Chart 1



1.  John CHENEY  b. unknown, d. 27 Oct 1574 in Lambourn, Berkshire, ENGLAND. m. Agnes CHENEY  b. 1542 in Lambourn, Berkshire, ENGLAND, d. unknown. 


Lineage data notes: All of the Cheney lineages come from collections of information gathered from other researchers and their data found online. I have tried to read extensively and present the data which is most accepted amongst other resesarchers as being accurate. I have not researched original data sources to arrive at these conclusions, they are open to scrutiny.


Wife notes: I don't know if John married a relative with the same last name or if the records only represent her married name, Cheney.


Children notes: John CHENEY and Agnes CHENEY had the following children:


  +2   i.                      Lawrence CHENEY (born in 1566), presumably in England.

    3   ii.                     Thomas CHENEY b.  1564 in England.

    4   iii.                    Edward CHENEY b.  1568 in England.

    5   iv.                     Alice CHENEY b.  1570 in England.

    6   v.                      John CHENEY  b.  1572 in England.

    7   vi.                     William CHENEY b.  1574 in England.





Chart 2



2.  Lawrence CHENEY (John-1) b. 1566 in Lambourn, Berkshire, ENGLAND, d.  2 Nov 1643 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA. He was married to Julian WALDRON in 1588,  b.  1568 in Lambourn, Berkshire, ENGLAND. 


Children notes:  Lawrence CHENEY and Julian WALDRON had the following children:


  +8   i.                      William CHENEY (born on 31 Jul 1603).

    9   ii.                     Susannah CHENEY b.  1590 in England.

   10   iii.                    Dorothy CHENEY b.  1591 in England.

   11   iv.                     John CHENEY b.  1595 in England.

   12   v.                      Lawrence CHENEY b.  1600 in England.

   13   vi.                     Elizabeth CHENEY b.  1598 in England.

   14   vii.                    Mary CHENEY  b.  1606 in England.

   15   viii.                   Edward CHENEY b.  1608 in England.

   16   ix.                     Thomas CHENEY b.  1610 in England.





Chart 8


8.  William CHENEY (Lawrence-2, John-1) b.  31 Jul 1603 in England, d. 30 Jun 1667 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, . MA. m. Margaret COLE (daughter of William COLE and Elizabeth DEARDS) in 1626 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, b.  1604 in England, d.  on 3 Jul 1686 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. 


Notes: These notes are those of Lisa Sorensen 1998: It is still a mystery on how or when William arrived in Massachusetts. He was definitely living in Roxbury in 1640 because he was listed in the "estates and persons of the Inhabitants of Rocksbury". At that time, William owned 24 1/2 acres.
William was a successful farmer. At the time of his death, he owned over 100 acres of land, his home and a house in Boston. The Cheney homestead was located on Dudley Street near Warren Street in Roxbury. Judging from the estate inventory, the main house was large. Probably, there was an entry area which opened on one side to the hall, and on the other side to the parlor. Behind both the hall and the parlor were bed chambers. The hall was the main living area of the Cheneys. The fireplace was located in the hall, and here was where the meals were prepared and eaten. The parlor was more of a state bedroom. Here the best bed with feather bolsters, pillows and fine linen was displayed. The room also boasted a great cupboard, a little cupboard and three chairs. Chairs were not common in New England households, and showed William to be above average in wealth. Also included in the estate inventory were 36 bushels of Indian corn, 12 bushels of Rye, 5 1/2 bushels of mault, 5 cows and 3 swine. This list gives a good indication of the Cheney diet. Indian corn was the staple of the Puritan diet. They learned how to plant, harvest and grind the corn from the Indians. The corn was then used in puddings, cakes, hominy, succotash, etc, etc. "Rye-n-Injun" bread, made from ground corn mixed with rye, was a moist bread which did not dry out quickly. The drink of the Cheneys was beer. It was drunk at all meals by the entire family. Mr Cheney obviously brewed his own beer since he had 5 1/2 bushels of mault. William was active in the community. On February 21, 1648, William was elected to the board of assessors. He was also a constable of Roxbury in 1654-1656. Constables in those days did more than keep the peace, they also collected the tax money. On January 19, 1656, William was elected a member of the board of selectman, an office associated with men of education and rank. In 1663, William Cheney guaranteed yearly contributions to the Roxbury Free School. The school, a first for Roxbury, was built with care and furnished with "convenient benches with forms, with tables for the scholars, and a conveniente seate for the schoolmaster, a deske to put the dictionary on and shelves to lay up bookes". On February 15, 1663 Cheney was chosen one of the Feofese of the school. The closest modern word for a feofee would be a director, and in Roxbury there were seven feofese. They made decisions on hiring of teachers, administrative matters and finances. William Cheney did not join the Puritan Church until January 5, 1664 - at least 24 years after he arrived in Roxbury. This is an interesting fact because in those days Massachusetts was a Puritan Colony. The Church leaders were also the Colony leaders, and they dictated all aspects of life from what holidays could be celebrated (not Christmas) to what books could be printed and sold (mostly sermons). In 1631, it was enacted that "no one should be admitted a freeman, and so have the right to vote, unless he was a member of one of the churches within the limits of the colony". How did William prosper in such a climate? Why did he wait so many years to join the Church. Possibly his wife joining the Church circa 1643, helped William maneuver around the Puritans. Whatever the case may have been, William was not made a "freeman of the Colony" until May 23, 1666. Unfortunately, he never got to use his new found right to vote because he fell ill in 1666, and died June 30th 1667. Sources: "The Cheney Genealogy" by Charles Henry Pope, 1897. "Customs and Fashions in Old New England" by Alice Morse Earle, 1893. "A Short History of the English Colonies in America" by Henry Cabot Lodge, 1881.



Wife notes: Margaret had a breakdown after William died. In the Church records of the time,  Reverand S. Danforth noted that "Margaret Cheany widow having been long bound by Satan under a melancholick distemper, (above 10 or 11 yeares) which made her  wholly neglect her Calling & live mopishly, this day (24 Mar 1673) gave thanks  to God for loosing her chain & confessing & bewailing her sinful yielding to temptation" (The Cheney Genealogy by Charles Henry Pope, 1897 pg 29) Des pite William's careful provision for Margaret in his will, her widowhood was not with out financial problems. She petioned the court regarding her son Thomas' treatment of her, to which it responded: "In answer to the petition of Margaret Cheeny, widdow: The Court Orders that Thomas Cheeny her Son pay unto his sd Mother Five pounds in mony every quarter of the yeare, yearely for the improvement of the Estate left by his Father & give her good assurance of her living peaceably with him, otherwise that hee leave the house; the Estate being judged to bee wor th twenty five pound in mony per annum (Suffolk County Court, 749, dated 31 October 1676).

Margaret married (2) Mr Burge (or Burges or Burdge) and moved to B oston. She made a will on 9/23/1686, and died sometime later that year. (From the "Pioneers of Massachusetts" by Charles Henry Pope, Copyright1900, pg. 97) 


Children notes: William CHENEY and Margaret COLE had the following children:


+17   i.                      Thomas CHENEY (born in 1633).

    18    ii.                             Eleanor CHENEY (born in 1625).

    19    iii.                            Margaret CHENEY (born on 26 Nov 1628).

    20    iv.                            William CHENEY  (born in 1636).

    21    v.                             John CHENEY b.  20 Sep 1639 in Roxbury, MA.  , d. in Dec 1639 in MA.


John Cheney (1640) notes:   "John Cheanie who was found dead in our River. It was apprehended byye Jury th at he slip i n accidently as he was catching of Eeles" (From"The Ancestry of Ev a Belle Kempton" by Dean C rawford Smith, C.G.; NewEngland Historic Genealogica l Society 1996, page 233)



    22    vi.                            John CHENEY  b.  25 Sep 1640 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.  , d.  10 Dec 1671 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA              

  23                            vii.                Mehitabel CHENEY (born on 1 Jun 1643).

  24                            viii.               Joseph CHENEY (born on 6 Jun 1647).





Chart 17



17.  Thomas CHENEY (William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1) b.  1633 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, d. in 1694 in Cambridge, MA, m. Jane ATKINSON on 11 Jan 1655/56 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.  b.  1634 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, d.  on 29 Jul 1724 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. 


Cambridge notes: Thomas lived on the South side of the Charles River. (From the"History of Cam bridge, Mass 16 30-1877" page 124.) In November 1659,Thomas was a constable  for the Town of Cambridge. (From "The Recordsof the Town of Cambridge, Mass  1630-1703" page 130.) He owned 10 acres in Cambridge in February of 1664. (From "The ProprietorsRecords of the Town of Cambridge, Mass 1 630-1703" page 145.) In 1675 Thomas served in Captain Johnson's "Celebrated Roxbury company of soldiers" who marched from Boston for Mount Hope, an Indian stronghold. Thomas rendered 'ver y efficient service' in December of 1675 when Captain J ohnson was killed.  Thomas Cheiny of Roxbury was made a Freeman on April 18 , 1690 (From the New England Historic GenealogicalRegiste r, Volume 3, 1849, page 348). It may be assumed that he until this time was serving and indenture, likely in exchange for land, as was the custom of the times.


Children notes: Thomas CHENEY and Jane ATKINSON had the following children:


+25   i.                      Benjamin CHENEY (born on 29 Jan 1674/75).

   26   ii.                     Margaret CHENEY (born on 5 Jun 1656).

   27   iii.                    Thomas CHENEY  (born on 25 Dec 1658).

   28   iv.                     Mehitabel CHENEY b.  20 Feb 1659/60 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.

   29   v.                      John CHENEY  b.  1662 in MA.  , d.  6 Aug 1689 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.

   30   vi.                     William CHENEY  (born on 30 Jun 1663).

   31   vii.                    Mary CHENEY (born on 17 Apr 1665).

   32   viii.                   Jane CHENEY (born on 5 Jun 1669).

   33   ix.                    Joseph CHENEY (born on 16 Feb 1669/70).

   34   x.                      Hannah CHENEY b.  6 Jul 1673 in Roxbury, MA.

   35   xi.                     Ebenezer CHENEY b.  2 Nov 1678 in Roxbury, MA, d.  17 Nov 1689 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.




Chart 25



25.  Benjamin CHENEY (Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1) b.  29 Jan 1674/75 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, d.  13 Jul 1718 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. m. (1) Mary CHENEY (daughter of Joseph CHENEY and Hannah THURSTON) before 1701 in Roxbury MA.  b.  1681 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA., d.  on 31 Oct 1705 in Ashford, Winham, CT.   He was then married to (2) Mary HARBERT on on 14 Nov 1706.  b. 1681 d. 15 May  in Ashford, Windham, CT. Please note: The birth and death dates of Mary Harbert may be in error. Will have to do some more checking.


Cambridge notes: Benjamin owned a homestead, barn and 52 1/2 acres in Cambridge. His estate was valued at 948 pounds at the time of his death. (From the "Cheney Genealogy" by Charles Henry Pope, Copyright 1897). In March of 1702, Benjamin was elected Fence Viewer for the South side of the river. (From "The Records of the Town of Cambridge, Mass 1630-1703" page 343.)


Marriage notes: It appears that Benjamin and his first wife, Mary Cheney, were first cousins, as his father Thomas and her father, Joseph were brothers, (Parents William and Margaret). It then seems, from the dates, that Mary died a few days after giving birth to their third and fourth children, twins May and Hannah. Benjamin remarries later, taking  18 year old Mary Harbert as his wife a little more than a year later.


Children notes:  Benjamin CHENEY and Mary CHENEY had the following children:


   53   i.                      Mary CHENEY b.  21 Apr 1701.

   54   ii.                     Benjamin CHENEY (born on 7 Sep 1703).

   55   iii.                    Mary CHENEY (born on 23 Oct 1705).

   56   iv.                     Hannah CHENEY (born on 23 Oct 1705).


Benjamin CHENEY and Mary HARBERT had the following children:


   45   i.                      Thomas CHENEY (born in 1708).

   46   ii.                     Joseph CHENEY (born on 2 Nov 1710).

   47   iii.                    Ebenezer CHENEY  b.  1711 in MA.  , d. in 1731.

   48   iv.                     Ruth CHENEY (born in 1713).

   49   v.                      John CHENEY (born in 1715).

   50   vi.                     William CHENEY  (born in 1717).

   51   vii.                    unknown CHENEY b.  1718 in Cambridge, Mdlsx, Mass.  , d.  in 1724.

   52   viii.                   unknown CHENEY b.  1719 in Ashford, Windham, CT




Chart 50


50.  William CHENEY (Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1) b.  1717 in Cambridge, MA, d.  17 Jun 1775 in Bunker Hill, MA.  m. (1) He was married to Ruth EASTMAN (daughter of Philip EASTMAN Jr. and Mary EASTMAN) on 14 Mar 1738/39 in Ashford, Windham, CT.  b. 23 Apr 1722 in Ashford, Windham, CT, d.  on 10 Oct 1756 in Ashford, Windham, CT.  m. (2) Mehitable LYON (daughter of Seth LYON and Abigail RUSSELL LYON) 1 Feb 1757.  b. 6 Jan 1725/26 in Cambrigeport, Middlesex, Mass.  


Connecticut notes: Mr Cheney and his wife joined the church in Ashford, CT on May 16,1742. Willi am bought lan d in Ashford from Martha Fitch of Boston onOctober 6, 1746, a par t of which he sold to his brother, ColonelThomas Cheney on April 13, 1748. (Fr om "History and Genealogy of the Eastman Family of America" compiled by Guy S. Rix, 1901)


Military notes: William enlisted as a private from Ashford, CT in the 5th CT Com panyof the 3rd Regiment unde r Colonel Israel Putnam on May 1, 1775. He waskil led on June 17, 1775 at Bunker Hill durin g the first pitched battle of the Revolutionary War. His name is on a bronze tablet a tthe par k in Charlestown. (From  "The Cheney Genealogy" by CharlesHenry Pope, 1897)


Children notes: William CHENEY and Ruth EASTMAN had the following children:


+95   i. Thomas CHENEY (born on 1 Jul 1742).

   96   ii.            Ebenezer CHENEY (born on 23 May 1740).

   97   iii.           John CHENEY . 

   98   iv.            Benjamin CHENEY (born on 10 Jun 1744).

   99   v. William CHENEY b.  23 May 1747 in Ashford, CT.

100   vi.            John I CHENEY b.  14 Mar 1748/49 in Ashford, CT.  died at young age.

101   vii.           Elizabeth CHENEY BABYNO b.  1752 in Ashford, CT.

102   viii.          John II CHENEY b.  10 Nov 1754 in Ashford, CT.   died at young age.

103   ix.            Joseph CHENEY b.  23 Feb 1759 in Ashford, CT.

104   x. Abigail CHENEY b.  23 Feb 1759 in Ashford, CT.


William CHENEY and Mehitable LYON had the following children:


105   i. Joseph CHENEY b.  23 Feb 1759 in CT.  He TWIN with Abigail.

106   ii.            Abigail CHENEY b.  23 Feb 1759 in CT.  She TWIN with Joseph.

107   iii.           John CHENEY  b.  1760.  John, "a son by adoption", was baptized 10/12/1760




Chart 95



95.  Thomas CHENEY  (William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1) b.  1 Jul 1742 in Ashford, Windham, CT, d. in 1828 in Champaign Co., OH.  m. Keturah OWEN (daughter of John OWEN) in 1797 in Harrison Co., VA.[1]  Keturah OWEN  b.  1748. 


Note: The birth date comes from the Barbour Collection. The Collection quotes Ashford Vital Records : Volume 1, page 76.


Owen notes: From the "History of Harrison County": "In June 1780 John Owen, John Juggins and Owen Owen were attacked by some Indians as they were going to their cornfields on Booth's Creek and the two former were killed and scalped. Owen Owens being some distance behind them made his escape to the fort." (the date is off a couple of years, but it sounds like our Owen witnessed his father's death.)


Military notes: Enlisted May 29, 1775 in Captain Ephraim Manning's Company, Col. Israel Putnam's Regiment Connecticut Line. He was discharged December 15, 1775. ( From "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Ohio" , page 75 and the "Records of Service of Connecticut Men" )


Virginia notes: From the "Virginia La nd Office Patents and Grants: " Thomas Cheney 9/20/1783  Monongalia County 400acres On the waters of Sandy Creek, including his improvements made in 1774. Grants H, p581 Thomas Cheney 12/10/1784 Monongalia County 400a On the West fork of the Monongalia river adjoining Coon's land including his settlement made ther e in the year 1771. Grants M, p593 Thomas Cheney 9/27/1785 Monongalia County 200a On a branc h of Little Sandy Creek in Sandy Creek Glades Grants S, p465

He was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace in Harrison County, Virginiao n July 20, 1784. (From the "History of Harrison County, Va" page 83).


Census notes: Thomas was listed in the "Heads of Families - Vi rginia 1785". He was living in Harrison County and lived with "8 White Souls" and owned 1dwelling.


Burial notes: Thomas was buried on a small farm cemetery in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio. (From the "Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots" by Patricia Law Hatcher 1987)


Children notes: Thomas CHENEY and Keturah OWEN had the following children:


116   i. Ebenezer CHENEY (born on 15 Jan 1777).

117   ii.            William C. CHENEY (born on 28 Oct 1775).

William notes: William and Elizabeth pioneered their way into Ohio in 1801. Theylocated in Goshen Twp, wher e William purchased 200 acres of land fromGeneral McArthur. On t his land, William built a lo g cabin and beganfarming. (From "The History of Ch ampaign Co.", p880). In 1811, William from Union Township paid poll tax. He w as an elector.

118   iii.           Jonathan CHENEY (born on 13 Sep 1785).




Chart 118


118.  Jonathan CHENEY (Thomas-7, William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1)  b.  13 Sep 1785 in Freeman's Fort, Harrison Co., WV.  , d.  21 Mar 1862 in Cheney's Grove, McLean Co., IL.  m. Catherine OWEN (daughter of Owen OWEN and Mary THOMAS)  22 Mar 1805 in Freeman's Fort, Harrison Co., WV.  b.  16 Oct 1787 in Edward's Fort, WV.  , d.  in 1877 in Cheney's Grove, McLean Co., IL.  


Owen notes: From the "History of Harrison County": "In June 1780 John Owen, John Juggins and Owen Owen were attacked by some Indians as they were going to their cornfields on Booth's Creek and the two former were killed and scalped. Owen Owens being some distance behind them made his escape to the fort." (the date is off a couple of years, but it sounds like our Owen witnessed his father's death.)


From McClean County biographies: Jonathan Cheney stormed out of the house. As he strode towards thefront gate o f his fiance' s home, she stepped to the porch and called"Return Jonathan"! Wi th that he did, and he marri ed his Welsh bridenamed Catherine Owens. Later, t he Cheneys named one of their sonsReturn Jo nathan. Jonathan and Catherine  followed Jonathan's brothersto Ohio. They moved on horsebac k in the fall of 1806 to ChampaignCounty, Ohio. Two days after their arrival, their first child, Mary, was born. The family lived in Ohio for over 17 years. Mr Cheney bought 700 acres o f  land from General McArthur. He put up a saw mill and agrist m ill. The flouring-mill calle d Hunter's Mill was built in 1823by Jonathan. (Fr om the "History of Champaign County") Jonat han movedhis family on Septemb er 21, 1825 to McLean County, Illinois. Theyarrived on Octobe r 16, 1825 at Jo hn W Dawson's place in BloomingGrove. On November 4th, Jonathan moved his f a mily to what becameknown as Cheney's Grove. Cheney's Grove was something more than foursqua re miles and covered nearly all of sections 19, 20, and 28;  andhalf of 27 and 21. The Grov e began in the broken hills where theSangamon River rises and runs in a southeasterly directi on. The riveralthough small at this point is fed by springs and never is dry. MrCheney place d his stock o n the south side of the river and built hislog cabin on the north side in sec t ion 28. Friends from BloomingGrove, 25 miles away, came to help raise the ca bin. Jonathan Ch eneywas about 5 feet 10 inches, and was straight and musc ular. He had alarge forehead, gra y eyes, auburn hair and a sonorous voice. He  wasan excitable man and very determined, but wi th a strong sense ofhumor, w as cheerful, fond of practical jokes, and possessed a fund ofane cdote. He was always listening to the call of the far West--he usedto remark that "It's g ett ing too thick here, I must go on." Jonathanhad a great distrust of banks, and would have hi s money in gold. Whenhis money was not loaned he kept it bur ied, usually in the woods,wher e only he knew the hiding place. (From the Blo omington, Ill,"Daily Pantograph" of Septembe r 9, 1907)


Census notes: The 1850 Census for  Cheney'sGrove, Jonathan was listed as being 65, a farmer and born in Virginia. No value of real estate was listed for Jonathan. Catherine was 63and bor n in Virginia. A female named Sarah Owens was living withJonathan and Catherin e. Sarah was 3 2, born in Virginia and blind. Inthe 1860 Illinois Census fo r Cheney's Grove, Mc Lean County , only Jonathan & his wife were listed in the household. They stated theirages were 72, and th at Jonathan was a farmer. Re al Estate Owned waslisted at a value of $250.00 and the value o f Personal Est ate ownedwas at $800.00.


Wife notes: Her burial is at Riverside Cemetery, Illinois. She was a Methodist. Edward's Fort where she was born, was near Big Spring in Berkeley County. (From "TheEchoer" a West Virginia month ly  by Mary Freese Warrel-the 7/1/1968edition).

Catherine became known as "Aunt Katy" in Cheney's Grove. There was no Doctor in the Grove for more than thirty years. Aunt Katy filled the opening, she kept many medicines and knew how to use them. It was of great comfort to fellow Grovers to see Aunt Katy riding up on her gray single-footer.

After Jonathan died, Catherine went to live with her daughter Rebecca Prothero. 


Children notes: Jonathan CHENEY and Catherine OWEN had the following children:


  160    i.                              Mary CHENEY STANSBURY (born on 13 Sep 1806).

  161    ii.                             Thomas R. CHENEY (born on 6 Oct 1808).

  162    iii.                            Owen CHENEY  (born on 2 Sep 1810).

  163    iv.                            Robert CHENEY b.  6 Jan 1813 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d. about 1817.

  164    v.                             Elizabeth CHENEY b.  6 Jan 1813 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d.  about 1817.

  165    vi.                            Keturah CHENEY b.  16 Feb 1815 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d.  on 14 Jan 1834 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

  166    vii.                           Emelia CHENEY HORR b.  29 Jan 1817 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d.  12 Jun 1862 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

  167    viii.                          George CHENEY b.  18 Feb 1819 in Champaign County, Ohio.  , d.  17 Aug 1866 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

  168    ix.                            Rachel (infant) CHENEY b.  1820 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d.  in 1820 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio.

+169    x.                             William Haines CHENEY (born on 19 Feb 1822).

  170    xi.                            Katherine CHENEY PROTHERO b.  30 May 1825 in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio, d.  on 9 May 1869 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

  171    xii.                           Return Johnathan CHENEY b.  24 Aug 1828 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois, d.  6 Jun 1890 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.

  172    xiii.                          Rebecca CHENEY PROTHERO b.  7 Dec 1831 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois, d.  on 21 Nov 1874 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois.






Chart 169



169.  William Haines CHENEY (Jonathan-8, Thomas-7, William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1)  b.  19 Feb 1822 in Mechanicsburg, Ohio.  , d.  24 Aug 1878 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois. m. (1) Mary Jane OHRENDORFFF (daughter of William OHRENDORFFF and Lavina SAYLES) on 10 Nov 1842 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois. b. 1826 in Blooming Grove, Illinois, d.  on 7 Aug 1868 in Cheney's Grove, McLean County, Illinois. m. (2) Caroline BROWN 2 Apr 1848 in Medina, OH. 


Biography note: There is a biography of William Haines Cheney in "Good Old Times of McLean County" and I hope to get a copy of this soon.


Children note: William Haines CHENEY and Mary Jane OHRENDORFFF had the following children:


208   i.                      Lavina CHENEY (born on 19 Mar 1844).

209   ii.                     Jay CHENEY b.  13 Sep 1846, d.  11 Jan 1847.

210   iii.                    Emma A. CHENEY b.  1854/55.  , d.  on 19 Apr 1877.

+211  iv.                     Charles C. CHENEY (born on 2 May 1851).

212   v.                      Wiley CHENEY b.  8 Aug 1857 in McCLean Co., IL, d.  1 Aug 1860.

213   vi.                     Harry CHENEY (born on 13 Dec 1859).

214   vii.                    Mary Belle CHENEY b.  1 Feb 1862 in Saybrook, IL.

215   viii.                   Minnie Estellle CHENEY b.  30 Dec 1865.

216   ix.                     Sarah C. CHENEY (born in Mar 1848).


Children note: William Haines CHENEY and Caroline BROWN had the following children:


217   i.                      George W. CHENEY. 

218   ii.                     Nellie B. CHENEY. 

219   iii.                   Wilbur Haines CHENEY. 




Chart 211

211.  Charles C. CHENEY (William Haines-9, Jonathan-8, Thomas-7, William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1)  b.  2 May 1851.  m.  Elizabeth PUGSLEY


Occupation note: He was a Farmer in 1880.


Children note: "T" Cheney and "M" Cheney may well be Charles and Roy, being their middle initials, and not other children at all. Charles C. CHENEY and Lizzie (Elizabeth) PUGSLEY had the following children:


260   i.                      Dr. Charles Milton CHENEY dentist.

261   ii.                     Roy T. CHENEY.  Oral information from Don. Cheney Higgins (grandson) who remembers his dental practice with brother Charles Milton

262   iii.                    T. CHENEY  was born.[2]

263   iv.                     M. CHENEY was born.[3]



Chart 260


260.  Dr. Charles Milton CHENEY dentist[4] (Charles C.-10, William Haines-9, Jonathan-8, Thomas-7, William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1)  was a dentist in Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS.[5]


Dr. Charles Milton CHENEY dentist and Mary Anne TALBOT had the following children:


284   i.                      Dorothy Ann CHENEY (born on 1 Jan 1904).



Chart 284


284.  Dorothy Ann CHENEY (Charles Milton-11, Charles C.-10, William Haines-9, Jonathan-8, Thomas-7, William-6, Benjamin-5, Thomas-4, William-3, Lawrence-2, John-1)  b.  1 Jan 1904 in Eureka, Greenwood Co., KS.  , d.  on 30 Apr 1985 in Downer's Grove, Il. m. Donald Anderson HIGGINS (son of William Edward HIGGINS and Ella Marie ANDERSON) in 1925.  b.  15 Oct 1902 in Douglas Co, Lawrence, KS., d.  14 Jan 1965 in New York, NY, U.S.A.. 


D. Higgins note: He was buried in Douglas Co., Lawerence, KS.   His son, Don Cheney Higgins, the  Donald Anderson Higgins  funeral in Lawrence, Kansas, where he also saw his great grandfather's stone, that of Silas C. Higgins. Donald Anderson Higgins was a reporter for the New York Times durin g the '30's. At some point I was told that he and my grandmother Dorothy Cheney had divorced, yet I remember visiting them in Jackson Heights NYC when I was young in the early1960's. The y apparently got back together again. My father was sent to live on the family farm in Kansas - perhaps during the war? Iwill have to get a good history from Dad to write here about the family.


Children notes: Dorothy Ann CHENEY and Donald Anderson HIGGINS had the following children:


304   i.                      Don Cheney HIGGINS.

305   ii.                     Mary Anne HIGGINS.



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