CLub History

Club History


From the files it appears that the first organizational meeting of the club was held at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, April 30, 1978, with a tracking class scheduled at 10 a.m, weather permitting, with. Hamburgers after the business meeting at the house of Hettie Page Garwood.

By Jan of 1979, the club had had it's first tracking dog certified, and graduated seven bassets in novice obedience training, had had two fonformation fun matches. 35 members. By Sept of the same year, two members dogs had received their Tracking titles.

1980-- Request for accreditation from AKC denied for not sufficient number of members.

Jan 1981- Another attempt at accreditation and application for first B-OB match.

Feb 1981--AKC FINALLY approves sanctioning.

May 2, 1981 -First B-OB match

Sept 1981- B0-OB match held on September 12, with Miss Celia Glenn of College Station judging conformation and Junior Showmanship, Mrs. Sonja Taborsky of Austin judging obedience.

Jan 1982 - Request for A-)A match approval

May 8, 1982 - 3rd B-OB match

Oct 1982 -35 members, counted the AKC's way, 43 actual.

December 1982-A-OA match aproved by AKC.

April 17, 1983- First A-OA match held

December 1983-2nd A-OA match held.

Feb 7, 1984 - Request for Full Sanctioning.

March 1984 - Approval given by AKC for Licensed events.

December 8, 1984 - First AKC Licensed show, with Mike Sosne doing Conformation and Juniors, Carolyn Bolch doing Sweepstakes and Roger Ayres, doing obedience.