Herein lie several years of research of my family ancestors and their families.

Included are all the known descendants of Samuel Hickman of Greene Co, PA.

Corrections and additions are always welcome. Please contact me if you have any information or old photos of these families

Due to privacy concerns, details of living persons have been excluded from these web pages.

Henry and Nancy Cunningham and children and grandchildren in front of their farm home - Flat Run, Mannington, WV. - 1895 (Henry and Nancy Cunningham seated; and George and Mary Debolt standing on left; Annie Jones standing; Joseph and Sarah Cunningham standing on right; baby Annie Debolt in arms of her mother, Joseph Arlie Hickman 1 sitting in right chair, Anna Hickman 4 standing in front of her mother, Jesse Hickman 10, William Hickman 7, Millard Hickman 6, James Guy Hickman 3, Homer Debolt 7, Birch Debolt 6, and Walter Debolt 3, in front row)