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Sent : 02 January 2004 11:04:17
Subject : Marriage search

I am looking for the marriage lines of my Grandfather and Grandmother
as my mothers birth certificate is in the SFX records for the date 9/4/1901.
Grandfather & Grandmother were:


I have searched the files in the library and in SFX records also in Wexford,
IRE, I believe that the

BRIDGET ROSSITER of 44 Mile End could well be that that of my G.G.Mother,
I have searched other files with no success should you discover the lines a
donation will be sent to CAFOD . I am now beginning to think it may
have been a paupers marriage.



I did not find the marriage of your Grandparents, but could this be them in the 1901 census on line:

Name Age Where Born Administrative County Civil Parish Occupation
Patrick Neill 21 Lpool Liverpool Lpool Dock Lab
Bridget Neill 23 Ireland Liverpool Lpool

Your mother was born just after the census was taken (31 March 1901), what a pity!

Sent : 05 January 2004 22:54:09
Subject : Catholic cemetery Look-ups

Hi Patrick

I've just looked at my records and it's hard to believe it was last January
when I asked for your help to find a Sarah Duffy buried in Liverpool. At
that time you replied saying that you needed more information because of the
large number of people buried with that name.
I've now found out that she was 75 or over when she died at a Liverpool
hospice, possibly St. Vincent's Hospice on Broadgreen Road, between 1945 -
1950. If you have time could you please with this new information try to
solve this one for me.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year



Bingo, here are the details of your Sarah Duffy:

Yew Tree Cemetery
Plot: 3D 270
Deed Holder: Florence Sutton (joint owner with Christina Atherton)

Sarah Duffy
St Vincents Hospice Liverpool L13
Age: 80 years
Burial: 25/6/1945

Catherine Gilchrist
42 Howley Street
Age: 65 years

John Sutton
35 Denford Road L14
Age: 72 years

Florence Sutton
35 Denford Road L36
Age: 79 years

Shirley Ann Adams
181 Lamthom Street L5
Age: 10 weeks

Do any of the other names of the people in the plot sound familiar?

Sent : 07 January 2004 12:48:15
Subject : Thank You

Hi Patrick

Many thanks for the information all the names mentioned are known except one.
I've made a donation to CAFOD and enclosed the confirmation below.
Do you know if there is a headstone and if there is can you provide photographs?

Keep up all the good work and thanks again


Sent : 05 January 2004 15:54:32
Subject : Ibison Search


I saw your website regarding RC entries at Ainsdale.
I'd be grateful if you could do a search for me for IBISONS there.
It's a very unusual name and I'd expect no more than 2-3 headstones.
Please could you let me know

NB James George was buried there around 1943

Donation will be made to CAFOD

Many thanks


Reply 1:

Here are all the Ibison's & similar at Ainsdale & Ford Cemeteries::

Ibbotson, Catherine; Ford, plot: SV 138, 26/11/1925
Ibbotson, Raymond; Ford, Ford, plot: 2A 292, 28/7/1916
Ibbotson, Raymond; Ford, Ford, plot: 2A 292, 13/12/1912
Ibison, Canon James; Ford, plot: I 468, 13/10/1982
Ibison, Elizabeth, Ainsdale, plot: 1B 164, 10/2/1984
Ibison, Harold, Ainsdale, plot: D 125, 12/3/1946
Ibison, James George, Ainsdale, plot: 1B 164, 19/4/1943
Ibison, Lindsey Rosine, Ainsdale, plot: 1B 164, 25/5/1929
Ibison, Mary, Ainsdale, plot: D 125, Deed Holder
Ibison, Mary, Ainsdale, plot: D 125, 22/12/1951
Ibison, William, Ford, plot: SJ 933, 20/11/1875
Ibison, P.P. James Rev., Ford, plot: I 672, Deed holder
Ibitson, James George, Ainsdale, plot 1B 164 Deed holder
Iddleton, William, Ford, plot: SJ 737, 6/9/1874

Let me know if you want the full details on all of them or just the Ainsdale plots: 1B 164, D 125?

Reply 2:

Here are the Ford entries:

Ford Cemetery
Section: I
Plot: 468
Plot Owner: Parish Priest - English Martyrs Church Litherland L21

Canon James Ibison
English Martyrs Presbytery
Age: 78 years
Burial: 13/10/1982

Ford Cemetery
Section I
Plot : 672
Plot Owner: P.P. James Rev. Ibison

Agnes Watt
English Martyrs Presbytery
Age: 48 years
Burial: 12/1/1968

Ford Cemetery
Section: SJ
Plot plot: 933
William Ibison
St Thomas District L2
Age: 74 years
Burial: 20/11/1875

Here are the Ibson's buried at Ainsdale:

Ainsdale Cemetery
Section: 1B
Plot: 164
Plot owner: James George Ibitson (This is the spelling in the plot records)

Lindsey Rosine Ibison
79 Eastbourne Road
Age: 58 years
Burial: 25/5/1929

James George Ibison
7 Blundell Crescent
Age: 72 years
Burial: 19/4/1943

Elizabeth Ibison
19 Cedar Street, Southport
Age: 95 years
Burial: 10/2/1984

Ainsdale Cemetery
Section: D
Plot: 125
Plot Owner Mary Ibison

Harold Ibison
17 Roe Lane, Southport
Age: 67 years
Burial: 12/3/1946

Ibison, , Ainsdale, plot: D 125,
Mary Ibison
17 Roe Lane, Southport
Age: 65 years
Burial: 22/12/1951

Thank you for the donation to CAFOD.

Sent : 07 January 2004 03:02:32
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

The name I am searching is GRACE McADAM. She died sometime on or after Oct 18, 1882.
On that date she would have been almost 20 years of age. She was born on
8 December 1862. I don't have any cemetery information so this is a long shot
as I can't find a death registration and have searched for years.



Sorry, not one Grace McAdam in the RC burial Index

Sent : 07 January 2004 22:53:03
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

I am interested in Edward Gallagher he died in the 1940s.


Here are the two Edward Gallagher's from the RC Cemetery Board Index for the 1940's:

Ford Cemetery
Private plot: PO 611
Deed holder: Bridget Gallagher - 2A

Edward Gallagher
Whiston Hospital, Liverpool L35
Age: 70 years
burial: 16/5/1947

Bridget Gallagher
32 Cartmel Road, Liverpool L36
76 years

Margaret Fargin
32 Alfinch Close, Liverpool L14
67 Years

James Fargin
75 Atlee Street, Liverpool L36
83 years

Edward Gallagher
Public plot: BZ 200
126 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15
Age: 43 years
Burial: 15/9/1942

That is wonderful, these are my Grandparents and Aunt.Thank you so much.
Would it be O.K. if I made the contribution to the London Food bank, I
volunteer there, through my church St George RC church London, Ontario,
please let me know if this is acceptable.

Reply 2:

Glad to be of help.
A contribution to the London Food bank, would be fine.

Sent : 07 January 2004 12:10:53
Subject : relative search

Dear Pat Neill

I am trying to trace my great grandparents , John Maguire and Ellen Maguire nee Noon.
The only information is that they were buried at Ford Cemetery around about the 1930's
They did die young. Any information you find would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Sandra & Karen,


This could be your John Maguire:

John Maguire
Ford Cemetery
Public plot: SV 3102
164 Crown Street
Age: 22 years
Burial: 23/12/1937

All the Ellen Maguire's seem too old or are children, if you can give me the year she died, it would help.

Sent : 07 January 2004 22:26:25
Subject : Cemetery search.

Sir, I would appreciate any information on the following interment.

Name: Elizabeth Hart
Yew Tree cemetery
Date of death: 1904
Age: 45
Address: 11 Furness Road , Liverpool.

Many thanks. David .


This is all the info. from the RC Cemetery Board plot records:

Ford Cemetery
Public plot: X 247
Elizabeth Hart
Walton Workhouse, Liverpool L9
Age: 45 years
Burial: 22/3/1904

Here are the Elizabeth Harts from the 1901 cenus:

Name Age Where-Born Administrative County Civil-Parish Occupation
Elizabeth Hart 7 Lancs Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool
Elizabeth Hart 20 Lancs-Liverpool Liverpool West-Derby Domestic-Servant
Elizabeth Hart 29 Suffolk-Stradbroke Lancashire Liverpool Hospital-Nurse
Elizabeth Hart 30 Lancashire-Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool
Elizabeth Hart 46 Lancs-Maghull Liverpool Kirkdale
Elizabeth Hart 50 Ramsey-Isle-Of-Man Liverpool Kirkdale

Sent : 08 January 2004 16:16:28
Subject : Yew Tree Cemetery, Liverpool

Dear Pat Neill,

Thank you very much for the service you offer – it is much appreciated.
I am searching for the grave of my husband’s grandparents. We intend
travelling to Liverpool from Ireland on 23rd January and we would like to
visit the grave.

The details are:

Aindrias Joseph O’Byrne or O Broin
who died on 31.3.1915.

Catalina O’Byrne or O Broin –
she died on 26.1.1946

If I wasn’t imposing too much on you, I would be very interested in any
Romero graves in Yew Tree – Catalina’s surname before marriage was Romero.

Many thanks,



Not one Aindrias Joseph O’Byrne or O Broin in the Liverpool RC Board Burial
Index. This is the closes I could find for Catalina O’Byrne or O Broin:

Yew Tree Cemetery
Section 3D
Plot: 250
Deed owner: Elizabeth Mc Cormick

Catherine O'Byrne
61 Spencer Street, Liverpool L6
Age: 68 years
Burial: 31/1/1946

James Mc Cormack
61 Spencer Street, Liverpool L6
Age: 69 years
Burial: 12/2/1949

Elizabeth Mary Mc Cormack
61 Spencer Street, Liverpool L6
Age: 87 years
Burial: 26/2/1964

Catherine Mary Mc Cormack
9 Dalry Walk, Liverpool L33
Age: 61 years
Burial: 27/10/1967

Do any of the names or addresses sound familiar?

They are several Romero Graves in Ford & Yew Tree Cemeteries Here are the
index details:

Surname Given Name Cemetery Section Plot Burial date
Romero Elizabeth Ford A 193 10/5/1902
Romero Catherine Ford AD 661 6/6/1913
Romero Christina Ford BZ 1326 8/12/1894
Romero Christopher Ford BZ 1352 31/12/1894
Romero Francis Ford BZ 685 19/8/1892
Romero Francisco Ford SJ 35 10/4/1870
Romero Ignatius Ford X 698 11/2/1906
Romero Joseph Yew Tree 1G 118 23/12/1966
Romero Josephine Yew Tree 3A 458 14/1/1938
Romero Josephine Yew Tree 1A 216 21/11/1969
Romero Margaret Ann Yew tree 1G 118 19/4/1974
Romero Severino Ford BZ 1364 29/1/1895
Romero Vincent Ford BZ 1188 11/5/1894

If you want the rest of the details from the plot records (address & age)
for any or all of them, let me know.

Plan of Ford & Yew Tree Cemeteries:


Sent : 09 January 2004 09:58:06
Subject : RE: Yew Tree Cemetery, Liverpool


May your blood be bottled! Many, many thanks. Words cannot describe
how much I appreciate this.

Could I ask another favour, please? Perhaps Fiach's grandfather was
buried under the surname of Byrne - could you look for Andrew/Aindrias
Joseph Byrne, please, if it isn't too much trouble? Also, if I am not
putting upon you too much, could you give me the further details on the
Romero families?

Many thanks,



I forgot to mention - yes, Catherine O'Byrne of Spencer Street is
correct. She is Fiach's grandmother. She was staying with her sister
who married McCormack.



Reply 2:

Here is your Andrew O Byrne, he was in a small section of the index,
I missed him before as I only checked the O'Byrnes', not the O Byrnes', sorry!

Yew Tree Cemetery
Section: 1B
Plot: 61
Deed Owner: Elizabeth Mc Carthy

Patrick Mc Carthy
40 Orleans Road
Age: 79 years
Burial: 31/1/1912

Andrew O Byrne
61 Spencer Street
Age: 33 years
Burial: 31/3/1915

Mary Magdalen Mc Ccarthy
Whalley Road - Moss Side Hulme, "The Home"
Age: 76 years
Burial: 24/4/1918

Surname Given Name Cemetery Section Plot Burial date

Public plots:
Romere Elizabeth Ford A 193 10/5/1902
14 Liver Street, Age 4 months

Romero Catherine Ford AD 661 6/6/1913
Liverpool Workhouse, L3, Age: 51 years

Romero Christina Ford BZ 1326 8/12/1894
32 Butler Street, Age: 3 months

Romero Christopher Ford BZ 1352 31/12/1894
32 Butler Street, Age: 40 years

Romero Francis Ford BZ 685 19/8/1892
1 Great Howard Street, 6 months

Romero Severino Ford BZ 1364 29/1/1895
Coburg Dock, (SS "Turico"), Age: 15 years

Romero Vincent Ford BZ 1188 11/5/1894
32 Butler Street, Age: 11 months

Romero Francisco Ford SJ 35 10/4/1870
Boys Refuge, St Anne Street L3, Age: 11 years

Romero Ignatius A Ford X 698 11/2/1906
25 Clive Street, Age: 8 months

Pivate Plot
Romero Joseph Yew Tree 1G 118 23/12/1966
80 Wingate Towers L36, Age: 76 Years
Romero Margaret Ann Yew tree 1G 118 19/4/1974
20 Croftfields L31, Age: 80 years
also in same plot: Lilian Beach, 8 Landford Bungalows, L9
Plot Owner: Florence Beach - 8 Landford Bungalows, L9

Private Plot
Romero Josephine Yew Tree 3A 458 14/1/1938
Fazakerley Hospital L10, Age: 19 years
Also in the same plot:
Herbert Beach, 19 Eyes Street, age: 13 years, 28/6/1919.
Margaret Ann Beach, 7 Handfield Street, Age 81 years, 25/11/1946.
Robert Beach, 7 Handfield Street L5, Age: 73 years, 31/8/1962.
Plot owner: Margaret Beach

Prvate plot
Romero Josephine Yew Tree 1A 216 21/11/1969
81 Rockley Street L4, Age: 83 years.
Also in the same plot:
Kathleen Shakespeare, 38 York Terrace, Age: 30 years, 21/10/1929.
Alexander Gerard Shakespeare, 38 York Terrace, Age: 35 years, 20/4/1938.
Eliza M Shakespeare, 38 York Terrace, L5, Age: 88 years, 8/11/1949.
Plot Owner: Elizabeth Shakespeare.

Sent : 08 January 2004 17:36:06
Subject : relative search

Dear Patrick

Thank you for you quick response to our Email yesterday.
I also thought this could be our John Maguire but today I visited an Aunt.

It so happens this couple had about seven children the oldest being my
Grandfather born 1911. The youngest being 2 1/2 when they died. I now think
only Ellen Maguire would be at Ford Cemetery following the information from
the Aunt..

Working back the dates I think it could have been between 1922 and 1925.
All the children went in to an orphanage and my Grandfather after he got out,
got them out one by one.

I think she could have been late 20's or early 30's.

It is amazing what you can learn about your family and your roots.
Unfortunately not all of it is good.

Thank you for all your help, look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards



Here are the Ellen Maguire's from the RC burial Index, for the twenties:-

Ellen Maguire
Ford Cemetery
Section: SJ
Plot: 1003
53 Lamb Street
Age: 26 years
Burial: 15/4/1922

Ellen Maguire
Ford Cemetery
Section: SJ
Plot: 890
8A Reading Street
Age: 5 months
Burial: 1/11/1921

Ellen Maguire
Ford Cemetery
Section: SV
Plot: 72
14 Tenterden Street
Age: 70 years
Burial: 22/5/1925

Ellen Maguire
Yew Tree Cemetery
Section: 3A
Plot: 114
Leyfield Poor School
Age: 14 years
Burial: 13/9/1926

Ellen Maguire
Ford Cemetery
Section: SV
Plot: 973
39A Newsham Street
Age: 42 years
Burial: 10/9/1929

You could also try contacting the Nugent Care Society:-


They ran the Catholic Orphanages

Good luck with your research.

Sent : 08 January 2004 19:24:11
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service


Please search for burial location in Catholic cemeteries in Liverpool for:

b. County Wexford, Ireland in about 1790 - 1810
Rough estimate of death 1860s or 1870s
(wife- Elizabeth or "Bessie)

Thanks for your help,

Fort Smith, Arkansas USA



There are several RICHARD BARRET's in the RC Burial Index for the years
1860-80 but they were all too young. There are 8 X Elizabeth BARRETT's so I
would need the year of her death to check further.

Sent : 11 January 2004 00:16:27
Subject : Re Marriages

Hi Patrick
We have spoken before a while ago you found a grave for me at Ford.
I was looking through the marriages and there is a:

Simon Drennan to Mary Drennan Widow Keeffe at VIN, St Vincent De Paul's I believe.

Do you understand the Widow Keeffe bit? Does it mean she was a Drennan and also a Keeffe
two previous marriages ???.

Also Henry William Haizeldon to Mary Agnes Keller
IMM, Immaculate conception St Domingo Rd.

Thank You for your time


SIMONEM DRENNAN & MARIAM DRENNAN(wid.KEEFFE) were married 9-Apr-1877
at St Vincent De Paul RC Church Liverpool.

21 FEB 1878 at Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception RC church Liverpool.

To fully understand what is meant by Widow, you really need to look at the
marriage register or get a copy of the marriage certificate. Sometimes the
Priest forgets the name of the Bride and put in her new married name.
Other times they write in their maiden name. And sometimes they write in
their current surname. It is only by seeing the father's name in the
register or on the certificate, that you can sometimes make sense of all the surnames...

Sent : 08 January 2004 20:43:58
Subject : Re: RC_cemetery_search_service

Hi Patrick, this is my first attempt at this, can you suggest where I would
go from here?
Also would it be a lot of work for you to Check

John Neilon he was buried in
Ford Cemetery in 1955.

I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you so much.!



Your luck may in! You appear to have come across a family grave,
do any of the names & address' sound familiar?

Ford Cemetery
Section: 1A
Plot: 17
Plot Owner: Mary Catherine Henrick - 5A/3C

William Kendrick
38 Upper Milk Street
Age: 30 years
Burial: 29/12/1901

Catherine Baker
Liverpool Workhouse L3
64 years

Leo Nielson
72 Johnson Street
16 months

Michael Baker
Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary L3
73 years

Mary Neilson
72 Johnson Street
45 years

Michael Ryan
72 Johnson Street
23 months

Emma Ryan
Alder Hey Hospital L12
13 months

John Neilson
Belmont Road L6 (St Josephs Home)
Age: 80 Years
Burial: 5/10/1955

For a plan of Ford cemetery see:-


Sent : 12 January 2004 00:43:00
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

Hello Patrick,
Would you please look up a

Elizabeth Brophy
She died either 1951 or 1957
She lived in Liverpool N

I know you mentioned one name at a time but in the near future could you also look for a

Delia Roberts
She died in 1938 age 65
Also lived in Liverpool N.

They are both sisters and married in West Derby in Catholic Churches,
I have no idea where they are buried

Thank you in advance

Best wishes



Here is the family plot were Elizabeth Brophy is buried:-

Ford cemetery
Section: G
Private plot: 403.b
Michael Brophy - 64 Hedley Street Liverpool L5

Thomas Brophy
42 Belmont Road, Liverpool L6
Age: 76 years
Burial: 19/5/1955

Elizabeth Brophy
14 Lemon Street L5
Age: 79 years
Burial: 21/11/1957

William Daly
37 Vesuvius Street, L5
Age: 59 years
Burial: 13/3/1963

Bridget Daley
4 Lemon Street L5
Age: 85 years

I did not find one Delia Roberts in the RC burial records.

Sent : 12 January 2004 18:14:53
Subject : RE: RC_cemetery_search_servicevice


I really appreciate your quick an excellent help. Perhaps this will help:

*Richard Barrett died in November of 1863.

*His first child was born in 1836 in Ireland so this could indicate that
Richard could have been born as late as 1816.

*His son, Peter, was a priest or brother at the time of Richard's death in
Liverpool. I have no idea to which order he belonged.

So you will know.......the above comes from letters that I have which were
written by Richard's niece in the 1860s from Loretto Convent in
Rathfarham-Dublin, Ireland. They were being sent to her mother who was also
Richard's sister and was living here in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Letters were sent while our Civil War was raging and it amazes me that they got through the blockades.

Sorry to burden you with this but I really do appreciate your efforts and hope this information will help.



I did see this plot before, but the Richard Barrett seemed too young,
that why the year of his death helps me a lot. He still seems too young
but maybe his age is wrong in the burial records. It seems strange
to have two Richard Barrett's at the same house at the same time & the same age!

Ford Cemetery
Section: F
Private Plot: 349
Plot Owner: Elizabeth Barrett

Richard Barratt (spelling as found in the index & plot records)
6 Blackstone Street L5
Age: 20 years
Burial: 5/11/1863

Richard Barrett
6 Blackstone Street L5
Age: 20 years
Burial: 31/3/1864

Elizabeth Barrett
6 Blackstone Street L5
Age: 54 years
Burial: 7/2/1865

Michael Caffrey
23 Athol Street
Age: 57 years
Burial: 19/2/1879

Elizabeth Barrett
6 Blackstone Street L5
Age: 40 years
Burial: 3/7/1888

Do the other's in the plot make you think this is your man?
The reason I try to help people with these RC burial records is all down to
mistakes in the index. It took me 3 years to find my grandfather in these
records because the records say his name was Edward Kelly but his name was
Edward Neill. So you can see there are big mistakes....

Sent : 13 January 2004 15:53:47
Subject : RE: RC_cemetery_search_servicevice

Congratulations Patrick. You absolutely found them!

The first Richard you listed is the correct month and year of death as
confirmed by the letter from my great great aunt in Dublin who was writing
to her mother who had emigrated here: "Uncle Richard's death, he died the
second of November 1863". Your burial date of Nov. 5 makes sense
but the age is somehow in error on his burial record.

The 2nd Richard you listed would be the above Richard's and Elizabeth's son.
The aunt in Dublin wrote: "My cousin Peter Barrett in Liverpool lost his one
only brother on 28th of March". Your record of his burial on 31st of March 1864
......is an ironclad confirmation. His baptismal record in Ireland would
of had him as 21 instead of the 20 shown on the burial record but this is the right man.

The first Elizabeth is of course the correct name for the wife of the first
Richard and the mother of the second. I have no record of her birth year
but her first child was baptized in in 1836 in Gorey, County Wexford, IR
which would have made her 23 at his birth...all of which is probable.

As to the Michael Caffrey who is buried in the family plot....I have no
knowledge of his connection to this family although there must be or
he would not be buried in their plot.

The 2nd Elizabeth would apparently be a daughter born in about. 1848 and
apparently after the family left Gorey. The mother Elizabeth would have been
well within her childbearing years at that time.

Two quick questions:
1) What is the meaning of the "L5" behind their street address?
2) Would you mind looking for the burial record of Peter Barrett who was the
son or the elder Richard and Elizabeth. Peter was baptized in Gorey on 7th of June 1839?
I had originally thought he became a priest because of one of the letters stating
"members of Peters confraternity".
I have now decided that it was a lay religious organization and NOT a religious order.

I assume that you are in the U.K. That being the case, I think it would be
proper for me to donate to CAFOD in your county.
Let me know if I have your country right.

So Patrick my thanks and those of a very large group of family descendants
in Arkansas, USA for letting us know what became of our Barretts.
Might be of interest to you to know how we got from Ireland to Arkansas.
The elder Richard Barrett's sister Fanny Barrett Breen who was my gg grandmother,
her husband, children and my Hendrick greatfather all left Ireland by way of
Liverpool on the "Ticonderoga" in the fall of 1850 for Arkansas.
They were part of a contingent of about 1200 people on three ships under the
leadership of Father Thomas Hore. They sailed for New Orleans and on arrival
caught steamboats up the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers to Arkansas.
"A Farewell to Famine" by Jim Rees recounts the saga of these folks.
Lots of descendants of these folks now in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Little Rock,
Arkansas, St. Louis, Missouri and Wexford, Iowa.
I know you must hear this stuff daily but thought I would pass it along in
the hopes you would enjoy knowing about their story.

With much thanks and God Bless,


Reply 2:

Glad to be of help.

L5 = Liverpool L5, a district within Liverpool (similar to a zip code).
See Pictures of RC Churches in the Liverpool Area:-


(There were/are several RC churches in Liverpool L5.)

There are 5 X Peter Barrett's in the RC Burial Records,
all the others were born a lot later or earlier the 1839, this is the closes:

Peter Barrett
Ford Cemetery
Section: N
Private plot: 87
21 Porter Street
Age: 41 years
Burial: 14/1/1886
Other people in the plot: John & Ann Elixabeth Morgan,
Ann Elizabeth & George Beale & Mary Jane Callaghan

If you had a date of death that would help.

Here is a marriage of a Peter Barrett in the Liverpool L5 area:

married 01 FEB 1873 at St Alban's RC church Liverpool L5.

You can make a donation to Catholic Relief Services in the US
or Cafod (http://www.cafod.org.uk/donate/) in the UK, it all goes to helping
people in need overseas. As your family was helped in 1850 by
Father Thomas Hore (I have read of his work, what a great man!), you have
first hand knowledge of what help can do. It's a pity that so many
Irish people never got the help they needed in the mid 1800's.
Thank you for your family story, most people don't have such details,
you are lucky in that respect.

Sent : 14 January 2004 20:09:59
Subject : RE: RC_cemetery_search_servicevice


Many thanks for checking on Peter Barrett too.
I will add your findings on him to our book but only as a possibility for the reader to consider.
Got to leave something for the next generation to solve.

The marriage of a Peter Barrett to Elizabeth McCaffrey does ring a bell.
As you will recall, there was a Michael CAFFREY mysteriously buried in
Peter's parents' plot (Sect. F, plot #349 in Ford Cemetery).
You know how the Irish sometimes dropped the preceding "O'" or the "Mc".

I made a donation to CAFOD this morning prior to your most recent note.
Did it to the UK branch as thought since you are there that it was only the right thing to do.

The Irish did indeed have a tough time. Not too easy on them initially in
the US if they arrived on the east coast. A sizable contingent settled here in Fort Smith
and they did not receive the bad treatment that the Yankees gave those that
arrived in the eastern ports. You step across the Poteau River here in Ft. Smith
and you are in the Choctaw Indian Nation. In Ireland, I have often been reminded
that the Choctaw Indians sent aid to the Irish during the famine. The Irish never
seem to forget a favour or a slight. On the latter, the Irish here don't either.
I always recall my grandmother who was in her 90s at the time who married
an Irishman but was not of the blood herself advising me regarding some
unfinished financial business with her spinster sister-in-laws and telling me "
Watch those Irish ......they are TRICKY".

Father Hore was indeed a fine man. In Fort Smith we think very highly of him
and they do in Wexford, Iowa too. His great grand niece (or something like that)
is a good friend of ours. Her husband Ted Hendrick was born on the same side
of the street and only a few doors away from where my great grandfather
Andrew Hendrick was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford. Andrew also travelled
over with Father Hore on the "Ticonderoga". Andrew married Margaret Breen
(also a Ticonderoga passenger) here in Ft. Smith and the Richard Barrett you found
is the brother to Margaret. Small world isn't it?

You are right about us being lucky but must say that we have worked at it
for forty years. Somebody said "Good things happen where hard work and luck meet".
Our luck has been in finding and getting good help from fine people like yourself.

Our genuine thanks and all best wishes,


Reply 3:

Many thank for the donation.

Like you I believe we make our own luck, I too believe in hard work and
asking for help when deeded. "If you don't ask, you don't get" as my
Welsh aunt used to tell me as a child.

Glad to be of help, bye for now.

Sent : 14 January 2004 16:57:20
Subject : Location of graves


My mother, who is nearly 90 years of age tells me her parents are
both buried at Ford Cemetery. Her mother, she tells me,
is buried with her own parents. My grandmother's name was

Elizabeth O'Neill(nee Bassett)
And she died on 3rd February 1922

Having been born on 29th February around 1880.

My grandfather,

Joseph O'Neill,
Died prior to 1947

And it is possible that his grave shows his wife's name (Elizabeth) but as a descendant.
He had 4 daughters, Helen, Rose, Peggy and Kitty and I think 3 sons, Francis, Harry and George.

I visited the cemetery today and of course it would be a hopeless task to
find the graves without any real clues.
I am quite happy to send a donation to CAFOD in due course.

Thanks in advance.



Here are the grave details:

Ford cemetery
Section: O
Private plot: 148
Plot Owner: John Malone.

Elizabeth O Neill
144A Brownlow Hill L3
Age: 41 years
Burial: 14/2/1922

Also in the plot;

Henry Bassett
Liverpool Workhouse Liverpool L3
Age: 54 years
Burial: 12/5/1908

Mary Bassett
3 Vandries Street
Age: 57 years
Burial: 10/11/1909

Margaret Helen Malone
122 Great Howard Street
Age: 38 years
Burial: 27/5/1914

Gerard Malone
122 Great Howard Street
Age: 3 years
Burial: 10/6/1914

Magaret Malone
Northern Hospital Liverpool l3
Age: 16 years
Burial: 16/3/1915

If you are unable to locate the grave site, let me know. I will check for Joseph O'Neill later..

Plan of Ford cemetery:-


Sent : 15 January 2004 12:50:57
Subject : The continuing saga of Sara Duffy ("Liverpool Area RC Marriage Index")

Hi Patrick

With the information you supplied about the death of Sarah Duffy (Maiden name Carney)

Yew Tree Cemetery
Plot: 3D 270
Deed Holder: Florence Sutton (joint owner with Christina Atherton)

Sarah Duffy
St Vincent's Hospice Liverpool L13
Age: 80 years
Burial: 25/6/1945

I've been able to locate her birth certificate.
The details on her birth certificate shows her father was Bernard Carney
(Confirming the information on her later wedding certificate) and her mother was
Catherine Marlow. It also shows she was born in the Scottie Road area of Liverpool.
Your "Liverpool Area RC Marriage Index" shows the entry below:-


ANT = St. Anthony's, Scotland Road, L5
24 Oct 1837 - 19 Jan 1851, 21 Jan 1851 - 18 Feb 1865

Since this is almost certainly the marriage I'm looking could
I ask for your help again with information about this entry.

Many Thanks


I must thank you again for all the time and effort you make with my enquiries.


The marriage took place on 15th November 1851 at St Anthony's RC church.
This all the info. I have on this marriage.
The register is held at the Liverpool Record Office, see:-


Sent : 16 January 2004 00:41:19
Subject : Marriage Info

Hi Patrick.

I'm E-mailing from Ennis Co. Clare .
I'm looking for information on my Great grandfather on my mothers side.
There marriage code is – REC there names where:

Michael Butler and Louisa Duffy

After the marriage they lived in Rathbone St. Liverpool.
If you can help with a date or any info I would be most grateful
and would have no problem supporting your charity.

Yours truly


Here are all the details of the marriage, that I have:

on 27th December 1889 at our Lady of Reconciliation RC church Liverpool.

The records are held at the Liverpool Record Office:


Sent : 16 January 2004 06:56:28
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

Hello Patrick, could you look up a

Catherine Singleton
Yew Tree cemetery ,
Age approx 20,
Died exact 1946,

Thank you.



None of the Catherine Singleton's in the RC Burial Index were buried in 1945, sorry.

You might want to check out this site:


Also the Liverpool Record Office:


Sent : 16 January 2004 17:31:35
Subject : More Duffy information required

Hi Patrick

Thanks for the marriage details you sent me.
I've now ordered the marriage certificate and that should take me back
one more generation. I've another easy one for you when you have the time.

Do you have any burial information on a:

Michael Duffy
Died 1910 in Liverpool
Age 80.

I have traced Michael through the 1871,1881,1891 and 2001 census
information and this would be a great name to confirm because the 1901 census
gives Westport Ireland for the place of birth instead of just Ireland.

The extra information about his birth place may allow me to
find details of his family in Ireland.
His wife another

Sarah Ann Duffy
Died either with the GRO entry of:

Ann Duffy age 64 in 1900 or

Sarah Duffy age 58 in 1894

And may be buried with him. She is with him on the 1891 census but he his
shown as a widower on the 1901 census.
I've made a further donation to CAFOD and another one is on the way if you
can crack this one for me.

Many thanks for all your work and your great web site.



Here are the details of Michael Duffy buried in 1910, he seems to be too young.

Ford Cemetery
Section: H
Private plot: 453
Owner : Michael Duffy

Ann Duffy
Coroner's Order
Age: 50 years
Burial: 22/9/1898

Ann Kelly
40 Hibbert Street
Age: 36 years
Burial: 30/6/1905

Margaret Duffy
Eccleston Asylum
Age: 5 years
Burial: 4/1/1909

Michael Duffy
79 Low Hill
Age: 69 years
Burial: 4/8/1910

Many thanks for your donations to CAFOD.

Sent : 17 January 2004 14:31:34
Subject : RE: RC_cemetery_search_service

Hello again Patrick, sorry to bother you again, I know you must
be busy, but I gave you the wrong name to look for it should
have been LYNN. I've given you her maiden name by mistake.

So it's Catherine Lynn, died 1946.

Hope you don't mind.



Not one Catherine Lynn buried in 1946, but there was a Kathleen Lynn:

Kathleen Lynn
Yew Tree Cemetery
Section: A
Public plot: 1266
Eccleston Mental Hospital
Age: 22 years
Burial: 23/2/1946

Sent : 17 January 2004 22:07:51
Subject : 'Sept03_Hibernia_emails'

Hello Patrick.
I Don't know where my Grandfather is buried. his name was:

Thomas Whittingham,
Address 14 Prince William St. Liverpool 8.
Age appr.62.
Could have been around 1928.

His wife Mary (Dwyer) is buried at Ford cemetery.
she died in 1918.

We couldn't find Thomas burial there, he was a
convert to the Catholic faith. They all attended St Patrick's Park Place, L'pool.

Thanking you

Eileen, Nee Whittingham, Now in Indiana USA


I did not find a Thomas Whittingham buried in Ford or Yew Tree Cemeteries around 1928.
Here are the details for his wife:

Mary Whittingham
Section: SJ
Public plot: 150
14 Prince William Street
Age: 48 years
Burial: 30/5/1918

My ancestors live in 11 Prince William Street and went to St Patrick's church &
school in the early 1900's, maybe they knew each other!

For pictures & information on St Pat's see:


There are a couple of Whittingham's in Index to the Burials at St. Nicholas RC Church Liverpool,
1813-54 Transcribed by Josie McCann:


My records show:

married on 20-Feb-1889 at St Vincent De Paul.
This is just down the road from St Pat's.

The records for St Pat's & St Vincent De Paul are held at the Liverpool Record Office:


Civil records show:

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Marriages Mar 1889

Dwyer Mary Catherine Liverpool 8b 216
Whittingham Thomas Liverpool 8b 216

This could be Thomas in the 1881 census:

Dwelling: 6 North Hill St
Census Place: Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England
Source: FHL Film 1341873 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3645 Folio 104 Page 1
Marr Age Sex Birthplace

Wm. WHITTINGHAM M 46 M Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Chandler (Gen Dealer)

Elizabeth WHITTINGHAM M 45 F Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Wife

Thomas WHITTINGHAM U 20 M Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Painter

John WHITTINGHAM U 18 M Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Painter

Robert WHITTINGHAM U 14 M Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Plumber

Elizabeth WHITTINGHAM U 13 F Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar

Willm. LUNT U 29 M Chester, Cheshire, England
Rel: Boarder
Occ: Bricklayer

Mary LUNT M 53 F Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Visitor
Occ: Midwife

Margaret PARRY W 53 F Lpool, Lancashire, England
Rel: Lodger
Occ: Dressmaker

This could be Mary (Dwyer) in the 1881 census:

Dwelling: Darnley St 11 Ct 1 Ho
Census Place: Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England
Source: FHL Film 1341871 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3638 Folio 20 Page 36
Marr Age Sex Birthplace

Timothy DWYER M 30 M Ireland
Rel: Head
Occ: Bricklayer

Mgt. DWYER M 30 F Ireland
Rel: Wife

Michael DWYER 13 M Ireland
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

Mary DWYER 11 F Ireland
Rel: Dght
Occ: Scholar

Timothy DWYER 8 M Ireland
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

James DWYER 5 M Liverpool
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

James DWYER 19 M Ireland
Rel: Lodger
Occ: Bricklayer

Could not find Thomas in Liverpool in the 1901 census
(http://www.census.pro.gov.uk/), but this could be him working in Manchester:

Thomas Whittingham, 38, Lancashire Liverpool, Lancaster, Stretford, Bricklayers Labourer

This could be his wife in the 1901 census:

Mary Whittingham 30 Lancs Liverpool Liverpool C B Toxteth Park

Sent : 18 January 2004 00:24:12
Subject : Madge Kirby Grave

Dear Patrick

I have just been reading your webpage: Liverpool Area RC Cemetery Search Service.
I am trying to trace the grave of :

Margaret T Kirby (known affectionately as Madge),
Aged 7 years of age.
She was murdered in mysterious circumstances in Liverpool in 1908.

She was abducted in January 1908 and her body was discovered in August of that year.

She was buried - I think in the same grave as her mother
Margaret, and her Father David - at Ford Cemetery.

She lived at Romilly Street, Kensington, Liverpool, may have been Number 55.

If you can help in any way, I will certainly donate money to CAFOD
and also put their website on my site: www.tomslemen.tk

All the best

Tom Slemen


Here are the plot details:

Ford cemetery
Section: H
Plot: 376
Plot owner: David Kirky

Jane Kirby
53 Romily Road
Age: 39 years

Margaret Marie Kirby
Coroners order
Age: 7 years
Burial: 13/8/1908

David Kirby
55 Romiley Street
Age: 38 years

Emily Kirby
93 Shaw Street
Age: 19 months

George Francis Kirby
58 Clapham Road Liverpool l4
Age: 66 years
Burial: 29/3/1960

Plan of Ford Cemetery:


Sent : 18 January 2004 03:09:16
Subject : Liverpool area Roman Catholic Marriages

Hi Patrick,

My G'grandmother was Margaret Pluck, and from her marriage to my
g'grandfather John Kennedy in 1878, her father was James Pluck, no mother's name given.
She was married in Dunlaoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland, but she was age 22 years
at her marriage, and we don't know where she was born.
I see that you have a:

James Pluck married a Margaret McDonnell at St. Patrick's;

But the Church Code Table doesn't seem to 'belong' to anyone, I wonder if you could help me here.

Would also be interested in the following Plucks:


Where Church Codes show;
Marie McQuade for St. Anthony's (Laurence Pluck to Bridget Rigney),
Marie McQuade for Our Lady of Reconciliation (Margaritam Pluck to Jacobum Boag/Bogue),
and Patrick Neill for St. Mary's (Mary Pluck to Dennis Toole).

Although I've found considerable information on the Plucks, in general,
I haven't been able to find Margaret's parents.
Knowing the date of the 1st marriage, in particular,
that is of James Pluck to Margaret McDonnell, would give me some idea as to
whether this might be her parents.
Her father James Pluck was a seaman, so they could easily have moved about, I suppose.

Winnipeg, Canada


Here are the dates of the PLUCK marriages:

4 FEB 1848 at St Patrick's

15 SEP 1860 at St Anthony's

17 JUN 1887 at Our lady of Rec.

24 AUG 1851 at St Mary's Highfield

Lanc BMD (http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/cgi/marrind.cgi?county=lancashire)


Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1883
Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s) Church / Register Office Registers At Reference
PLUCK Mary A & EDWARDS David West Derby, Register Office Liverpool REG_WD/95/61

Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1887
Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s) Church / Register Office Registers At Reference
PLUCK Margaret & BOAG James Liverpool, Register Office Liverpool REG_LP/195/100

Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1894
Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s) Church / Register Office Registers At Reference
PLUCK Timothy & WHITTAM Mary Liverpool, Register Office Liverpool REG_LP/220/17

1881 census shows:

Dwelling: 17 Portland St
Census Place: Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Source: FHL Film 1341861 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3598 Folio 4 Page 2
Marr Age Sex Birthplace

James PLUCK M 70 M Ireland
Rel: Head
Occ: General Labourer

Margret PLUCK M 65 F Ireland
Rel: Wife
Occ: General Labourer Wife

Ford Cemetery Records show:

James Pluck
Section: SV
Public plot: 1130
17 Portland Street Liverpool L3
Age: 60 years
Burial: 3/7/1883

Margaret Pluck
Section: SV
Public plot: 2366
17 Portland Street, Liverpool L5
Age: 56 years
Burial: 29/3/1888

Sent : 17 January 2004 19:40:38
Subject : Liverpool marriages

Dear Patrick,

I saw the postings you made of the marriages in Liverpool by the Tipperary
emigrants. Could you please tell me if a similar listing exists for those
that came through Liverpool from Kerry? I have a G'grandfather
MICHAEL O'CONNOR that came to Philadelphia in May 1837 and whose
wife (HANNAH MAHONEY) delivered her first baby there in June 1839. Since I cannot find
any marriage in Philadelphia or Killarney I thought they may have married in Liverpool.

This never occurred to me until I saw your Tipperary listing.

Your reply would be most appreciated.



Here are the Kerry people who married in Liverpool


Here is a list of over 64,000 Roman Catholics, mostly Irish, who married in Liverpool:


Did not find Michael O'Connor & Hannah Mahoney.

Sent : 20 January 2004 21:47:47
Subject : marriages

Dear Mr Neill

Could you please give me the dates of the following marriages:

William Kelly and Rose Ann Toman (st Vincents)

John Toman and Alice Jane Cunningham ( St Patricks)

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely



Here are the dates you requested, this is all the info I have on these marriages:

on 25 MAY 1851.

on 27-Oct-1872.

The records are held at the Liverpool Record Office:


Sent : 21 January 2004 17:12:59
Subject : Marriage at St Peters, Liverpool

Dear Patrick,

Please could you send me the details of the marriage between:

John Pearson and Jane Cain (Wid.Eaton)
St Peters church in Liverpool,
As listed the website. I will make a donation to an appropriate charity as requested.

Many thanks



JOHN PEARSON & JANE CAIN(wid.EATON) were married on
21-Jan-1839 at St Peter's RC church, Seel Street

The records are held at the Liverpool Record Office:


Sent : 22 January 2004 12:28:15
Subject : Liverpool RC Marriage Index

Dear Patrick,

I am following the instructions on the website to email you if a church index is
owned by Marie McQuade.
The details of my ancestors marriage that I found on your index are:

Marriage: Patrick Curran to Ann Connelly PET

As, I live in Australia, I'm not sure what my next step is.
The information in the church record could be most helpful to me in tracing my
family history to reland.

Would be grateful if you would advise.



on 8-Nov-1840 at St Peter's RC church, Seel Street Liverpool L1.

Neither gave an address in Ireland.

The records are held at the Liverpool Record Office:



Sincere thanks for providing the information re my ggg parents. You gave
me the date of their marriage which enables me to continue my research.
I will donate to a charity as requested by you. Once again thanks for
kind generosity in spending the time in helping family seekers like me.
Its amazing how much help I've received from complete strangers, I try to
help others in the same way if I can.

Warm regards

Sent : 23 January 2004 21:06:33
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

I have just come across your wonderful offer of searching for
names & burials for the Ainsdale cemetery.
I realize you state only one search but if you come across a "group" ???
I am looking for anyone named SIMNER or SYMNER of any date.
However any records relating to John Simner born late 1600's
But Particularly William & Ellen SYMNER - born abt 1730's - died 1800 - 1820
(and any previous of the same surname would be wonderful)
Any help you can give would be most appreciated.

With thanks and great anticipation



I did not find any SIMNER's or SYMNER's at Ainsdale.

At Ford Cemetery there are some Simnor's:

Bridget Dorothy
Burial: 28/12/1988
Section: EB
Plot: 15


Burial: 25/7/1966
Section: AE
Plot: 50

At Ainsdate there are only Synan's:

Section: M
Plot: 149
Burial: 27/6/1958

Section: M
Plot: 149
Burial: 7/12/1954

Sent : 24 January 2004 13:49:30
Subject : Request for info re Thomas Mccarthy

I am researching my Liverpool Irish ancestors and am trying to
track down the marriage of my GtGt Grandfather Thomas McCarthy.
His wife was I think called Catherine and his daughter was my Gt Grandmother
Mary Ann McCarthy (born in the early 1860s). They lived in the Scotland
Rd/Vauxhall Read area.

From the info on you website I note reference to a marriage between a
Thomas McCarthy and a Catharine Kenny at St Patrick's, Liverpool 8.
Could you let me know the date of this marriage?

Also could you send the dates of the marriages between:
Thomas McCarthy & Margaret Wiley ? St Michaels L6
Thomas McCarthy & Elisabeth Carrol ? Our Lady of Reconciliation L3

As I think my ancestor may have married more than once.
The 'owner' of the indices for these is given as Marie McQuade.
Thank you in advance for any info you can supply.

I note your request for donations to famine relief charity.

Best regards



Here are the marriage details you requested:

Thomas McCarthy & Catharine Kenny
married 30th October 1904 ? St Patrick's

Thomas McCarthy & Margaret Wiley,
married 3rd August 1885 ? St Michaels

Thomas McCarthy & Elisabeth Carrol
married 30th November 1856 ? Our Lady of Reconciliation

Thanks for the details. Unfortunately, they did not relate to my ancestor
but were helpful for purposes of elimination.



Sent : 27 January 2004 14:54:49
Subject : Daniel Ryan and Ellen Edwards (marriage)

I have been looking for the birth cert of my gg grandmother Catherine Ryan and through
my research found her father was a Daniel Ryan but could not find her mothers name,
on the 1851 census at 30 Court, 5 Paul Street it says her mother was Ellen , as Catherine
was 1 yr old on this I was wondering if this is the one you have on your list at ST Anthony's ...


find Catherine's birth any where.

yours hopefully,. Ann . k.


married on 5th November 1848 at St Anthony's RC church Liverpool.

Neither gave an address in Ireland

See also in the FREEBMD:


There is a Catherine Ryan born on 1850:


Hi Patrick, Thanks for your swift reply I am sure this is my family
and I am so pleased to have found where they married.
Can I ask you do you think they both came from Ireland?

As on the 1851 census I got from the central library office in Liverpool
says Ellen wife born Liverpool.
I know they did get facts wrong but wondered if at the church it was
actually mentioned if it was Ireland or Liverpool?
I had also ordered their daughters birth certificate.
And asked only if the name of father was Daniel, as I found one in 1850,
but the reply was father not daniel. So now I am wondering if anyone has
a list of baptisms at the RC churches in Liverpool. I would love to find
what year they arrived in Liverpool. So that will be my next project.
Thanks for your help with this I will make a donation to CAFOD.



Reply 2,

It's strange that the index says Ellen is from Ireland Wexford and your
census info. say she was born in Liverpool! Did you get a photocopy?
So you can double check, if not youneed to go back to the library and get a copy.
While you are there you can check the marriage at St Anthony's
and check out the baptisms at St Anthony's for late 1849 & early 1850.
If you can't get to the library, then check out CATHOLIC BAPTISM INDEXES


? Liverpool Registers(http://www.geocities.com/liverpoolregisters/index.html)

Thanks for the catholic baptism indexes, I am not in Liverpool but in
Portsmouth so I had put a message on the LFHS boards and was sent a copy I
thought of the census, but thanks , I will be up in Liverpool next month so
will go into the Library and check the indexes . many thanks Ann.

Sent : 20 June 2002 23:20:35

Hello I was just looking for records, baptismal for my Aunt
who would have been baptised in Nov/Dec 1924 at
St Francis' RC church in Garston, Liverpool.

Any idea where I could look?
Thanks. Patsy in Galway Ireland


The records are still at the church, as far as I know.
Here are the details:

St Francis of Assisi RC Church
The Rectory
Earp Street
L19 1RT

Tel 0151 427 4015

Sent : 25 January 2004 05:40:02
Subject : SFX Marriages

Dear Patrick,

Can you please direct me to the records for the following:


Thank you in advance.

David (Lifelong contributor to CAFOD)


John Cumpsty & Mary Nugent were married
on 17th September 1854 at St Francis Xaviers RC church Liverpool.

on 20th September 1880 at St James RC church Bootle.

Sent : 24 January 2004 15:24:59
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service


Could you possibly do another search for me?
I'm looking for

Rose Antonia Byrne -
no cemetery details known.
Date of death was 2nd April 1939 in Prescot.

I wonder is she was buried in Liverpool with her mother.
(You found her for me in December)

Many thanks


Reply, Here are the details you requested.

Rose Antonia Byrne
Yew Tree Cemetery
Section: A
Public plot: 1124
Eccleston County Mental Hospital
Age: 41 years
Burial: 5/4/1939

With her being buried in a public plot, there will be no marker.

Sent : 26 January 2004 17:41:35
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

Dear Pat

I wonder if you could be of assistance to me. My great grandfather:

Henry Harley was born in America about 1855,
he died about 1925
aged 70+.

We are led to believe he was buried in Ford cemetery and lived in the
great homer street area of Liverpool.

kind regards


Did not find one Henry Harley in the RC Burial Index.

Sent : 26 January 2004 21:09:29
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

Dear Mr. Neill,

I would appreciate any information you may have in the cemetery records about

John "Jacksie Kelly,
68 Dublin Street, Liverpool, and originally from Drogheda, Ireland.
He was born about 1877.
He died on the 13th April,

but I don't know what year, and is buried in Ford cemetery.
I think it may have been between 1945 and 1955.

Yours sincerely,


Here are the details from the plot records:

Ford Cemetery
Section : AB
Private plot: 548
Owner: Ernest Howells

Alice Mary Howells
68 Dublin Street
Age: 17 years

James Reilly
68 Dublin Street
Age: 67 years

John Kelly
68 Dublin Street
Age: 65 years

Mary Ellen Smith
126 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15
Age: 82 years

Plan of Ford Cemetery:


Hello Patrick

I've been trying to find a layout of West Derby Cemetery Liverpool
but without any success. Do you know where I can get one from,
without having to go to the LRO.
I am trying to locate ancestors graves on my wife's side.

Kind regards



I don't have a plan of West Derby Cemetery. You could try contacting:

West Derby Cemetery Cemetery Lodge & Office
Lower House Lane
L11 2SE

Tel: 0151 5462128

They may send or fax you a plan.

Info. from:


Sent : 29 January 2004 05:47:32
Subject : RC_cemetery_search_service

If you could search the index for Ford cemetery I would appreciate it -
I believe that my family had a family grave there at one time,
this would be in the name of PURCELL James or Abraham.

Thank you very much it is appreciated.

Kathy B


There are no plot in the names of Abraham Purcell,
here are 2 plot with the ownerbeing James Purcell.
The second plot has a John Abraham Purcell:

Ford cemetery
Section : SP
Plot: 377
Owner: James Purcell

James Purcell
3 Aughton Street Liverpool L5
Age: 18 months
Burial: 8/10/1874

Ellen Purcell
3 Aughton Street Liverpool L5
Age: 1 year
Burial: 1/2/1876

Mary Purcell
3 Aughton Street Liverpool L5
Age: 3 months
Burial: 13/5/1876

Maria Purcell
32 Idris Street
Age: 47 years
Burial: 2/10/1891

John Purcell
40 Athol Street Liverpool L5
Age: 41 years
Burial: 4/1/1893

Maria Frank
9 Barnmouth Street Liverpool L5
Age: 17 months
Burial: 7/6/1905

James Purcell
Coroners Order
Age: 53 years
Burial: 17/1/1909

Ford Cemetery
Section: WD
Plot: 516
Owner: James Purcell

Mary Agnes Purcell
Fazakerley Hospital Liverpool L10
Age: 13 years
Burial: 2/6/1930

Bridget Purcell
Catholic Female Orphanage
Age: 15 years
Burial: 9/7/1935

John Abraham Purcell
107 Rice Lane Liverpool L9 (hospital)
Age: 26 years
Burial: 3/10/1947

James Joseph Purcell
8 Clarendon Road Wallasey
Age: 71 years
Burial: 6/3/1958

Sent : 30 January 2004 05:28:24
Subject : Stephen Banning 1863-1870

Dear Mr Neill
I am looking for the burial site of my great great grandfather

Stephen Banning Irish Roman Catholic
Died between 1863-1870

Thank you for your information



Here are the details from the plot records for Ford Cemetery:

Ford Cemetery
Section: RF
Plot: 6
Owner: None Banning

Clara Banning
Regent Road L3
Age: 6 years

Charlotte Banning
Regent Road L3
Age: 12 years

Stephen Banning
60 Regent Road L3/5
Age: 39 years

James Banning
Regent Road L3
Age: 1 year

Cecilia Morgan
25 Rutland Street
Age: 61 years

Here is a plan of Ford Cemetery:


Dear Patrick
I am so grateful for your information I have been researching
these maternal relatives for the last ten years. Thank you
I'll donate to Caritas Australia.
Thank you once again
Best wishes


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