMains, son of James Townsend McMains / Louisa J Lyons. He was boarding at the address.
Jan 22, 2007: Answered several guestbook comments. Continuing work on Pierson line, expanding information found in the Alexander Family Bible. Census Data: 1850: Willis E Pierson and wife, Mary McMains (inherited the Bible before passing it on to her son) living in Parke County, IN. 1860: Willis E. Pierson and wife, Mary McMains living in Union township, Davis County, IA. Mary's parents, Robert McMains, Jr. and Sarah Alexander lived in Wyacondah township, Davis County, IA. 1870: Willis E. Pierson / Mary McMains living in  Union township, Davis County, IA. Robert M Pierson (one of  those whom inherited the Family Bible), living nearby in Union township, Davis County, IA. 1880: Willis E. Pierson / Mary McMains living nearby sons Robert M. Pierson / Sarah A Goddard, and Archibald A. Pierson / Eva T. McCloskey; Union township, Davis County, IA. 1900: Robert M Pierson / Sarah A Goddard, Union township, Davis County, IA.
May 30, 2006

Took a long while off, but I'm back! I purchased a Bible on Ebay, the family Bible of the Alexander family of Virginia. The Bible was financed through the gracious donation of Chuck McMains. The Bible was printed in 1761. It is in very poor condition. The history is missing from the Bible,  but there are notes written inside the Bible which helped to identify another McMains line. Sarah Alexander, wife of Robert McMains, Jr. inherited this Bible. It was then passed down through her line. The information found inside the Bible made it possible for me to reconstruct this line, which I am now doing. I have found corraborating data from cesus documents. I had hoped that the Bible might shed more light on the early McMains of that time period, but it did not. I contacted a former owner of the Bible, and she has graciously agreed to provide additional materials that she still has in her possession. For now, I have scanned and posted all the information from the Bible. It can be accessed through the Documents button, and then the Bible Records button (which is new). I also placed a link on McMains Hub page. The Dcuments page looks better now since I created uniform buttons.
July 27, 2005

1. Posted Indiana state page and county pages for certain counties. Not all data on the site has yet been linked to these new pages, but at least they are up and running. Will continue to work on this data.
July 13, 2005

1. Working on two mysteries currently.
     A. While entering the 1870 Census for Robert McMains / Elizabeth C Layne, I realized that my database shows another child, Cora Mabel McMains, born
July 9, 1869. This person was not enumerated in the 1870 census, leaving me to suspect that this person does not belong to this family. So far, no leads.
     B. In a transcription of the Cloverdale Cemetery, Putnam County, IN, there is the following entry: John W., s/o A J & M 18 Jul 1865 7y 11m 13d. Through further research, I discovered that the "A.J. McMains" listed here, is Andrew J. McMains, born about 1830. His wife's name (in the marriage record) is Mary McMains. Either they are cousins, or else Mary was previously married to a "McMains".Mary was born about 1838. This "Andrew J. McMains" enlisted in the 97th Indiana Infantry in 1862, and was killed at Kenesaw Mountain, GA, Aug. 19, 1862. I found an 1860 census listing for them in Cloverdale, Putnam County, IN. What I have not identified  is what families Andrew and Mary come from.
July 12, 2005

1. Posted transcript 1870 Census, Warren Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Robert McMains / Elizabeth C Layne
2. OOPS! I had assumed that a "Nancy McMains", born 1830, who was enumerated in the 1900 Census, Bourbon County, KS was the step-mother of Andrew McMains, who is living nearby in 1900. My assumption was incorrect, and I have returned this "Nancy" to Broken Branch status. The correct information comes from a cemetery transcription for the Cloverdale Cemetery, Putnam County, Indiana.It shows that Nancy McMains died in 1883 and is buried in that cemetery. The 1860 census for Jefferson Township, Putnam County, IN has A. McMains, 76, and wife, Nancy, age 58. Also enuerated is Andrew's son, David. Nancy McCoy, Andrew's third wife was actually born in 1801. Two steps forward, one step back!
3. Corrected Rootsweb/Gencircles database: William Thomas McMains married Mary E. Conner (alias Mary E O'Conner). Merged entries to make correction. He was the son of  Robert A. McMains / Elizabeth Catherine Layne. She was the adopted daughter of Linday David Hanna / Dorothy Ann Garland.
July 11 ,2005

1. Posted transcript 1860 Census, Cloverdale, Putnam County, Indiana: Robert McMains / Elizabeth C. Layne.
2. Posted transcript 1860 Census, Warren Township, Putnam County, Indiana: Susan Elizabeth Walker, widow of William P. McMains
July 4, 2005

1. Posted transcript, 1900 Census, Frontier County, Nebraska, Knowles Precinct: Linville H. Wymore / Susan M Sharp; Sylvester G. Wymore / Mary A McMains; James A McMains / Winniefred B Tripper
July 3, 2005

1. Posted transcript, 1920 Census, Frontier County, Nebraska: From Allen Township, James A. McMains / Winniefred Belle Tripper; From Allen Township, Burtis Lloyd McMains / Minnie M. Jewell; and from Knowles Precinct, Sylvester G. Wymore and his second wife, Mary Alice McMains.
July 2, 2005

1. Added marriage of Fanny A. Wymore and Milton B. Shriver to Broken Branches page. They were married May 10 1908, Frontier County, NE. I have not been able to identify either one of these persons.
June 25, 2005

1. Added 1870 census transcription, Pawnee County, Nebraska: James Thomas Wymore / Elizabeth Sarvis; James Lester (Luster) Wymore [widower of Mary A McMains]; Issac Lockard / Sarah C McMains; Elliot Wymore / Minnie S L McMains.
2. Added 1880 census transcription, Fayette County, Indiana: David Wymore / [2] Betty ?
3. Located and posted death certificate for Chauncy Wymore, grandson of David Wymore (see item #2). Access through "Vital Records", in "Documents".
4. Located and posted death certificate for Ruth Gould Dolan, daughter of  Frank Gould and Josephine Wymore. Access through "Vital Records", in "Documents".
4, Posed 1900 census transcription, Fayette County, Indiana: James Wymore / Charlotte ? and adopted son Chauncy Wymore.
June 24, 2005

1. Added 1880 census transcription, Pawnee County, Nebraska: Elliot Wymore / Minnie S L McMains; Jasper Newton Wymore / Mary Crampton.
2. Added 1900 census transcription, Pawnee County, Nebraska: Robert Columbus Wymore / Amanda J McNabb
3. Added 1910 census transcription, Thayer County, Nebraska: Harmon Hayes (Andrew B Wymore and wife Ines Hayes living with this family)
June 8, 2005

1. Added obituary links for Vera Pauline Myers McNutt (formerly McMains), Mount Vernon, Ohio. Added to Broken Branch and Other Branch pages.
2. 1913  Alumni Record, University of Illinois, located at DistantCousin.com. Added to Rootsweb/Gencircles database and link placed on "McMains in the News" page. Posted as follows:

B.S.; Real Estate business; b. May 14, 1868, Vermilion County, IL, near Rossville. s. Anderson (b. Jan. 10, 1840, Waveland, IN) & Clarisa Comstock McMains (Nov. 12, 1848, Rossville, IL). Prepared in Rossville H.S. Adelphic; Hoppin Medal 1890.  Practicing Law, 1893-1902; Life Insurance, 1902-1903; Real Estate, 1903-1904 in Detroit, MI; Mgr Real Estate Dept., John Wochor and Bros. Indianapolis, IN, 1904-1910; Indiana National Guards during R.R. Strike, 1894. Member Christian Church; Chm of Bd 4 yrs; Supt of S.S., 6 yrs; Treas. & Dir Y.M.C.A., Crawfordsville, 1898-1902. Married Sadie Blanche Ritter, Jun 26, 1895, Danville, IL. Address 3266 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN.
( DistantCousin.com, 1998-2005).

3. Posted transcription 1860 census, Union Township, Mahaska County, IA, page 90: John McMains and family (widower of Martha Jane Goddard). Added two additional children of John McMains to database (Isaiah, b.  abt 1853; William, b. abt 1855).
4. Posted transcription 1880 census, Union Township, Mahaska County, IA, page 230a: Isaiah McMains / Cora M. Ferrall. Isaiah was the son of John McMains and Martha Jane Goddard; page 232a: Mathew H. Wymore (widowed), son of  Robert H. Wymore / Elizabeth McMains; William McMains / Nancy R. ? (William was son of John McMains / Martha Jane Goddard);  Peter Pfoutz / Sarah A. ? (Parents of Sophia Ann Pfoutz, deceased wife of Mathew H. Wymore).
5. Posted 1900 census Prairie Township, Mahaska County, IA, page 273b: Cora M. Ferrall McMains and family (enumerated as married, but her husband, Isaiah is not enumerated).
6. Post 1900 census Union Township, Mahaska County, IA, page 333b: Emery McMains / Ollie V. ? (Broken Branch) ; Ivy (Iva) McMains, daughter of Isaiah McMains / Cora M Ferrall, who is living with her uncle and aunt, Barney James / Mary I. Ferrall.
June 7, 2005

1. Added link to McMains in the News for Chuck McMains and a panel discussion that he participated in on tort reform. It was held at the University of Virginia.
2. Added two links to Obituary page for Mary B. Blackledge McMains, widow of John Harrison McMains, Clinton County, Indiana
3. Added obituary for Mary Ellen McMains Alfrey, daughter of  Robert McMains / Mary Ellen Groves
4. Entered two links (Military page) for WW II pilot, Jesse L. McMains, killed in action. Entered on Broken Branch page also.
June 6, 2005

1. Added three obituaries to the Obituary page, and added information to Rootsweb database. Thanks to Harlan Spain for providing these obituaries.
2. Added link to Obituary page: Arthenia McMains Wells, daughter of Bryan V. McMains / Mary Abigill Young.
3. Added link to Obituary page: Emma Edith Mills McMains, wife of Nip McMains
June 5, 2005

1. Added obituary links:
 A. James Dolphus McMains, son of Bryan Winton McMains / Ida Jennie Vail
 B. Joann McMains, wife of Bryan McMains (Broken Branch--has not been identified yet)
 C. John William McMains (Broken Branch-may be related to O.P. McMains)
June 5, 2005

1.Completed adding pages concerning civil war soldiers William McMains and William W. McMains, of Pennsylvania. These pages are tied together with common links between the Master Index, the PA Civil War Veterans' cards, and the Civil War Pension Card transcriptions. Hopefully this will make it easier for researchers to navigate. Access is through the "Military" button (or through the Military link on the "Documents" page). From there, click on "McMains Men of the Civil War", and then choose "Pennsylvania". This will open up the Master File for Pennsylvania. Links to supporting documents will be found to the right side of each page.
June 1, 2005

1. Added obituary links to "Obituary" page, and information added to database. Obituaries for: Waneta Arnold McMains, wife of  Ivor M. McMains; Vena Louise McMains Hudson, daughter of Jirld (Gerald) and Robbie Stone McMains; Lorene Eugene "Sparky" McMains, son of Floyd and Pearl Trollope McMains.

2. Added civil war military information on William W. McMains and William McMains, both of Pennsylvania. They have been added to "Broken Branches" and "Other Branches" (as I don't know from what families they belong to). These may be accessed through the "Military" link (or through the "Documents" link) at the bottom of each page on the site.
May 28, 2005

I've Added links for the Daughters of the American Revolution Library. Thanks to Debbie Cupp for bringing this resource to my attention. Currently, there is one "McMains" hit in the on-line catalog, and 31 hits in the GRC Index. The links are under the McMains Library, which can be accessed through the "Documents" button at the bottom of every page. Also changed font on buttons to Aon Cari, which is a Celtic font.
May 10, 2005

Started updating the "cousin map", which represents the home states of McMains descendants who have contacted the author of this site. Thanks to the National Atlas of the United States for providing superb map resources.
April 22, 2005

Added transcription for 1830 census, Woodford County, KY: Robert McMains, Jr. and family
April 21, 2005

Modified "Military" page, added additional links concerning the life and career of Col. D.M. McMains, U.S. Army.
April 20, 2005

Added 1920 census, Soledad, Los Angeles County: Colbert N. McMains / Margaret E. McMains and family. Colbert was a son of  Columbus Newton McMains.
April 19, 2005

Added link to McMains in the News: Chuck McMains and the official Louisiana State Tartan
April 14, 2005

1. Link added for news story on James E. McMains, WW II veteran, Little Rock, AR. Placed on "McMains in the News" page. I have not yet identified this person.

2. Updating copyright on all webpages.
Feb 10, 2005

1. Posted 1910 census 3rd and 5th Wards, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas: Charles A. McMains / Minnie L. ?; Andrew McMains / Julia Hobson; John McMains / Mary E. ?
Feb 9, 2005

1. Posted Query concerning Paul McMains and wife, (Mary) Leola Beyer. Information found in two articles from Atchison, Kansas newspaper. McMains line involved has not been identified.
Jan 11, 2005

1. Posted 1930 census Allen Township, Frontier County, NE: Burtis Lloyd McMains / Minnie Mary Jewell and James A. McMains / Winifred Tripper, and Joseph Riley McMains. Burtis, James  and Joseph are sons of  Abraham Ples McMains / Mary Lucivia Wymore.
Jan. 10, 2005

New Findings: John H. McMains and wife Ida M. Hubler

John H. McMains has been an elusive grand-uncle. I am, however beginning to "catch up" with him. He was born in Mahaska County, IA. In 1885, he was in Gage County, NE with his brother (my great grandfather), Ishmael. In 1890, he was living in the north of Canadian County, OK Territory. By 1900, he had moved his family to Osborne County, KS. He had a land patent issued in Ellis County, Oklahoma, dated March 3, 1910, and he and his family are found in the 1910 census, Athens Township, Ellis County, OK. Ellis County is adjacent to Woodward and Dewey Counties, where Ishmael and some of his family resided. There has been some confusion concerning his marriage status. We know from descendants and census data, that John married Ida Hubler. The 1910 census gives us the approximate date of 1891 for their marriage. The 1910 census also shows that John had been married previously. In my database, I show Virginia Emma Perdue as his first wife. She probably died around 1890. Whether or not Virginia is the "Tillie" mentioned previously, I don't know (see Nov. 17, 2004).

1. Posted land patent for John H. McMains: 1910, Ellis County, OK.
2. From Smiths City Directory, 1890, Rural homesteaders of Logan County, Oklahoma Territory: John H. McMains, NW Quarter, Section 23,  T14,  R5, (actually just south of Logan County, in Canadian County, OK Territory).
3. Posted 1910 census, Athens Township, Ellis County, OK: John H McMains / Ida M Hubler
4. Updated database with items above.

Other Business

1. Posted 1880 census, Chariton, Lucas County, IA: John W. McMains, widow. Son of Alexander McMains / Nancy Griffin.
2. Posted 1885 State Census of Iowa, Lincoln Township, Adams County, IA: John W. McMains, son of Alexander McMains / Nancy Griffin.
3. Posted 1900 census, Optima Precinct, Beaver County, OK Territory: William Gilbert McMains; Joseph Clinton McMains / Beatrice ?; James Arthur McMains (all sons of  James Townsend McMains / Louisa Jane Lyons.
Jan. 9, 2005

1. Added a link for the indenture document mentioned below (See Jan. 5, 2005) to the Land Documents page.
2. Found "Will of Frederick Groves", Vigo County, IN.. Database updated concerning Benjamin Harrison Groves, who married Nancy Ann McMains, and Mary Ellen Groves, who married Nancy's brother, Robert McMains.
3. Changed name of  "Vital Records" link (Documents page) to "Vital Records and Wills". Added link for "Will of Frederick Groves", which is found on Frank Barton's website.
Jan 7, 2005


1. Posted 1920 census, Worthington, Elm Township, Putnam County, MO: Ernest G. McMains / Effie ?. This is the E.G. McMains mentioned below (see Jan. 5, 2005). He is another son of Robert S. McMains and Martha A.?
2. Posted 1920 census, Livonia, Grant Township, Putnam County, MO: Peter C. McMains / Ella P. ?. I believe this person represents the P.C. McMains who served as notary below (see Jan. 5, 2005). He is also a son of Robert S. McMains and Martha A. ?.
Jan 6, 2005

1. Posted 1910 census, Grant Township, Putnam County, MO: Robert S. McMains / Martha A. ?; also Peter C. McMains / Ella P. ? (Pete is son of Robert S. McMains).
Jan. 5, 2005

Identified Another Branch!

1. Posted 1880 census, Nineveh Township, Adair County, MO: Robert S. McMains / Martha A. ? and family. I have concluded that Robert S. McMains is the son of Samuel McMains / Luvina O'Neal.
2. Posted 1910 census, Elk Township, Putnam County, MO: Perry M. McMains / Etta B. ?. Perry is a son of Robert S. McMains / Martha A ?.
3. Posted 1920 census Livonia, Grant Township, Putnam County, MO: Robert S. McMains / Martha A. ? 
4.. Found a document on-line  which lists Robert S. McMains and wife Martha A. as parties in a land sale in Livonia, Grant Township, Putnam County, MO. They are listed as selling the property, along with E.G. McMains and his wife, Effie. P.C. McMains notarized the document. I have not yet determined who E.G. McMains or P.C. McMains are. The document is at
5. I will continue to search for census information for Robert S. McMains and family.
6. Corrected census index entry for 1870, Davis County, IA, and also database source note: Samuel H. McMains / Mary Laura Carroll.
Jan 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

Posted 1930 census, Craig County, OK: Charles Buck / Sylvia L Pratt. Son-in-law Rollie Norris also living in household with his wife, Eva Buck. Charles' grandson, Chester McMain (son of Elmer J McMain / Emily E Buck), also in family.
Dec 31, 2004

Continuing on the trail of the children of Ishmael McMains:

1. Posted 1920 census, Ellis County, OK: Edward Failing / Ida M. Hubler. Ida was first married to John H. McMains, son of Ishmael McMains.
2, Posted 1920 census, Ottawa County, OK: Charles Buck / Sylvia L. Pratt, and grandson Chester McMain (son of Elmer Jerold McMains and first wife Emily Elizabeth Buck). Also added California Death Index data concerning Chester McMain. Correspondence appreciated from Esther Pope.
Dec 29, 2004

Broken Branch
Aurilla (Cora) M. McMains: What Family is She From?

Last mystery of the year!  Rev. John Patterson and his wife, Rebecca Middleton lived in Gage County, Nebraska. Their son, Sylvester married Aurilla M. McMains. In census documents, her name is given as Cora M. I have not yet identified from which family she hails from, although I am certain that she must fit in somewhere. Here's a summary of what I've discovered thus far:

1. Information collected from "Portrait and Biographical Album of Gage County, Nebraska", Chapman Brothers, Chicago: 1888 (On-line image from Ancestry.com). This contains the biography of Rev. John Paterson and wife Rebecca Middleton. Mentions three children, Sylvester, Jacob S., and Celestin. Also mentions that Sylvester married Aurilla M. McMains. At the time the book was published, Sylvestor and Aurilla were living in Bent County, CO with four children: Smiley, Ethel A., John R., and Celestin.
2. Posted 1880 census,Gage County, NE: John Patterson / Rebecca Middleton and Sylvester Patterson / Aurilla (Cora) M McMains.
3. Posted 1900 census, Grant County, Oklahoma Territory: Sylvester Patterson / Cora M. McMains and children: Smiley, Wiley, Ethel, Anna, Edna, John, and Gladys.
4. Posted 1910 census, Fairview Township, Grant County, Oklahoma: Sylvester Patterson (listed as widow) and children: John, Gladys, and Cora.
5. Posted 1910 census, Hickory Township, Grant County, Oklahoma: Smiley Patterson and wife, Elizabeth D.
Dec 28, 2004

1. Located City Directory Listing, 1947-1948, Phoenix, AZ: Amel R. McMains. He was the son of  William McMains / Eva Paris. He was a mechanic in Phoenix. Lists his wife as Pauline. Also located Amel R. McMains birthdate, Nov. 6, 1914, Putnam County, IN. Information added to database.
2. In the same City Directory, located entry for Alice V. McMain, teacher at Wilson School in Phoenix. I suspect this is the widow of  Thomas Lucius McMain, Alice V. Carruth. Will need to confirm this.
3. Same City Directory also lists Chester McMains, employee at Delinting and Seed Treating Company. Uncertain as to who this might be.
Dec 27, 2004

1. Posted 1930 census, Corona, Riverside County, CA: Howard W Hall / Nellie E McMains.
2. Updated database. Donald F Hall, son of  Howard W Hall / Nellie E McMains, died at 4 months of age in Douglas, AZ.
3. Received confirmation concerning Howard Wendell Hall, son of Howard Washington Hall / Nellie E McMains. He died in Alameda County, CA, Jan 8, 1998. I also located a document on the web which states that Howard Wendell Hall earned an A.B. (now known as B.A.) in chemistry, at Stanford University. The date of graduation was 1933.
Dec 26, 2004

1. Posted 1910 census, Cochise County, AZ: Howard W Hall / Nellie E McMains (daughter of Columbus N McMains). Also added birth certificate data from State of Arizona to Rootsweb Database.
2. Posted 1920 census, El Paso County, TX: Howard W Hall / Nellie E McMains. Updated Texas pathway.
Dec 22, 2004

1. Posted 1900 census, Grant Colunty, New Mexico: Elliott Frank McMains / Alice Dossey;  Lewis A. McMains (Elliott's brother); Josephine Dossey (married name: Doah). Josephine is Alice Dossey's sister.
2. Posted 1910 census, Mayes County, OK: Joseph Clay McMains / Rosa Westfall.
3. Posted 1900 census, Osborne County, Kansas: John H McMains / Ida M Hubler--Parents of Bryan Vernon McMains.
Dec 21, 2004

Posted 1900 census, Peoria Nation, Indiana Territory: Charles L McMains / Minnie Alice Marshall.
Dec 20, 2004

Posted 130 census, Independece, Montgomery County, Kansas: Elmer Jerold McMains, son of  Joseph Clay McMains and Rosa Westfall. Apparently, at the time of this census, Elmer was a prisoner in the Mongomery County Jail.
Dec 16, 2004

Posted land patent for Charles Leroy McMains, Chaves County, New Mexico. Access through "Documents" page (click on Land Documents)
Dec 2, 2004

Posted 1910 census, Chaves County, NM: Charles L. McMains / Minnie A. Marshall and family. Posted 1900 census, Lincoln County, NM: Frank Crumb / Margaret E. Mcmahans. Margaret was the first wife of Columbus N. McMains. Also posted 1900 census, Otero County, NM: Columbus McMains / Annie ? . Annie was the second wife of Columbus McMains.
Dec. 1, 2004

Posted 1920 and 1930 census, Chaves County, NM: Orion L. McMains / Pearl Goodin and family. Added index listing for 1920 census, Eddy County, NM: James F. McMains / Mary K. Neely.
Nov 30 2004

If only I could stay at one task at a time! Currently, I am working on four items:

1. Continuing to research Oliver D McMains and son, Ralph H. McMains, Lee County, IA
2. Correcting census page numbers for 1930 census transcriptions. I originally used the "sheet" numbers, but I am changing these to the stamped numbers that were placed on the census for microfilming. This should make it easier for researchers who want to look up the source for themselves.
3. Continuing to research John H. McMains, son of Ishmael Newton McMains.
4. Researching a new challenge. I found a 1930 census enumeration in Precinct 4, Chaves County, NM for the following:
-- Orion L. McMain, age 34, born in Oklahoma, father in Kansas, mother in Nebraska.
-- Pearl McMain, wife, age 35, born in New Mexico, father in Missouri, mother in Missouri.
-- Orion L. McMain, Jr., son,  age 9, born in New Mexico.
-- Francis C. McMain, son, age 7, born in New Mexico.

Other items discovered thus far:

    a.   Social Security Death Index listing for Orion McMains, born Mar 12, 1896, died Nov 1974, last residence Cibola, Grants County, NM.
    b.    A Texas Death Index listing for Richard Orion McMains, died Feb 10, 1996, Dallas County, TX.
    c.     Rootsweb/Ancestry World Connect listing by Paula Miller which provides information as follows:
         --obituary for Orion L. McMains, Jr.: born Nov 14, 1920, died July 21, 1999. Buried Grants Memorial Park, Grants,
         --Orion L. McMains (Sr), married to Pearl ?
    d.     Rootsweb/Ancestry World Connect listing by James Jennings which provided information as follows:
         --Orion McMains married to Pearl Goodin, daughter of  M.H. Goodin and Mary H. Williams.
Nov 29 2004

Posted 1920 census, Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa: Oliver D McMains / May G (parents of Ralph H McMains).
Posted 1910 census, Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa: Oliver D McMains / May G.
Nov 28 2004

Posted 1930 census, Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa: Ralph H McMains / Rita E Rhodes.
Nov 28 2004

Ralph H. McMains was the son of  Oliver D. and May G. McMains. Ralph was born June, 1888 in Keokuk, Lee County, IA. I have discovered some data concerning his marriages. He was first married to Rita E. Rhodes in about 1925 (she herself had been married once before). He married his second wife, Bessie Mabel Jean Alvis, Oct 2, 1954. Apparently that had been friends previously. Bessie had also been previously married, and was divorced from her first husband. Thus far, I have found three sources of information on this family. The Lee County, Iowa Genweb has a listing of Wills and Probates, which provided the maiden name of Rita (Ralph's first wife), the surname of Rita's first husband (McCredie), and the name of Ralph H. McMains, Rita's second husband. The site entitled, Wells Clan.com provided an extensive history of Bessie Jean Alvis, including her marriage to Ralph McMains. The site also provided burial information for Bessie. The 1930 census (of which I will post a transcription soon), shows Ralph McMains and Rita E. McMains living in Keokuk, Lee County, IA. The census also confirms that Rita was previously married at the age of 15. The census also shows that Ralph and Rita had been married for about 5 years (c. 1925), and no children were listed living with them.
Nov. 23, 2004

Posted 1900 census, Allen Precinct, Frontier County, NE: Lewis A. McMains / Julia E Keck. Also posted transcription of school census for multiple years, Frontier County, NE. Continuing to update Rootsweb/Gencricles database with this data.
Nov. 18, 2004

Posted 1880 census transcription for 3rd Ward, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, KS: Clarissa Lewis, ex-wife of Smith McMains and her children.
Nov. 17, 2004

My great grandfather, Ishmael really did get around! I added a census transcription for 1880, showing that the family was in Cherry Township, Montgomery County, KS. I also added an 1885 transcript from the Nebraska State Census, showing the family in Midland Borough, Island Grove Precinct, Gage County, NE.

Previously, I mentioned my concern that my database may be incorrect concerning the spouses of Ishmael's brother, John H. McMains. In the 1885 census, there is a John McMains living in close proximity to Ishmael. John's age is given as 32, which matches the birthdate for Ishmael's brother, John. He is living with Tillie McMains, who's age is 18. Could this be his wife? If so, my database is very likely incorrect, as I don't have a "Tillie" listed as his spouse.

One other McMains family found in the 1885 census  is that of Christian McMains, age 59, Lizzie McMains, age 52, and William McMains, age 18. I have not yet identified this family.
Nov. 13, 2004

Posted 1810 census transcription, Woodford County, KY for Peter Alexander, father of Sarah Alexander (Sarah married Robert McMains, Jr.). Continuing to prepare documents received from Davis County Genealogical Society (Iowa).
Nov. 5, 2004

Posted 1860 census transcription, Lucas County, IA: Leroy McMains / Mary Bedwell; Alexander McMains / Nancy Griffin. Posted 1880 census transcription Wayne County, IA: Leroy McMains / Mary Bedwell.
Nov. 4, 2004

Posted marriage document for Samuel H. McMains and Mary Laura Carroll. Posted 1860 and 1870 census transcription for Union Township, Lucas County, IA: John Fisher and Elizabeth (Elizabeth widowed in 1870). Their daughter Rachel married John W. McMains. .
Nov. 3, 2004

Received documents from Sue Spillman, Davis County Genealogical Society. Posted marriage document for Mary Fannie McMains and Nicholas Craig. Posted marriage document for Nancy Jane McMains and Johnson M. Watts. Posted marriage document for Sarah C. McMains and David F. Moore. Posted marriage document for Mary Jane McMains and James H. McCuistian.
Nov. 2, 2004

Completed 1800 census transcription, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Maryland: Andrew A. McMain. Added to Broken Branches and Other Branches. It is uncertrain as to lineage of this person.
Oct 22, 2004

Posted 1930 census for Johnson Township, Dewey County, OK. Included in the transcription are related surnames of  Pollard, Bennett, Hewes, Turner, Caster/Castor, Spriggs, Stow, and Flood. Rootsweb/Gencircles database updated with census information and identification information for Milford Stow (Beulah Terrill's husband). Identified the wife of  William W. Spriggs as Winnie Dorris Turner. The two are first cousins. Identified Vassar Cemetery, Dewey County, OK as burial location for Milford Stow and wife, Beulah Terrill.
Oct. 19, 2004

Posted obituary for John Franklin McMains, son of Leroy and Mary McMains. Thanks to Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert for posting a transcription on the Carter Forum, Genforum.com
Oct. 18, 2004

Posted funeral folder for Millie May McMains (my grandmother). She died Dec. 8, 1940 in Vici, Dewey County, OK. May be accessed from McMains Hub (temporary link), or through Obituary page.
Oct. 13, 2004
Revamped Peggy Boggoch's photo page after discovering that images were not visible. Found same problem on some of John's photos. Links repaired.
Oct. 12, 2004

Posted transcription 1910 census, Caddo County, OK: Asbury V. McMains, son of Abraham McMains and Mary Stringfellow. Unable to locate 1920 or 1900 census at this time. Browsed 1900 for South Cement Township, Caddo County, OK (location in 1910 census), but did not find Asbury McMains. Posted 1860 census, Nemaha County, Nebraska Territory: Smith McMains and family.
Oct. 12, 2004

Posted 1930 census, Harding County, New Mexico: Francis Archibald McMains / Myrtle Millie Jones. Updated format of 1920 census transcription, Union County, New Mexico, also for Francis Archibald McMains / Myrtle Millie Jones. Received word from Connie Quigley concerning Archie Quigley, son of Tabitha Lena McMains, who is very ill. Our prayers are with him and his family.
Oct 10, 2004

Posted transcription, 1930 Kay County, OK: Bryan Vernon McMains and family. Completed 1860 census transcription: Pleasant Grove Township, Mahaska County, IA. Included are many McMains and Wymore families, including John S. McMains, my 2nd great grandfather. Database updated accordingly. Minor corrections made to 1860 census, Mahaska County page. Added 1880 census transcription for Cherry Township, Montgomery County, KS: Alexander McMains / Nancy A. Bodenhamer. Census transcription added, 1860 Pawnee County, NE: James Luster Wymore / Mary Ann McMains; Samuel Porter Wymore / Isabella Louisa Scott; Andrew McMains / Phoebe M. Bodenhamer.
Oct 07, 2004

Completed 1930 census transcription, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, KS: Bryan Winton McMains, Sr., his second wife Nina Ertel, and family. Julia Hobson, widow of Andrew McMains (mother of Bryan Winton McMains, Sr.).
Oct 03, 2004

Posted new photo page, "The Bryan W. McMains Photo Collection", contributed by Kathleen Mero McMains. Includes photos of  Ida Jennie Vail, wife of Bryan Winton McMains, Sr. Also updated Rootsweb/Gencircles databases.
Sept 28, 2004

Added census transcriptions for  1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 for offspring of  Robert A. McMains / Elizabeth C Layne. Includes census from Grant, Rapides, and La Salle parishes in Louisiana, and Cloverdale, Putnam County, IN. Louisiana census transcriptions also added for offspring of Granville Finley McMains.
Sept 26, 2004

Added 1860 census transcription, Mahaska County, IA: Thomas Carver / Sarah A. Corrected database. Now showing father of Thomas Carver as William Carver. Also posted obituary/article concerning Alfred Famous McMains (transcription by Kathleen McMains Mero).
Sept 18, 2004

Transcribed 1820 census Owen County, KY for the following heads of household: John Haddon, James Wymore, John Wymore, Abraham McMains, Andrew McMains, Samuel Wymore, Frederick Wymore, George Wymore, Robert E. Haddon, James McMains. Fixing database errors concerning Wymore surname. Added trascription for 1790 census, Craven County, NC: James McMains. This person is either a Broken Branch, or Other Branch, added to both pages.
Sept 13, 2004

Added Dimmit County, Texas page and 1910 Census transcription for Dimmit County.
Sept 11, 2004

Added 1930 census transcription for Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, TX: Eula A. McMains, widow of Wade H. Shaw. Also added omitted entry to 1930 index for John Stanfield / Nancy C. McMains. Added 1920 census transcription for Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, TX: Wade H Shaw / Eula A McMains. Also added omitted entry to 1920 index for Nancy McMains, ex-wife of John Stanfield, and also for Dora McMains, Nancy's niece (daughter of William J McMains / Nora Nicholson). Added omitted entries for Dimmit County to 1910 index. Added omitted entries for Dimmit County to 1900 census.
Aug 7, 2004

Added 1860 census transcription for Pleasant Grove Township, Mahaska County, Iowa: Abraham McMains and his 2nd wife, Mary Stringfellow, and James Lockard / Mary J Reed (parents of  Hattie and Anna Lockard, McMains / Wymore spouses).
Aug 4, 2004

Posted Probate documents relating to the children of Andrew J. McMains, deceased. The document provides the names and birthdates of Andrew and Lucinda's children. Thanks to Darilee Ibsen for sending these to me. The document can be accessed through  the Documents Page, Misc. button. I will add information to Andrew J. McMains database tomorrow.
August 3, 2004

1900 Census transcriptions added for Mahaska County, Pleasant Grove Township: Irvin A. McMains / Mary Morrow; William H. McMains / Margaret J. Wymore; Abraham M Wymore / Flora Moore; James Wesley Wymore / Anna Lockard; Isaiah McMains / Hattie Lockard.
July 29, 2004

1880 Census transcriptions added for Mahaska County, Pleasant Grove Township: Abraham R. McMains / Sarah Wymore; William Henry McMains / Margaret Wymore; James Bodenhamer / Mahala Starnes (daughter of Nancy J. McMains). Thanks to Pat McMains for providing a wealth of information on the family of Irvin Arlington McMains and descendants. I'm in the process of adding this information to my database now.
July 22, 2004

Added pension document to website for Sandford Clark McMains. Contributed by Tom House (via Darilee Ibsen). Added to Iowa military transcriptions and Military document page.
July 21, 2004

Added transcription of 1910 Census, Cleaveland Township, Davis County, Iowa. Families included are Frank McMains and wife Phoebe Ethel Wishard, Phoebe's father, John O. Wishard, and two brothers Fred C. Wishard and William Bert Wishard. Added data to database, as provided by Deb Barker concerning this family.
July 20, 2004

Added the family of Francis York / Emma Barkley to 1900 Census, Wyacondah Township, Davis County, IA. Their daughter Elsie married Roy R. McMains, who's family is also enumerated on the same page. The marriage occurred soon after the census was taken. Special thanks to Deb Barker of Davis County Genealogical Society, who provided a wealth of information which is being added to the database, and leading to new discoveries, such as this one.

Added 1930 census trascription, Bloomfield, Davis County, IA: family of Pearl Anderson McMains / Fern Stark.
July 12, 2004

Added 1870 census transcription for Perry Township, Davis County, IA. Family: Peter Alexander McMains / Juliana Evans. Also added 1870 census transcription for their son, Samuel H. McMains and his wife, Mary Carroll. This family also resided in Perry Township.
July 10, 2004

Added link for obituary for James Archie Oldaker. He was the brother of Corrine Oldaker McMains.
July 9, 2004

Added 1900 census, Prairie Township, Mahaska County, IA. The family found is that of Andrew McMains and Phoebe Bodenhamer. The census states that Phoebe had 14 children, 8 of which were living in 1900. Currently, I have seven children listed. Obviously, I need to research further.
July 7, 2004

Jackie Maden (via the Rootsweb/Ancestry Vermilion message board) provided the URL for the Pape Mortuary Cemetery Listing Database. This listing provides information on those buried in Vermilion County, IL. I was able to locate thirteen listings for the surname "McMains". I have identified twelve of these names and added the information to my Rootsweb/Gencircles database. One of these persons was born in Ireland, and I have added the information to the "Other Branches" page of this site. The Pape Mortuary Database is at http://www.papemortuary.com/database.asp
June 25, 2004

I added a new obituary transcription for Daniel Freeman Perkins,  husband of Adelia Ida McMains. It can be accessed by clicking on the Documents button at the bottom of each page, and then clicking on obituaries.
June 17, 2004

I received an email from Debbie Cupp concerning the Broken Branch that was posted yesterday: -----------------------------------------
Hi, John. The 1900 Iowa Mahaska Co Census lists Oscar McMains, born Nov 1882 as son in family of Andrew and Phoebe McMains.
That's the fastest mystery solved so far, practically before the "ink was dry". Andrew McMains married Phoebe Bodenhamer. I was aware of five children, the last being born in 1869. Apparently, they had more children, including Oscar A. McMains, born in 1882! I've looked up the census that Debbie found, and it does appear to be this couple. I'll be updating the research page today to reflect the new information. Thanks to Darilee for bringing this branch to our attention, and for Debbie's "grafting" of the branch back onto the McMains tree.

June 16, 2004

I have posted a new page at the McMains Research and Collaoboration Site. It contains research notes concerning Oscar A. McMains, his wife Vernice E. Moore, and their son William "Bill" O. McMains. The site can be accessed through the temporary link on the McMains Hub page, or through the Broken Branches page. Earlier this month, Darilee Ibsen posted comments in the website Guestbook, asking if anyone knew of Bill O. McMains, an organist who had been mentioned in newspaper articles in Mahaska County, IA. Together, Darilee and I have put together enough data to post a page. Oscar A. McMains was born in either Nebraska or Kansas. He was in Mahaska County at least by 1908, when he married Vernice E. Moore, of Harrison Township, Mahaska County, IA. Their one son, William O. McMains (AKA Bill), was born in 1927. He was an organist and composer of arrangements for the organ. We do not know if he was married or had children. We also do not know who Oscar's parents were. We are sure that he fits in the McMains tree somewhere, we just aren't sure where. His mere presence in Mahaska County is suggestive of this. Darilee discovered that he attended Central College, in Pella, IA. This may be another source of information.
June 1, 2004

Dorothea Clymer contributed a photo of Louretta Bedinger and her twin sister Claretta. You can access the photo by clicking on "Photos" at the bottom of any page, and choosing the link for Dorothea's photo (currently at the bottom of the menu).
May 31, 2004

1. Added photos and Social Security Applications for Milton Lee Stanfield (and wife Viola Knudsen), son of John W Stanfield and Nancy "Nannie" Caroline McMains. Pages may be accessed through "Photos" and "Documents: Vital Records". Thanks to Lauren Danver for contributing these items. In addition, I also added links to California and Social Security Death Index pages at Rootsweb.com. Rootsweb Gedcom database has been updated with the information Lauren provided.

2. Update on site:

As of today, there are 359 pages contained within this site. Within these pages are among other things, 245 McMains census transcriptions; civil war records for 41 McMains men; 2 biographies; 16 vital records entries; 6 obituary transcriptions; 7 land patent records; a lengthy article concerning the Scottish heritage of the McMains family; images of 2 cancelled checks written by a McMains; and several links to McMains websites and surname related information. There are also family pages for the first generation and their children (soon to be added as second generation as well). The states of Texas and Louisiana are indexed nearly completely under "states". The state of Iowa is in the beginning stages of being entered. There are also state pages for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. There are 22 links to McMains photos, some on this site, some are off-site. There are 5 pages relating to McMains maps; listings for 27 Broken Branch Families (4 of which have been restored to the tree); and 16 families represented as Other Branches. There are 28 members of the MCMAINS-Robert Mailing List, and 34 members of "The Old McMains List" (some are duplicates). I am proud to call myself a McMains descendant, and proud to have such great cousins who continue to help make this site a true research-capable site.

3. Added obituary transcription for Nell Brown, wife of Richard C. McMains (son of Richard Monroe McMains). Information added to gedcom database.
May 27, 2004

1. Added new branch information to Rootsweb World Connect Gedcom; for descendants of Samuel McMains / Luvina O'Neal, from counties in Missouri  and Iowa.  Census transcriptions added for 1920 Howard County, MO; 1920 Randolph County, MO; 1910 Howard County, MO; 1900 Howard County, MO;  1880 Howard County, MO;  1930 Davis County, IA;  1920 Davis County, IA; 1900 Davis County, IA. These do not represent all the McMains in these counties. At this time, Prairie and Chariton Townships (Howard County, MO), Moberly (Randolph County, MO), and Wyacondah (Davis County, IA) are represented. This research began with a query into the marriage of James M. Walkup to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Catherine McMains (daughter of  Samuel McMains / Luvina O'Neal). I found biographical information on James M. Walkup, and at that time, was uncertain who his wife known as "Lizzie" McMains, was.

In addition to solving the mystery of  "Lizzie", I have been able to add branch data for William Clinton McMains (including a second wife), Milton A. McMains, and James Henry McMains (all offspring of Samuel McMains / Luvina O'Neal).

2. Added census transcription and updated Gedcom for Pleasant Carver / Mahala Bodenhamer from 1850 Dallas County, MO. Added two additional children for this couple, as found on the census. I know have five children born to this couple (Pleasant also remarried in 1860 and had  two additional children with Rachel Graham). I am beginning to think that Elizabeth Carver, wife of John S. McMains, and Marinda Carver, sister Leona J Carver (wives of Ishmael McMains) may be related after all! More research is needed to determine if this is the case.

3. Added census transcription for John McMains (son of  James M McMains / Agnes Wymore): 1840 Cedar County, IA represents the first 1840 transcription in this McMains collection. His first wife was Martha Jane Goddard, represented in this transcription.
May 7, 2004

1. Completed updating of pages with new button set (finally!)
2. Added obituary for Andrew McMains contgributed by Kathleen Mero
May 4, 2004

1. Continuing to update pages with new button set.
2. Added research page and census transcriptions for William McMains family, which originated in Pennsylvania. Rev. Oscar P. McMains is the most known of this family. He ended up in Colorado and New Mexico and represented settlers who disputed the boundaries of the Maxwell Land Grant. This data can be accessed from Broken Branches, Biographies, or from the McMains Hub (temporary). The census data can be accessed via the endnote links on the research page, through the census year indices, or through the Broken Branches page. A picture including O.P. McMains which is found on the research page, can also be accessed through the Photos page.
March 30, 2004

1. New data added to the following pages: Military, Photos, and Obituaries. Created a new page for McMains in the News.
2. Continuing to update all pages with new button set. New set makes Google site search available on every page.
March 16, 2004

1.  Added Descendants of Jesse McMains, Gold Country, California

2. Re-created page buttons, added four new buttons for  My Gencircles Database, My Rootsweb Database,  Support This Site (will replace Ancestry.com adds that I've previously put on some pages),  Mailing List, and McMains in the News (a new feature to highlight present day McMains who are in the news), and for the McMains Hub.
December 6, 2003

Added Photos contributed by Tom House: Lucy Perdue, son Charlie, and grand-daughter Dorothy Vernon. The 1910 census transcription, Mahaska County will be uploaded tomorrow. It shows Lucy as a "widow", living with son, Charlie, and grand-daughter Dorothy Vernon. What is interesting, is that in the same 4th Ward of Oskaloosa, there is a "S.C. McMains" who has been married twice, and his birth date matches that of Sandford. His new wife's name is Elizabeth, and they have two children, the oldest being five years of age. To further complicate the scenario, Tom House sent a copy of Lucy Perdue's obituary, from Two Harbors, MN. It states that Sandford (whom they refer to as Clark), died in 1911, and that Lucy and her family moved to Two Harbors, in 1914. An interesting puzzle indeed! The obituary has been transcribed and added to the "Obituary" page, which can be accessed through "Documents".
November 25, 2003

1.  Photos are back! I've decided that it is better if I post photos that I receive, even if the associated family page isn't ready to be posted. On the PHOTOS page of the website, I have added photos and links to photo sites that many of you have sent to me. If you don't see photos that you know you have sent to me, please let me know. I'm still scouring my hard drive to find photos that I've misplaced.

2. The FIRST GENERATION of family pages is finished! That means that family pages are now up for Robert McMains (Generation #1), and for each of Robert and Sarah's children. To facilitate easier movement within family lines, I have also added links which allow you to click on a name, and go to the family page of that person. I intend to follow this pattern as I progress through the generations.

3. I believe that another mystery has been solved. I was contacted some time ago concerning Ada Lorene McMains, who married Wallace Arthur Riney. June, the new found cousin who contacted me, found out that Ada's father was named Harvey McMains. Her mother's last name was probably McGuire. The other thing she knew was that Wallace had died in Liberal, KS.

My research lead me to consider Harvey L. McMains, son of James W. McMains. Harvey died in Pratt County, KS (1941). His young wife, Jeanette (Nettie) died early, in 1888. I knew of two children, Nettie, born 1880; Lotta, born 1886. I suspect that Harvey married a second time, perhaps to someone named McGuire. The 1895 Kansas State Census had Wallace Riney living with his father and family, in Pratt County, KS. The 1900 Census shows him still living there, only now he was listed as "married". Unfortunately, his wife was not enumerated. I find it interesting that in the 1900 census, the Riney family neighbors the Jonathan McMains family. Jonathan is the brother of Harvey.

In 1910, Harvey and wife, Ada are found in Kiowa County, KS, which is a neighboring county to Pratt County. According to this census, they had 5 children, 4 of whom are living at the time. The age and birth location match that of Harvey L. McMains. While I would like to find more definitive evidence, I know believe and will list Ada L. McMains, born about 1885, as a daughter of Harvey L. McMains and Jeanette Harrel. Hopefully I will find something about a second wife for Harvey, the one that June knows as the "mother" of Ada. June sent photos of Ada and family, and I have posted them. I also created a family sheet which can be found (for now) under BROKEN BRANCHES on the website, or you can also link to it from the photo page for Ada McMains.

4. I've added Google Search to the McMains Hub. You can use this search engine to search on Rootsweb Freepages, or the entire web. This means that if you are looking for a particular person on the website, you can use the search engine to find them (but be aware but it will search not only my McMains site, but also all other freepages sites). Give it a try. I did, and it worked quite well!
Nov 18, 2003: Added a number of  photo pages and links to the Photo Page--More Coming. I've decided to post photos and I get them, rather than try and wait until I get Family Pages done.
Nov 10, 2003: Updated database with obituary/marriage information received from Rossville Genealogical and Historical Society. This update includes reunited "broken link" Henry McMains with his Rossville McMains family.  Also completed at uploaded another Generation #2 two page: Andrew Perry McMains. Also added new page under "Documents" for obituaries (under construction) and for bibliographies. Posted bibliography for Samuel Porter Wymore, founder of  Wymore, Gage County, NE
July 27, 2003: I have completed entering the census transcriptions for Davis County, IA--1860, 1870, 1880, 1930. Corrections to database and Family Path for Robert McMains, Sr. now complete.Correction to Texas Migrations complete. Email sent to list members informing them of my research finds.
July 20, 2003: I no longer believe that Robert McMains had a second wife named Lavinia O'Neill. I believe that this was an error. The "tip-off" came when I found the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census which contains William Clinton Mcmains (whom I had listed as a child of Robert McMains and Lavinia O'Neill). It turns out that William Clinton is actually the son of Samuel McMains and Luvina O'Neal!  I already knew that Samuel McMains was a son of Robert McMains, Jr.. From there the rest just fell into place. I now believe that the two other children which I had atributed to the second marriage (Jane and Nancy) were also "misplaced". Therefore, I have eliminated the second marriage of  Robert McMains, Sr. Needless to say, this has required many corrections to my database, as well as to this website.
July 11, 2003: Summary of Activity: Started the new MCMAINS-Robert-L@Rootsweb.com mailing list, which is a companion mailing list to this website. Added link to McMains Hub. Almost finished with adding country sites for Texas. Added a new page called Texas Migrations. Corrected errors on the page, and added a 7th McMains migrator. Did a little work on the Family Path. Also added an unkown tombstone picture to Pictures Path, as well as links to off-site picture sites. Received an obituary for Cora C. McMains. With the assitance of the genealogy society in Eau Claire, WI (and the cousin who sent the obituary), was able to obtain dates for her birth and death. Updated gedcom at Rootsweb and Gencircles
May 25, 2003: Completed 1900 Census transcriptions for Texas. Corrected 1910 and 1930 census indices. Census transcriptions are not yet linked to state or other categories, but can be viewed by year, at "Census Documents", on the "Documents" page

May 24, 2003: Confirmed that Georgia Anna Titsworth was married three times. Her first husband was John Henry Laxson. Her second was Abraham Franklin McMains. Her third husband was named Pilcher. His first name remains a mystery.
May 20, 2003: Completed transcriptions for Texas, 1910, 1920, 1930 census. Added 3 military entries to Indiana McMains Men. Added source information to database. Updated Rootsweb and GenCircle gedcom entries. Received and entered information from obituary--Gary O. McMains. Special Thanks to the Attala County Library, Attala, MS .
May 15, 2003: Added 1930 census transcription for Jewell County, KS.
ANOTHER MYSTERY:  1930 Census, Houston, TX has Maria L. Prather (widow), whom I believe to be Maria L. Moyer, wife of James Prather. A daughter, age 44 named "Frances Mcmains" is living with her. I know that James Prather's daughter, Ethel married Frank McMains. However, my database concerning James and Maria is obviously in error, as I have James married three times (which I'm sure is incorrect). Maria is listed as a widow, and I do know that James died in 1915. Maria's daughter Frances, would have been born about 1884. I will post on Prather and McMains site to see if anyone can clarify. Also transcribed 1870,1880 Vermilion, IL census (James Prather).
May 4-5, 2003:  Linked current census with Other Branches and Broken Branches, as appropriate. Identified Frank (Elliott) Mcmains who married Alice Dossey as Hiram Frank Mcmains, son of Abraham Franklin McMains, corrected database. Added census material regarding this family.
May 1, 2003:     Fixed small errors on several pages. Land patents linked. Additional census information added to 1880 and 1900 Mahaska County, IA transcriptions. Posted query concerning errors in my database for Elijah McMains. Linked Broken Branch items.
April 21, 2003:   "Uniform links" placed on each page of the site
April 20, 2003:  HAPPY EASTER!      Revised the McMains Hub, which now includes the link, What's New.
April 20, 2003:   Began the process of updating all pages to include "uniform" links at the bottom of each page.
April 19, 2003:   Revised the Families page, which is now being formatted as a Family Tree. Work continues on this project.
April 18, 2003:   Completed entering 1920 census transcriptions for Texas. Links to this information are not complete, except the 1920 census page (access through the Census link). Work continues on entering 1930 census transcriptions for Texas. (Atascosa County is already complete for all available index years).
April 17, 2003:   Queries placed concerning L.M. Mcmains, S.C. McMains (1920 census, Wilson County, TX)
April 2, 2003:      Queries placed concerning  J.A. McMains and wife, Helen, Frontier County, Nebraska


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