Basset Rescue

Basset Rescue


The Highland Lakes Basset Hound Associationwas once very active in Basset Rescue in the Austin, Texas, area,  but our members are no longer able to foster rescue dogs.  Instead we refer anyone wanting to place or adopt a rescue to the Helping Hands organization.  We support this organization with donations from the Levi Rescue Trust, as well as money from food sales at our annual Specialty Show .  They will often have a booth at these shows, too. Many of these dogs are owner surrenders, although some are rescued as strays from the Town Lake Animal Shelter.

Many people are reluctant to adopt an older dog, as they feel the dog will not bond to them, they don't know what kind of behavior problems it might have developed during it's lifetime, or what health problems it might have.  With a Rescue basset you can be assured that the Foster Homes have carefully screened these hounds, had them checked for heartworm, and other health problems, and in many cases treated medical problems they had upon acquisition, and have usually already spayed or neutered them, as well as fully evaluating them for suitability into a new home.

A Rescue dog, being older, has many advantages over a puppy:  

They housebreak easier, if they are not already housebroken.

They are current on all shots and will most likely need no vaccinations or medication except heartworm preventive for several months, whereas a puppy will need vaccinations every 3-4 weeks until it is about 16 weeks of age, and then need the required Rabies vaccination and heartworm preventive.

You are giving an abandoned or lost dog a home that it badly needs.