Utah Marriages


The Ogden Standard-Examiner 05/11/1889

Francis David Higginbotham Jr. & Geneva Alwilda Marsh

F. D. Higginbotham Jr. and Miss Geneva Marsh were married at the Logan Temple last Wednesday. They are now visiting relatives and friends at Willard for a few days.

(Anniversary announcement published 05/07/1939)

Well Known Couple to Observe Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Higginbotham Will Hold Open House Monday

Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Higginbotham will observe their fiftieth wedding anniversary Monday at their home, 662 East Twenty-first South street, with open house from 6 until 10 p. m.

They were married on May 8, 1889, in the Logan L. D. S. temple, and for many years have been well known throughout Utah and the intermountain west—Mr. Higginbotham as a public official, builder and L. D. S. church leader, and Mrs. Higginbotham as a musician and church worker.

Their early married life was spent in Ogden, where Mr. Higginbotham served as deputy county recorder, deputy county clerk, deputy sheriff of Weber county and as federal district court clerk. Later he was connected with construction work in the building of canals in Alberta, Canada, and in south central Idaho, end in construction of railroads in Montana, Idaho, Nevada and California.

Mr. Higginbotham was employed by the late John E. Dooly on May 1, 1911, and since that time has been connected with the John E. Dooly Company in Salt Lake City.

On June 27, 1919, he was ordained first bishop of Wells L. D. S. ward in Salt Lake City by President Heber J. Grant of the L. D. S. church. He held this post until June 22, 1932. On September 18, 1932, he was ordained a patriarch of the church.

Mrs. Higginbotham, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George J. Marsh, spent her early life in Willard. For many years she was one of the leading soloists in L. D. S. church choirs of Willard and Ogden, and later became a member of L. D. S. temple and tabernacle choirs in Salt Lake City. She has served as an ordinance worker in Salt Lake L. D. S. temple and as a Relief society worker and supervisor of religious classes In Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Seven of their ten sons and daughters are living: Leon C., David H. and William A. Higginbotham, Mrs. Golden Haight and Mrs. Elias L. Woodbury, all of Salt Lake City; Daniel H. Higginbotham of Phoenix, Ariz., and Mrs. Elmo Peterson of Oakland, Cal. They have 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.



The Salt Lake Tribune 06/10/1896

(Published 06/09/1946)

Frank Heginbotham & Isabelle Robson



The Salt Lake Tribune 08/02/1903

Louise Higginbotham & John Henry Woodman



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 06/18/1909

Rosalina Higginbotham & Lutral E. Moore

(Reprint from 06/18/1929)



The Ogden Examiner 06/22/1919

Letitia Peery Higginbotham & Elwood Meyers



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 02/19/1921

June Vilate Higginbotham & George Oxnam

(Published 02/19/1941)



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 02/19/1922

Elmer Lester Higginbotham & Gladys Eastman



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 04/23/1922

Joseph Lester Higginbotham & Edythe Shields



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 04/13/1930

Dorothy Higginbotham & Ralph Shields Stevenson



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 02/25/1934

Hazel Higginbotham & Jack Clifford Ofelt



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 09/02/1934

Helen Higginbotham & L. E. Hilton



The Salt Lake Tribune 01/24/1935

Mary Marsh Higginbotham & Elmo Peterson


ELMO PETERSON. 23. Salt Lake City, MARY MARSH HIGGINBOTHA.M. 20. Salt Lake City.



Ogden Standard-Examiner 06/16/1935

Hazel Higginbotham to Robert J. Schatz



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 04/03/1938

Margaret Dee "Peggy" Higginbotham & Archie Leonard Madsen



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 04/21/1940

Jack Thomas Higginbotham & Ruth Jensen



The Salt Lake Tribune 09/03/1946

Robert David Higginbotham & Elizabeth Violet Squires



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 06/15/1947

Beverly Higginbotham & Floyd Charles Layton



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 11/23/1947

Joanne Higginbotham & David Steven Thomas Jr.



The Ogden Standard-Examiner 02/13/1955

Willard E. Higginbotham & Carol Hoggan



The Salt Lake Tribune 07/31/1960

Erland Howard Heginbotham & Eleanor Frances Elson



The Salt Lake Tribune 04/23/1961

Stanley Jay Heginbotham & Constance Seeley



The Salt Lake Tribune 11/19/1961

Sharley Virginia Higginbotham & Richard James Leonard



Ogden Standard-Examiner 04/14/1963

Virginia Lee Higginbotham & Mark Hansen



Ogden Standard-Examiner 06/05/1966

Kenneth Orland Higginbotham & Karen Brown



The Salt Lake Tribune 05/15/1968

Val T. Higginbotham & Irja Liisa Ponkanen



The Salt Lake Tribune 12/12/1971

Jeffrey Dale Higginbotham & Lane LaVelle Lofgren



The Salt Lake Tribune 05/01/1973

James Allen Higginbotham & Linda Mae Dies

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