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   Welcome to my genealogy site.  I will try to share information that I have received. I would like to to thank everyone who has sent this information to me.  I would especially like to thank the people who did the original research.  I have collected a lot of names of our ancestors, now it is time to verify the sources.  Remember, one wrong name eliminates all people following that connection.  I will attempt to put on line the sources as I find them.  All attempts will be made to show the source itself not just the location.  If anyone has information, I would appreciate hearing from you.

My fathers side of the family

My mothers side of the family

Includes the following surnames: Hell, Hill, Berg, Wolff, Pederson, Fausko, Hovdae, Grondale, Eikre, Loken, Ullsak, Hallbjorshus, Uppheim, Markegard, Sato, Haugan, Olsgard   A complete ancestor report is found at..\ancestorsofmyfatherfolder\ancestorsofmyfather.htm Includes the following surnames:  Crooks Fleischauer,  Kelbaugh , Calbaugh, Calebach, Burford, Pietsch, Dunham, Noll, Hatcher_, Richcreek, Hageman_, Hagerman_, McNabb, Ingledue, Blackstone, Palmer, Swart, Van Wyck, Remsen, Margits, VanSant, Polhemius, Stoffelszen, Harmenszien, Gerrits, Janszen, Pieters, Cornelis, VanWesten, Verhagen, Groesbeck, Teunis, Ridder, Pietersen, DeGruuff, Corelisdr, Lane, Leusseler, VanDerWerven, Baudoin, Rapalje, Trico, Sauvage, Feith, Vandergrift

A complete ancestry report is found at ..\ancestorsofmymotherfolder\ancestorsofmymother.htm


This is the site that got me interested in genealogy.  Interesting reading , but I have found no link to this Crooks family.

I can not find a relationship to Lynn Crooks family, but this has good information on the Crookston Castle.

Try this site to find information on Robert Croc. ( Crookston Castle)


Please e-mail me if you want a notice when I add or update this site.   I am sure I won't get all my information on line. If you want or have any information, please contact me.